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Wonderful podcast, Bari. Mr. Cowen is spot on even though he neglects Biden stopping all cheap energy development which is the root of ALL costs in American life. Food, lumber, carpet, furniture, clothes, gasoline, plastic - everything you touch in life is affected by energy costs. You cut supply when demand increases... the price rises. For all.

Interest rates... In the fall of 2018 interest rates hit 4.5% to 'slow the red hot(Trump) economy down'. I know as my family was poised to purchase our lake home and the sudden rise in interest rates torpedoed the sale.

W: Yes, he spent like a drunken sailor and both parties manipulate interest rates to their gain, not the People's.

Cowen seems like a good guy, keep him on. He is very right on many things.

From a guy who has been in manufacturing for 25 years and is at the bottom end of all of government's bad choices for the People on the ground. I hate the saying that 'the rich gets richer', but it is always the case; my middle class business owner friends lost their businesses during Covid while the billionaires doubled their wealth.

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