This entire article is filled with what Orwell called Newspeak - a change in language that is necessarily vague or meaningless because it is intended to hide the truth rather than express it.

Progressive? Is it progressive or regressive to intentionally destroy the nuclear family, the building block of a well ordered society? Is it progress when a child is raised without a father at home who is seen to do the responsible things in life such as go to and come home from work daily, provide both discipline and example?

Is it progress to make excuses for people who,defecate,on the street and walk around naked? To,accept,public nakedness because, after all, we see it every day in the Tenderloin?

Is it progress to divide people into racial cubbyholes?

Is it progress to eliminate merit in the selection of official positions and enhanced education schools for gifted children? Why is it progress to deny such schools to gifted children and progress to trap other children in crime riddled neighborhoods with poor schools?

What did San Franciscans expect when they came up with all these Lewis Caroll through the looking glass policies?

Why does anyone plant tomatoes and expect corn to grow?

You people made your beds. Sleep in them.

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Jun 12, 2022·edited Jun 12, 2022

"[Y]ou don’t say “a homeless person”; you say “someone experiencing homelessness”—and yet we live in a city where many of those people die on the sidewalk."

Ahhh, virtue signaling San Franciscans versus truth summed up in one sentence.

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Jun 12, 2022·edited Jun 12, 2022

I wouldnt say that "San Francisco Fell" but that San Francisco was failed by first its Elected Officials and then its Residents.

Situation in SF didn't materialize yesterday, but it was created by successive failed polices that were implemented by Politicians on behest of its Residents who elected them. But the blame is soly on Residents of SF . Nobody forced them to continue to vote for same failed polices that got them to this place. There are no Republicans to blame, election after election, more and more problems showed up. And each and every time they doubled down same catastrophic policies (definition of insanity).

I sorry by they alone are to blame.

Main issue here that population has been so used to this "sh*tshow" that SF has become, they continue to clame that this is normal, because you know, this is a big city. I am sorry but this is no true, there are much larger cities that are doing better, where living in Big City doesn't include jumping over human excrement, needles infested parks, and junkies fighting on the streets and open drug markets. Until local population, doesn't start to vote on only local issue, and not on woke ideology, there will be no progress in SF, which will continue to rot as many other cities run by Democrats.

To sum it up, I have 0 compassion for population in San Francisco. And how could I? Even after everything what happened in last 2 years there, 40% of voters wanted to keep Chessa Bodine. Dear Residents of San Francisco, elections have consequences, you wanted this, nobody else. Maybe insted of runing away from mess you created, change your voting habits for coupe elections, it will help. Giuliani managed to clean up mess that NY was, you need to find your Giuliani.

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Well, here I am again, finding myself the old crank.

Nellie, why in the world would I start on Substack and then have to click thru to The Atlantic??? I don't want to read The Atlantic! I kinda feel like you're grooming me!

Again, the cool kids just can't quit their old lovers. They talk about it, they spill their charms and work their wiles on the new crowd, they swear off the old ways, but in the end, they go right back to their abusers and we have to play along.

I'm sure your contract with THAT rag specifies what and where you can re-publish, but Dear, I subscribe to this newsletter, I pay to read your writing here. It's okay if you write for others, no one cares, but don't make me chase you to their ghettos when I pay rent here.

I feel used.

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Jun 12, 2022·edited Jun 12, 2022

What's being described is lunacy. And all progressive lunatics should be forced to live with the consequences of their lunacy. Sorry but I'm sick of sharing my country with, and accommodating, mental illness and addiction. Accommodating them isn't kindness; it's cruelty of the worst sort. We need to get clear headed -and fast. Fentanyl is killing Americans; particularly young Americans. Fentanyl comes from China. China is our enemy and is working hard to destroy America. We must wean ourselves from their products asap and then shut down their trade. And cancel all debt to China as reparations for the plague they loosed on the world.

As for Boudin and those of his ilk - replacing him was an insufficient remedy. He and those who financially back such leftist creeps should be hanged in the public square for the damage they've done. And that includes their puppet master.

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Let's not kid ourselves about the real cause and danger here. It isn't the misbegotten son of the Weather Underground domestic terrorists. The real danger is the fifth column bent on destroying America.

"George Soros spent more than $40 million in the past decade to elect scores of liberal prosecutors in half of America's largest jurisdictions, many of which are now roiled by crime.

The Democratic megadonor has backed 75 so-called justice reform prosecutors through direct contributions, PACs, and other third-party entities, the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund revealed in a June report. Though many had little prosecutorial experience when elected, they represent 72 million Americans in some of the nation's most populous municipalities. Ten Soros prosecutors, including Philadelphia district attorney Larry Krasner (D.) and Los Angeles district attorney George Gascon (D.), received $13 million in just the last four years, going on to win races where they had vastly outraised their competition—sometimes by as much as 90 percent. In each race, Soros was the single greatest donor to the campaign." https://freebeacon.com/democrats/report-soros-prosecutors-run-half-of-americas-largest-jurisdictions/

My own personal preference would be, failing a slow walk to the gibbet, to strip Soros of his ill-gotten citizenship and deport him to Hungary. But ,by any means necessary, this demonic fiend's quest to destroy America needs to be stopped.

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You get more of what you subsidize.

How does it help these people living on the streets to aid their addictions and overlook their mental afflictions?

There is an entire industry of NGO's and government agencies grown up to support and encourage homelessness. This is kind?

More often than not, it is tough love that turns things around for the better.

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The idea is not to help people, but make them dependent on you so you can prove your moral superiority without end. It's call pathological altruism, which at it's heart is really just a form of extreme selfishness.

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Tucker Carlson has been highlighting this problem for years. Multi factorial issue but certainly our open border allowing fentanyl to stream across doesn’t help. We are so very big in our culture on words and phrases(“people of color”; “experiencing homelessness “ etc) and so very poor at logical concrete solutions.

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If Californians expect sympathy from humans, they can stop expecting. We just wish you'd stop emigrating and infecting human territories.

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I read this in the Atlantic. It's the second time Nellie Bowles has burst through maddening, de facto press embargoes on the chaos wrought by radical policies. The first, in the NYT, recounted what went on behind the CHAZ "autonomous zone" barricades in Seattle when no one else did. She dared report on the premise that the people who lived and owned businesses there mattered. I remember thinking, "Thank God somebody did this."

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I can’t see San Franciscans undergoing the mind change that is necessary to save their city. Yes, they recalled Boudin. Good. But they need to recall the entire city government, the bureaucracy that runs things, the teachers, the medical community that supports the druggies, and all the organizations that are operating and profiting from perpetuating the mess.

Then bring in the military to clean things up.

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The most perfect manifestation of how Democrat policy works was Biden emotionally exploiting women by highlighting his compassion (fake) for a boy with a speech impediment at the convention.

Meanwhile his party was aggressively enacting, nationwide, a set of dipshit interventions (masking etc) that have caused an epidemic of speech impediments and learning disabilities.

Everyone cares. People who ‘care’ and think that’s enough are dangerous imbeciles and I hate them.

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I call the homeless “outdoorsmen”

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Jun 12, 2022·edited Jun 12, 2022

My family left a formerly moderate left leaning church over some of the same issues. Progressive theology took over the church and along with it came the pronoun stuff, the white supremacy boogie man, LGBTQ overkill, trans obsession, defund the police etc. The progressive movement reminds me of the Pentecostal evangelical movement that I grew up around. It is judgemental, unforgiving, hypocritical and boring. I had no use for it then and I have no use for its woke counterpart today.

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Taxpayers shell out $60,000 per TENT for someone who is likely suffering from mental illness or some sort of trauma.

I'm torn on this one. I feel bad for these folks. Maybe San Francisco is different from where I'm from. But, where I live every dollar spent on, say ensuring a user of lethal and illegal drugs stays alive, is a dollar not spent on an elderly person who has worked their entire lives who now finds themselves having to choose between having supper or their prescribed medicine.

Things are just so...oh I'll just say it...so fucked up. It feels like too many things are a Sophie's Choice. Do we help fentanyl users stay alive using scarce resources, or do we put those resources toward the elderly, poor children, etc?

As a parent, I don't know how I would handle one of my kids on the street, using and potentially od'ing, or worse, getting murdered. I'm sure they have tried their best to get their kids help. But the pragmatic part of me thinks, how much more can a society do for this sector at the expense of others who also have needs.

I know I'm tapped out. There is no more to give. It is time to make some very hard choices.

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