Fantastic article. Thank you for the reasoned analysis. So very rare in today’s mainstream news. This is why I am a subscriber.

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Aug 14, 2022·edited Aug 14, 2022

Uh, oh in PA. The US needs to catch up to the UK and the rest of the world, not dig in harder with RGT.

"Pennsylvania Dem John Fetterman Hires Activist That Wants Transgender Surgeries For Children"


"Pennsylvania lieutenant governor John Fetterman’s (D.) campaign for Senate is tapping a far-left activist who has called allowing children to undergo surgical gender transitions a matter of "human rights.""

"Arkoosh, a failed Senate candidate, has a history of pushing gender theory. When she was still a candidate for Senate, Arkoosh sent out an email calling a parent’s right to refuse "gender affirming care" for their children a "gross violation of both human rights and the relationship between a patient and their doctor." "

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The BB always captures the moment:

"Harvard Med School Officially Replaces Oath ‘Do No Harm’ With ‘Mutilate Kids For Money’

HEALTH Aug 13, 2022 · BabylonBee.com"


"While clinics performing permanent child mutilation have already begun to close in other countries as the harms become well-documented, Harvard has doubled down on its commitment to physically and psychologically traumatizing children. "As we see gender clinics across the globe closing, it only underscores how much we need to indoctrinate young physicians to hurt children," said Dr. Pazuzu. "If you don't catch them as medical students, they may actually learn how to read medical research, or develop some form of a conscience. Anyone with a brain knows these gender clinics will inevitably be shut down two decades from now by an avalanche of lawsuits from the kids we mutilated - but until then, we are dedicated to hurting as many children as we can."

At publishing time, the ghost of Hippocrates was dearly looking forward to the day of reckoning when all those who intentionally harm others will finally be stripped of the title "physician.""

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Today's PITT makes a stab at "Why this is happening" in terms of what is up with young people. It does not attempt to explain why doctors are irresponsible (forgetting about "Do No Harm") - but I thought it was thought provoking enough to pass along:

"Why is this happening to my family?

A viral tweet suggests a new theory of race-based social identity threat and identity exit"


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A teenage girl I've known for many years is transitioning to become a boy. She has had her breasts removed. The funny thing is, she was such a girly little girl. She is now a troubled adolescent who was raised by loving grandparents who tried desperately to talk her out of doing this. I worry about her future. I write from Ottawa, Canada.

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Aug 9, 2022·edited Aug 9, 2022

I think it is time our counties had an honest discussion. There are people who suffer from mental disorders, there are people with sexual fetish, and there are young people who must naturally differentiate from parents & who are very socially influenced (especially girls/young women not keen on puberty). Everyone has rights but no one should have special rights above others.

Our own daughter has always been very feminine and is straight. Midway through high school she thought she must be a gay boy :-0 Teachers were very willing to call her "he". (She's fine years later but will I ever be :-)? Yes, there was grooming by fellow teens and teachers.

Sometimes I want to "curse" all teachers who "use their pronouns" in emails to suffer this in their own families - but then I read a story of a teacher on PITT who went along with it all and then it happened with her daughter. I have sympathy. She's in a tough spot.

Men can wear dresses, pearls, scarves, and wigs, but they are still men. Men who "chest feed" infants are abusing a baby for sexual pleasure. Generally, the fetished ones who call themselves lesbians do not chop off male parts because where would be the excitement?

The following people are men: John "Jennifer" Pritzker, Bruce Jenner, Thomas "Amy "Schneider (Jeopardy!), WilLiaM Thomas, Richard "Rachael" Levine, "Jennifer" Boylan (NYT) and should have some push back against their fantasies. This is not "hate" but reality. Wake up politicians & media! "Trans" might be a short version for the descriptive word, "transexual", but lets drop the cult religion surrounding it.

My own position is that any doctor who chops off a healthy body part ought to be in jail. But, at least the patient should be 25 or over, and at least someone ought to have talked to them about what is behind the urge. But, "talk therapy" takes work and has been labeled "conversion therapy". What happened to "Do no harm"? Oh, I know, Woke gave cover to making $$$$. Same with Pharma and PP giving out the very harmful "T" to girls/young women.

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Many of them were girl girls with no prior history that would indicate an issue... You may have glanced at PITT.substack.com to read Parents with Inconvenient Truths About Trans? Plenty of parents report that. I think young women falling prey to Gender Identity Ideology are like young women falling prey to NXIVM only GI is state/school supported.

Of course, no one can transition to "become the opposite sex". She will never be a boy or a man, just a hacked up sad girl. I think it will help sane voices turn this ship around if we use reality based language so if you don't mind please everyone try to keep that in mind. This girl will be a cosmetically masculinized female (CMF) but she will never be male/a boy/a man.

Maybe you could tell her poor grandparents about PITT and she can join the crowd of voices.

Historically there were a tiny number of men with mental disorder who sometimes became transexuals/CFM (Cosmetically Feminized Men) and of course they are entitled to the same rights everyone else has. These guys tend to be quiet though. It's the fetished men who often don't even get any surgeries but call themselves "lesbians" who loudly push GI and call non-believers names.

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I had heard that hormones are obtained by minors illegally online and this morning I read:


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I thought last night, there are no good films being made- Sue's story would be an excellent screenplay for a film. Scientific & medical dogma that contains bullying, shaming, threat and shouting down is not science or medicine. It is fear & control; and by the way the fear is of the loss of control. It's all the worst human behavior in organized religion, wrapped up in an 'Infallible Science or Medicine' wrapper.

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck. It's the same control freak type of people looking for a new brand of religion. When the veneer is pulled off of these 'causes' there is little to no benevolence for the direct human life attached to the cause. History is littered with people who form cults like this. They shout. They froth at the mouth if their challenged. They will ostracize common sense or a decent question. They vilify. Ultimately human behavior like this will rationalize killing or incarcerating people for a difference of their opinion. The horribly sad joke on the Woke, is they really think they are different.

Each article like this- each voice that compassionately and empathetically challenges the self-serving - makes our world a better place.

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Thank You

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Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina

~ Kindergarten Cop

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It is amazing to me how so much of what is covered under the broad subject of science has become totally unscientific. Nearly the whole of medicine has come to reject scientific inquiry. CoVid, Gender Dysphoria and increasingly Evolution have been dominated by True Believers; impervious to criticism or even to question.

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I’m confused by how it was a win when the court said that minors under 16 could not give consent to puberty blockers. Doesn’t that mean minors can give consent when they reach age 16? Didn’t Keira start puberty blockers at age 16? How would this ruling have changed her case at all?

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The only way for this transgender nonsense to end is for gays and lesbians to take the lead and forcefully speak out on this issue.

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“. . . the service would regularly meet with Mermaids, a transgender patient-advocacy group. At the time, various patient-advocacy groups were springing up alongside mental-health services . . . ”

In accordance with oft mentioned and prudent advice, “follow the money,” it would be enlightening to know who funds (funded back then, early 2000s) these advocacy groups. Whoever did is responsible for this criminal abuse of thousands of confused children.

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Why no comment section on TGIF?

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I saw this on Reddit and it struck a chord: "A huge chunk of my childhood was spent being bullied and belittled by boys my age for having personality traits that were deemed to be "effeminate", "gay", or "weird". Honestly I was never that effeminate, but I could never perform masculinity as well as my hypermasculine bullies. I think this experience did a number on my conception of my gender identity from a young age."

Stopping drug treatment of underage kids is only one piece of the puzzle. The other is stopping the bullying of kids that's making them question their gender in the first place. There are always boys who aren't into hyper masculine stuff and girls who are--parents, teachers, etc. need to make these bullied kids know it's OK to have interests that are different from what most people have. That will help put an end to so many kids being gender-confused in the first place!

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I am thankful there are people like Sue Evans in the world, willing to speak up for their fellow humans in harm’s way no matter the consequences.

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