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As soon as I opened this article, I thought to myself, “I BET the example schools in this piece are all going to be from ultra-progressive urban areas in cobalt blue states.” Sure enough, we got midtown Manhattan, Brooklyn, Santa Anna, San Francisco, Queens, with mentions of New Jersey, Illinois, and Minnesota.

How is this any different from everything else we’ve been reading? Is anyone surprised? Does anyone think there’s a snowball’s chance in hell that leftist schools in blue state urban centers (or ANY city in any state, for God’s sake) *won’t* employ the most capital-P Progressive intersectional brainwashed graduates of all the schools of “education” in this country?

This was the 9,418th article that can be summed up as “leftism is ruining the country.” And yet progressives keep getting elected, social media ideological pathogens continue unabated, hundreds of leftist Substackers are calling for removal of “Nazi” content (read: anything to the right of AOC), people still watch SNL and all the late-night propaganda comedy shows, and on and on.

It’s only getting worse, and at this point I don’t see any way out, except on the individual level. Don’t live in those places. Don’t send your kids to these places. Find normal people in whatever pockets of suburban/rural society that you can, and just spend your life holding fast to your values while we watch everyone on the Blue Team turn into a pod person.

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Jewish, Christian and unaffiliated communities are going to have to band together to fight this type of racist and antisemitic nonsense by organizing, showing up and raising hell. There is no other way that this indoctrination will stop in our schools, but it goes well beyond calling out blatant antisemitic teachings and language.

DEI at its core is antisemitic and racist and needs to be smashed into a thousand pieces and scattered to the wind. These teachers are poisoning the minds of our youth and should be fiercely and unmercifully called out for who they are and demand that they are removed from our schools.

The Jewish community and leadership must be the ones that lead this effort, otherwise christians and unaffiliated won't feel the urgency of this existential threat IMHO.

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I was meditating this morning and felt clearly how anger dispels anxiety. If you can find another person who is willing to be angry with you at a third person, then you not only no longer feel fear, you feel connected and empowered. But only as long as that anger is shared, directed and expressed.

Jews have long made a good target for this sort of irrational anger for several reasons.

First, for a long time they were blamed for Christ's crucifixion, never mind that Christ himself was a Jew also, as were all his followers, who en masse created what we call Christianity.

Second, they have always been a minority EVERYWHERE, until the nation of Israel was created by the UN. It's much easier to bully the relatively weak. And for the cowardly--and remember I am arguing anger is a means of dispelling fear--the weak make the most satisfying targets.

Finally, in the modern era, Jews have been unwilling to fit as blocks, as a bloc, into a programmatic, childish oversimplification of the world--also based on using anger to dispel anxiety, which I will call Triangulation, in one aspect of the term--which sees all groups as Oppressed or Oppressor. Jews were the targets and victims of the largest mass murder in modern history. They should be the Oppressed. Yet they are vastly overrepresented in every field where motivation and intelligence matter.

Since all this scapegoating is irrational, so too are the reactions against modern Jews. On an unconscious level, we are simply reverting to something old and well tested culturally. We are engaging in atavistic hatreds that in the end cannot be prohibited, but for which the only solution is emotional growth and social maturity.

Given that nearly every force in our culture is causing people to regress into childish petulance and helplessness, we should not wonder that Jew hatred has come back into the very places where it should be most alien: groups who call themselves Liberal.

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“I’ve never seen anything like it. Because the teacher was Jewish, it feels like society doesn’t care. If there was a black teacher and students tried to corner her and beat her up because she’s black, you know very well how different the situation would be. There’d be riots. People would be fired. There’d be all sorts of sensitivity trainings.”

I have. Pre-MLK Jim Crow.

And you know what shocks me the most is that the liberalism which stopped that ended up as DEI and now open attacks on Jews clearly supported by public officials.

Publish all names of those public officials.

Sue them all until there are none left.

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Oppressors. What a sophomoric, pointless classification.

Maybe we should divide people into Elves and Gnomes?

And they're going to train AI from the Source of All Knowledge with pablum like this?

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This is so awful and sad. Now The Free Press needs to do a report about how this isn't happening in Florida schools, because Ron Desantis put a stop to it, well before October 7th. Yet, I've only seen criticism of him in The Free Press. See below for the most recent legislation passed in April 2023.

“In 2019, I had the opportunity here in Israel to sign into law groundbreaking legislation to root out antisemitism from our public education system, establishing Florida as a leader in protecting religious liberty,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “Four years later, the threats faced by religious Americans of all faiths have evolved. Through this legislation, we are ensuring that perpetrators who commit acts of antisemitism and target religious groups or individuals will be punished.”

"HB 269 builds upon Governor DeSantis’ record of safeguarding the free exercise of religion in Florida by:

Prohibiting a person from intentionally dumping litter onto private property for the purpose of intimidating or threatening the owner, resident, or invitee of such property;

Prohibiting a person from willfully and maliciously harassing, threatening, or intimidating another person based on the person’s wearing or displaying of any indicia relating to any religious or ethnic heritage;

Creating a new prohibition against displaying or projecting, using any medium, an image onto a building, structure, or other property without the written consent of the owner of the building, structure, or property;

Creating a new trespass offense if a person who is not authorized, licensed, or invited willfully enters the campus of a state college or university for the purpose of threatening or intimidating another person, and is warned by the institution to depart and refuses to do so; and

Prohibiting a person from willfully and maliciously interrupting or disturbing any assembly of people met for the purpose of acknowledging the death of an individual."

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Depressing reading. It just underscores that our public education system has become almost rotten to the core. School choice may be the most urgent cause the American people must pursue to begin to reverse the damage on so many fronts. School choice may indeed be the only way to save public schools from themselves. Once they have to actually compete for students, they may abandon brain-dead activism and try their hand at educating.

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The War on Jews is akin to Nazi Germany invading Poland as a beta test for what the rest of the world will do. No one should be under the illusion that this stops with the Jews. It did not stop with Poland.

Put in a politically correct way, this is a war against western values. Put in a politically incorrect way, this is a war against whites. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is merely an opening salvo.

Call it what you will, the goals are the same.

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What "ethnic identity" correlates with a ring in your nose? My 3rd daughter has a ring in her nose, but nobody else in the family does. Does that mean she's a different ethnicity, maybe not our child at all?

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This article leaves me with very little hope for the future. I feel like other nations are waging war against us via social media and money. It's working so well they don't need to attack. They just have to patiently wait for us to destroy ourselves from the inside. I fear for what the next 25 years looks like.

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The very people who claim to be against oppression of any kind are only too happy to become the oppressors when the opportunity presents itself. Funny how that works.

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> Donalda Chumney, a former deputy superintendent of District 2 who is not Jewish, told me that within the Department of Education, Jews “fade into whiteness, in a way that makes whiteness a monolith.”

So basically, "It's OK to hate white people for being born any time after the year 2000... jury's still out on whether or not it's OK to do that to Jewish people."

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Hitler stated in Mein Kampf that he wasn't interested whether the adult population embraced his "philosophy" because, in his words, "We have your children". I cling to the hope that the majority of Americans will find this detestable and out these blue state demagogues.

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The press conference on the Hillcrest incident was really disturbing, especially when Banks gave the microphone to two Muslim students to justify the antisemitic "protest" against the teacher and to defend the students, as if they were somehow the victims. The perspective of the Jewish students and teachers wasn't presented.

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I hate that the button to endorse this story is a heart emoji. (edit: or even a thumbs-up, depending on your device/page - both options suck.)

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This is all hauntingly reminiscent of 1930s Germany and the coming of the third reich. Teaching anti-semitism in public schools, associating Zionism with Judaism (aka Jews are not “real” Germans or “real” Americans). Educating people an incorrect history to justify antisemitism (Jews have been in that part of the world for thousands of years -- aka see Jesus as a Jew living in the Jerusalem area not simply since post WW2.

Currently, the main difference is that Nazi Germany preached hatred of all but the “aryan” race. Here, hatred is only preached against Jews currently, not Blacks, Hispanics, Asian, etc. Of course, once a society embraces hate, they move from Jews to other minority groups. It happens in history over and over again.

It is probably worth nothing that every great, dominant, rich society has been brought down by their hatred of Jews.

One of the differences today is that if (when?) the US pushes the Jews out, there is a country willing, able and desirous to taking in these Jews -- Israel. Unlike the 1930’s when jam-packed ships full of Jews went from port to port hoping to be welcomed and never were -- today Jews have the historic land of Israel waiting to embrace them.

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