There’s no such thing as being “born in the wrong body.” That entire concept is nothing more than clever marketing by pharmaceutical companies that stand to gain billions by turning an entire generation of young people into hormone junkies. It’s really that simple. And once you accept that singular truth it’s pretty easy to see all of this trans crap for what it is: sycophants with god complexes preying on vulnerable people who are looking for purpose in life.

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This phenomenon is exploding in the United States, that alone has to make one wonder what is really going on. If you look at a country like Israel where the kids know that they are going into the army when they turn 18, where they have a sense of purpose & a faith & family is important you can see that something is very wrong in the United States.

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My daughter now 20, was diagnosed with autism around age 3. We were lucky. Her symptoms were so mild they were not even certain she truly was autistic. But she had developmental delays. Even those were not severe. She was just always a few months behind hitting the milestones. They suggested speech therapy, occupational therapy and behavioral therapy.

The first speech therapy appointment the therapist played a game with her, Candy Land. The therapist stopped in the middle of the game, looked at me and said, “Why is she here? Her speech is fine.”

The so called experts are not always right, do not always agree, and sometimes just decide to toss a diagnosis and suggested treatment. Especially with little ones. There is a panic because their brains are so malleable so if you intervene early on any issue the outcome will be better. So “wait and see” is not an approach they seem to like much.

Fast forward my independent minded, march to her own drum, quirky girl started middle school. Because of her personality being off from the norm she was a bit of a misfit. It was heartbreaking. Because she was social, but could not take in that to fit in and be accepted you have to follow certain social norms. Or try to find a friend who also is a little different and maybe needs a friend.

One day she comes home from middle school and says, “All the girls at my lunch table are depressed, suicidal, and lgbt. One is a lesbian, one trans, and one is cis but has a trans boyfriend. Also I’m reading this book about 2 teens who are suicidal. Everyone is suicidal mom.”

It was a total WTAF moment as a parent.

I got her into a therapist pronto. I guess we got lucky. The therapist told her, “Kids your age are following a trend. Like being an “emo” or “goth” No everyone is not suicidal -“Are you?”

she said, “No,not really. I was jus trying to fit in with a group.”

If anyone wants to say, “Bad parenting” it’s fine. I assure you though, I tried and tried to explain to her how to be more social and fit in with healthy kids but with a kid like her it just doesn’t take easily. Social skills are still tough for her at 20! Even her Asperger’s dad at 50 struggles.

But she/we got through therapy, she pulled away from the lunch table of depressed lgbt group and just accepted she doesn’t fit in any specific group and that’s ok. As she got older she kept improving and now in college she has friends, and just joined a sorority.

Looking back from where we are as a society/culture now? I can see where our experiences with doctors, teachers, therapists -might have lead to a far more devastating and tragic outcome.

Also, as a new parent, I was way too trusting of doctors and teachers. I often felt jerked around, but yielded because “they’re the experts” but my easy going nature only goes so far. I started to push back on some things. For example one therapist told me, “She has ADHD and because of this she resists structure and routine.” But she NEEDED structure and routine. “People with ADHD find it boring” Welcome to the club! So do I!!!! That’s what vacations are for! Dislike of rules, structure, routine is NOT a brain disorder. It’s an attitude problem.

I do believe my daughter is truly, “neuro divergent” or whatever you want to call it. But I also believe she was a bit spoiled and catered to and it did her no favors. So I started implementing a bit more of an authoritative parenting style. “Love you pumpkin but it’s my way or the highway. You get on board or you get no privileges. No phone, no allowance, no TV, I give your lap top only for school work and you give it right back. You want respect and privileges you start earning them.”

“Just love and accept them” -it’s a nice platitude. But it is not all that effective in reality.

These are truly scary times for parents and children. Beyond what any prior generations experienced when it comes to parenting, education and healthcare. It’s a total shit show.

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And this is why the talking point of “well, parents gave consent” is patently ludicrous.

First of all, there are a whole host of activities to which parents can not give consent on behalf of their children (selling a minor child into sex slavery, for instance, thank God).

Secondly, consent requires being properly informed. If these gender zealots (ahem- “doctors”) are feeding parents full of trash pseudo-science, like “would you rather have a live son or a dead daughter” for which there is no basis that suicidality decreases after these butcherings (ahem- “surgeries”), informed consent can not be given.

Finally, consent can not be given under duress, and I think the threat of having child services called to have their child taken away would certainly qualify as duress for a parent. Can a women consent to sex if there is a knife at her throat? Of course not. I think most parents would agree that the threat of having their child taken away from them is not far removed from that.

There is going to be hell to pay when the victims of these monsters realize what’s be done to them...and rightfully so.

Check out my Substack here- https://www.gordoncomstock.com/

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Oh boy, we have went a long way, sadly we took only wrong turns.

When I was young, we had goths, heavy metal and other "anarchists" rebel teenagers. I personally had a phase where as sing of rebellion dyed my hair orange and was secretly smoking, while looking for some greater meaning of life. I was 15 years old :D believed that my parents have no idea how world functions. Majority of my friends went trough same phase. Well that lasted around 2-3 years. Now all of us are "normal" people, and when we talk about that time we laughing.

it was an experience. But most importantly, we were not making ireversable changes on an impulse. You can remove tattoos, daye hair diffeent color, stop smoking and drinking.

But today, oh boy, kids are for the lack of better word "mutilating" themselves all the while some doctors, MSM and Twitter is cheering them on. And thelling them, dont worry you can always reverse puberty blockers, hormone therapy and surgeries.

Can we really? Are we really 100% sure that kids that took puberty blockers will be able fully to come back? Will boys grow all as they would naturally? Girls lose testosterone induced traits such as beard, deep voice and other changes caused by hormone therapy.

Yes you can "reconstruct" breasts, but that is like cutting healthy leg and getting prosthesis, it works but its not the same.

Buy the worst is left for the last, if you decide to sterilize yourself there are big chances that you will never be able to have family. Freezing eggs and sperm might be an option, but what is when the procedure is done on 14-15 year old kids.

In 10-20 years, we will probably watch documentaries, on how this insanity happened, with generation of (then) adults who have in moment of teenage "lunacy" made decisions that rendered them complete sterile, ruined their lives forever.

PS. I am not saying that every person that is transitioning is making mistake, but currently, numbers in the USA are simply crazy. No other part of the world if affected but "gender dysphoria". Even liberal Europe is not experiencing it these high numbers.

I always wonder how will these children treat their parents, when this thing passes, will they be angry because they neglected their duty as a parent? How will parents think about the consequences?, especially ones who were opposing it?

Strange world indeed, parent can tell kids when to go to sleep, not to eat sweets, and at the same time these same kids can request life changing treatments and surgeries with no input from parents.

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The most interesting (and unfortunate) aspect to me is that it is simply not true that "...little is known about the potential side effects of these treatments," as some claim. We've known for half a century about the effects of cross sex hormones and androgen suppression on human bodies... There is a huge body of literature both in the area of sports enhancement and therapeutic cancer treatments....


It's also basic human and animal physiology (both of which I teach) that hormones have wide-ranging (body wide) effects that cannot simply be turned on or off like a switch. It astounds me that some people are writing about this as if it was some kind of new revelation. Does anybody read anything anymore? Not acknowledging this information is simply willful ignorance.

Thank you for this very interesting piece, Frederick

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You know how very few people will discuss race honestly for fear of being ostracized? Well doctors face losing their medical license and being unemployed and losing everything they have worked for their whole life………so expect this to go very poorly.

You know how we let someone with anxiety take their dog on the airplane and now there are 47 dogs on every flight? This will be like that except with penises in the women’s bathroom.

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This reminds me of the daycare sexual abuse moral panic in the 80s except this time the daycare workers are unionized and it’s actually happening.

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I cannot believe this is a question any sane person needs to ask.

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I predict we see mass suicide of our young people after sexually altering their bodies. Menopause occurs after hysterectomy and removes the body’s ability to stay vibrant and youthful. It is nothing less than mass formation psychosis enabled by our own medical profession. If buying cigarettes and alcohol requires age 21 - then so should sexual alteration.

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This tragic situation for our children has to end. Teen years are tough, no doubt about that. Some of our teens need extra support to figure things out. I seems that medically treating their awkwardness in this one dimension merely pushes their day of reckoning to the future. De-transitioning is just the near term regret. Long term, there will be other regrets such as inability to have their own family, long term health problems, and social / physical / intellectual maturation issues. Not everyone, but definitely a good sized percentage. As the article says, these practitioners are treating what kids say their problem is, not what their actual problems are. Fast and easy money. How do they live with themselves after cutting off a kid’s sexual body parts or drugging them into a stunted puberty? Over and over again.

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What gets me is how obviously stupid this is. Have you seen the Franken-penis “assigned” to these gullible people? It’s made of forearm skin, which leaves a horrific scar. The labia are sewn together over the hormonally engorged clitoris (ironically the only hope of sexual satisfaction). Organic penises already struggle to be perceived as attractive; imagine what looks like two stretches of pork rind sewn to the abdomen (not even where a real penis hangs) , pointing hard left (ha ha) and of course it doesn’t ejaculate or even pee properly-- leave that to the new trans accessory-- a colostomy bag! Those smiling gashes where breasts once were (exogenous zone cut off, no hope for sexual pleasure whatsoever, no stone unturned!) an apt metaphor for how “fully happy” these useful idiots are. Watch the videos put out by Exulansic-- “I’m on my 7th corrective surgery” says this big-hipped “male” with a rotting piece of “flesh” that frankly no one who’s seen a real penis would pay a dime for. Did I say this is stupid yet? At least most of the more than a thousand comments on the NYTIMES recent “More Teens are Choosing Top Surgery” useful idiot cynical promoting self harm piece unanimously call this cynical mercenary sanctioned narcissism for what it is: STUPIDITY WRIT LARGE. And what’s most shocking is all the historical parallels summarily ignored. It’s voluntary suicide courtesy of idiot compassion-- it’s more about the “therapist” with a savior complex (ironically childless sexless women most of them) than it is about the well being of a generation of autistics born to women who didn’t question the effects anti depressants they didn’t truly need on their unborn children.

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There is such a world of difference between being supportive of a child's gender fluidity and doing something medically irreversible on the basis of that fluidity.

The adolescent brain is above all things impatient and impetuous; the adult brain needs to act as a brake on those tendencies.

We have a gay son and were ready and eager to embrace his sexual identity whenever he was ready to come out (which he did on the eve of going to college). So, I have not experienced a request by a child for medical intervention.

But if we had I'd like to think that we would have had the wisdom to counsel patience, even in the face of the extreme vitriolic pushback that come so naturally to adolescents about anything and everything that interferes with getting what they want.

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Appreciate this article. After having just gone through nine months of eating dysphoria(dissatisfaction) with our 17 year old daughter the main lesson I have learned is that parents are critical - you need to provide proper guidance. If your child is a biological girl you need to NOT give in to anything other than biology. Weather the storm and guide her through really tough social pressure and keep the faith in her to navigate through different activities. If she feels like doing what are traditionally male activities, sign her up for archery or even baseball. As a girl. You will get through it.

If you are a doctor taking money for genetically mutilating a child rather than caring for them in a truthful setting then G-d damn you. G-d damn you.

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It takes a degreed intellectual to buy into this insanity. Only years of training in how to ignore the reality staring you in the face can make you accept the delusions as fact.

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There is a syndrome called, “body integrity disorder.” People with this, insist that a healthy body part MUST be removed. Any doctor who would entertain this idea would be called a “quack!” Today, we call them compassionate, caring physicians when a CHILD demands that they remove a penis or breasts. This is nonsense and needs to be stopped. The alarming rate of gender dysphoria, particularly in girls, can be directly related to social media. These troubled young women need intensive counseling and understanding. Adolescents have felt discomfort with their bodies since the beginning of time. While some of these children, may truly be transgender, the majority of them will come to a different understanding with time and maturity.

As a school nurse, I know that puberty blockers are not REVERSIBLE! They can lead to many problems if taken too long, including lack of brain development and infertility. We need to counsel and insist on patience while treating gender dysphoria in order for the brain to develop and sort out these decisions. This is the least that our children deserve. Too many of these children who have made radical decisions as a teens are having regrets as adults. They wished that someone had counseled them to wait until their bodies had sorted themselves out. Unfortunately, many of them visited today’s version of the quacks that I mentioned earlier.

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