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The Bari Weiss interviews are kinda like "Between Two Ferns" sometimes...

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I guess it's the Free Press, but for a purported news channel, the " lonely hearts" section is a head- scratcher. Surely you can find enough news and commentary these days to fill a blog without the matchmaking?!

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I love seeing what the younger generation is looking for or interested in these days! They are honestly so insightful and multidimensional. Much more so than they get credit for, I believe. I often wonder what I would’ve been able to write about myself back in the day. (Insert a grimace face emoji here) Gives me a hopeful feeling for the future that as some societal desires change, some don’t. I say a quick prayer for each one I read because as someone who has been out of the dating world for 35 yrs, I always root for the stability traditional marriage can bring to a life.

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I would also ask, Have we become numb to censorship? I would say yes and it is very discouraging and disappointing. When did we become so frightened of strong opinions? When did we become so allergic to being challenged? When did we start demanding that everytihng be made palatable and nicely presented in a lovely package before we would even dare to examine it? When did we become more concerned with 'nice' language than with hard hitting truth? When did appearances become more important than substance? When did we start selling our minds and our souls for illusions of comfort and promises of safety?

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Dear Avital Balwit...i remember a current president suggesting that those who were losing their jobs to overseas manufacturing to quit whining and learn how to code as if that was a solution...so...Avital...let's try to create a list of jobs that are not going to disappear because of AI:

Sewage worker

Vehicle maintenance tech



Road builder

Concrete layer

Brick Layer


Forklift driver

Truck driver



Warehouse worker

Window washer


Food service worker

Etc, etc, etc

I'm sure readers here can come up with many more suggestions to help you get over your fear of losing your job...

So...dear Avital Balwit...time to get busy and learn a skill instead of complaining about what's coming...g.

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Of all those stories the WWII vet had the most impact. Great front page.

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Obviously Biden will not run. (Heck, he can barely walk.) Of all the people around Obama, I think Eric Holder has the best chance.

You read it here first.

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The Media & Democrat talking points has started ,with the Free Press happily obliging

So the new BS talking points are , that conservative voters, (not liberal voters) ,who don't want to vote for Trump & would never even think of voting for Biden ,are going to cast their ballot for Kennedy

This is Plan B ,only because Plan A has been flushed down the toilet with the rhetoric of ..."Trump is now a felon" & will lose anywhere from 10-20% of the conservative vote because of his fake conviction

But don't worry there'll be a Plan C & on & on


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I'm curious. Did old Jake fly over the beach the night before and drop flyers telling people he and his mates were attacking at dawn? Did he have his mom call the pill boxes and let them know some big bombs were coming?

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Jun 6·edited Jun 6

Evan Gardner doesn't understand professional sports at all. The WNBA is entertainment, just like all the rest of the professional sports.

What is stunning is the way the WNBA has dealt with a transformational player named Caitlin Clark. Here is a player who has drawn tremendous interest in their game. That should be a tremendous opportunity to grow their game and enrich themselves. Golf was at a similar crossroads when Tiger Woods showed up on the PGA tour. Woods was an arrogant black man playing a white man's sport. But instead of attack him like the WNBA has done to Clark, the PGA and its players embraced him and they all prospered.

To the imbeciles who run the WNBA. Your time is running out. You control your game. You control your officials. I am not saying that Clark should get any special advantage over any other player. I am saying that you can immediately change your game so that the generational talent that is Caitlin Clark can show off her unmatched skill set without being pushed, held, hit and beaten up by the current crop of thugs who populate your rosters.

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Real Housewives…. Stupid to refer to a flagrant - possibly career ending - foul as good entertainment. What’s going on inside your brain? Nor are racist remarks directed against white players any less repugnant than racial slurs against black athletes. Really, does anyone need to make this observation? Mike (CT).

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“Yet the delay—after two years of sometimes agonizing indecision by the Biden administration over approving certain arms—allowed Russia to press its advantage. In recent weeks, Russia has pummeled Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city, and seized more territory. “

Apparently, the refusal of two House leaders to bring a bill to a House vote for funding of Ukraine so they could have ammunition to repel the latest Russian attacks had nothing to do with the recent sieges on these cities.

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"... more change is needed to root out the ideological litmus tests that have made campuses across America less free." I would have said, "less about higher learning." As my Ph.D brother always says, "Any asshole can get a Ph.D!" That's truer today than yesterday. On a different matter, I for one was unable to watch the D-Day 80th anniversary event on TV. The western leaders assembled positively reeked of hypocrisy. Has anyone noticed that democracy's frontline is tiny Israel? Where are the allies today?

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The drama between Clark and Reese and Carter is "good for the game"? Give me a break... it is straight up racism led by a bunch of spoiled brats aggravated that the focus isn't on they/them. Highlights the farce that they are "inclusive".

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"Right-curious?" Come on in Ben. The water's warm and inviting. You can't have "woken up" with half measures. The truth will set you free. Be brave and be prepared to lose some friends. The new ones will be true.

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Perhaps if those violent pro Hamas protestors causing property damage were on the hook for the full costs of repairing it, they would think twice before doing it again. Perhaps if this policy had been applied to the BLM rioters who caused 2 billion $ worth of damage in 2020, we would be not be seeing a repeat now.

If unwanted actions have no serious consequences, they will be repeated.

This is basic psychology, not rocket science.

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As a UConn fan...I somewhat followed the careers of Rebecca Lobo, Jen Rizzotti, Sue Bird, and Diana Tauresi. I don't remember a lot being made of the fact they were white.

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