When the educational system stopped teaching critical thinking and began indoctrinating students, one consequence is that many of these students began thinking of themselves as uniquely enlightened. They consider themselves the ultimate in human evolution.

This gives them no sense of history. You see this in the novels that win literature prizes. You see this on the political stage and you see this rewarded on college campuses. They imagine themselves as somehow far superior to anyone who lived in times past. They judge instead of learn.

As a result, they don't have the capacity for empathy or understanding. Their world view is simple and based on race and sexuality. They cannot imagine the world as it was at any time in the past. And they cannot imagine the world in the future - when people will probably point out this time in history and come to regard it as a return to the dark ages in many ways.

This is the opposite of what Jewish culture emphasizes. I think this is a big part of why antisemitism has grown so much. Not that long ago, Jewish culture aligned with the progressives and the universities (once the quotas on Jewish enrollment and professorships ended). Now that liberalism is dead, that's all gone.

It's important to document history. I fear, however, that no amount of documentation will persuade the indoctrinated that their world view is misguided. They have too much trust in the institutions that have programmed their ignorance and hate. For them, challenging their world view is like asking them to take a bite from the apple of the tree of critical thinking.

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Progressives often cite this arc of progress they see in history to proclaim they are on the “right side of history.” Therefore whatever insane thing they want to do is justified. I wonder what it is going to be like for them when their kids or grandkids grow up to regard them as racists. Although to be frank I don’t think progressives are a group of people that are having kids.

It is comforting in that sense that there is an end to their ideology in sight. They are a childless group whose views will die with them. There is this creepy recognition of that which is why they try to indoctrinate other peoples kids in school. But I think they will lose that fight in the long run.

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The fact that I see pro-hamas loons getting in the faces of innocent Americans, for example, people leaving a Jewish funeral service and being allowed to confront with police watching and no one stepping in to pull those trolls back....the fact that they're allowed to be taking over streets, bridges, gov't buildings without any consequence...the fact that these antisemites hold positions in education, law, healthcare and at most seem to get 'suspended with pay', it emboldens, condones and spreads this toxic thinking. It will only continue to get worse. On top of it, how they do not see that this is just the start--once done with the Jews, it spreads to all Americans. The fire our leaders are playing with and refusing to deal with is insanity. Biden has yet to condemn any squad member for their raging antisemitic statements, posts and /or those taking to the streets. I do NOT understand how Eric Adams can say "we're not okay" in one breath and then allow his city to be overrun with these dangerous and anti-American thugs who celebrate at 9/11 memorial. These lawless people who have zero respect for the freedoms here, those who serve to protect them and yet they go unchallenged 98% of the time. It's infuriating. Jewish people in positions of influence and power must continue to speak out and speak louder than they have been. (I know it's easy for me to sit here and say but I don't have the platforms they do.) I feel like we're always too nice and I'm sick of it. We get cr*pped on too often. We can't wish this away, we can't hope it'll pass over and wait for the next cause that grabs the attention of the professional protestors and haters. We must act!

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Dani Dayan as well as Jonathan Greenblatt are the worst representatives for any Jewish cause. Slapping “Holocaust” and “Antisemitism” on every trivial offense is not only a disservice to the cause, it is straight out dangerous. The history of Jews did not start with the Holocaust. Schools should teach about the Jewish People and their contribution to civilization. Holocaust Studies should be part of World History Studies it is not the sole essence of my People. Both my parents survived Auschwitz and Dachau. Large part of my family was sent to the gas chambers or died from hunger. As 2nd Gen survivors I still carry the pain but it is not the only thing that define me as Jew.

“Do not use my name in vain” says God to the Jews. Greenblatt and Dayan are doing just that and now, we are horrified that “Genocide” is coming back swinging at us. Instead of diluting the memory of six millions, elevate their cultural heritage and for Moses sake, replace Netanyahu’s puppets.

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It may not be fashionable to say this at the Free Press, but we need a new Jewish Defense League.

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Yes, history repeats itself, we are on the verge of the next holocaust. Islam is a small minority in America and Europe. Most antisemites in Europe and America are Christian. Try to understand things from a Christian perspective. As a child you love Christmas. You love the colored lights, the gifts, the Christmas cookies, the beautiful songs, the family time together. You love baby Jesus with all your heart. Then 3 months later comes Easter, and you find out that Jews killed him. You hear that Christ was first revealed to the Jews, but they rejected them. You read the Gospel of John and find out that Jews are the children of Satan. That Jews worship in the synagogue of Satan. You study the Bible and find that the New Testament is the new and improved Testament, that the teachings of the Old Testament, were only a precursor to the greater truths revealed in the New Testament. You feel totally morally superior to Jews, who follow a flawed religion. It is this sense of moral superiority that makes you condemn Jewish institutions and the state of Israel as corrupt. The protests against Israel are a coalition of the self righteous.

Some Christians read the Old Testament, and the Gospel of Matthew. “Judge not lest, you be judged”. Can a Catholic person condemn Jews for killing and stealing the homes of their neighbors when this is exactly what they did to Jews in Jedwabne, and for the past 2000 years? Can a British person condemn Israel for civilian killings in response to rocket attacks, when the Brits carried out the firebombing of Dresden in response to V2 rockets.

Every Jew should read the New Testament. It won’t protect you from the next holocaust, but at least you will understand where it’s coming from.

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I have a feeling the antisemitism is going to reach a more violent pitch than we’ve seen prior, and for some but not all, whatever the tipping point is, there will be those who look at the violence and say “I wanted x fantasy but this isn’t what I signed up for”. Unfortunately, I think the attacks are going to grow more violent and bold, and will probably lead to more widespread death in the US and abroad. Escalating violence generally does, and we haven’t crossed that tolerance threshold yet, sad to say, despite Oct. 7 and its attrocities. As tiring as it is, we have to keep ringing the bell

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I know it's unfashionable to actually click on the links to the references and check the facts, but I did. Francesca, I assume your "peers" must be young, stupid people, because it is the 18-24 age group that is so jaded and disbelieving. Of those of us who are older, wiser, and I dare say smarter, only 14% think the Oct 7 story is false. Overall, the percent of people who think Oct 7 is a "false story" is 17%, nearly half the "32 percent" you cite.

So I don't think the story is "Antisemitism is on the rise," but rather "Young people are still more stupid and gullible than old people." And that isn't really news.

I love that you're young and writing sassy articles for a growing alternative news outlet. But you need a mentor, otherwise this sort of slanted journalism will go from being a one-off to becoming a habit.

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Hitler spoke of Jews as a virus, the unclean...like we see today for those who are not "santized" via injection.

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