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An article I saw said the recently rescued female hostage was a "Chinese born Israeli citizen." Her dad looked like a typical Israeli. Is her mom Chinese?

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Noa looks amazing!

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Donald Trump is many loathsome things; but he did not claim Nazis were fine people. The full clip of that exchange clearly shows him moments later excluding Nazis from his “very fine people “ remark.

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This has been clear since the day he said it. But leftists make up fake versions of things. Like the "don't say gay" and "white supremacist" and "gender affirming care" labels and dozens of others. Then they believe those things. Forever.

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For the West, one of the many problems raised by the present Gaza war is that its nature has been largely misunderstood from the very beginning as a war of national liberation which could then be seen as legitimate. The Arabs, through their sometimes implicit narratives have successfully conveyed that idea serves as a legitimization of their violence against "the Zionist entity" as they say. But it has never been about the "liberation" of Cisjordania, partly occupied by Israel since 1967, after having been absorbed by Jordania from 1948 to 1967. Specialists of Islam often stress that for Muslims, Islam is not primarily a spiritual notion but rather a political and territorial one. Therefore, for Islamists, the goal is not the restoration of a state of Palestine (which has never existed), but the reestablishment of the Oumma, the congregation of all Muslims. The Oumma had been cancelled by Ataturk in Turkish Parliament in 1924 which led Hassan Al Banna to create the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 1928 as a response to what was for him a tragedy.

Present political leaders of Hamas made it perfectly clear that their purpose is the annihilation of Israel "from the river to the sea", which is a genocidal goal. They repeatedly made it perfectly clear that they were not at all interested in the so - called two states proposal. But nobody seems to pay attention to what they caim outloud, as Hitler did and nobody listened! The two states solution is a mantra that is repeated lazzily by many, which carries just a little problem: the arabs do not want it. They just want Israel to be destructed.

For those who want to see for themselves, you can go on MEMRI:

- Hamas Official Ghazi Hamad : we will repeat the October 7 attack Time and Again until Israel is Annihilated.

- Hamas Leader Abroad Khaled Mashal : We reject the Two States Solution.

The root problem of this war , as all the attacks that Israel had to face since 1947, is that the arabs do not accept the fact that jews been preshaveent in that region for more than 3000 years, way before Islam appeared in the seventh century. Judea Samaria has been the craddle of the Jewish people since or thousands of years in spite of being repeatedly they were expelled from it. For Passover , wherever they lived, Jews have repeated their prayer "next year in Jerusalem".

But for many muslims, since the seventh century, the hate for the jews has been innoculated since birth as words of sheer hate and violence are repeated in the Coran.

And for many of them, the Jewish state has been created by the international community as a response to the Holocust! Jews only came to this part of the world so that they could have "a national home"! This representation is common among many todays arabs, and not only among the illiterate ! So indeed, they are "colonisers" and have no legitimity being there, which justifies that fight to expell them. And to the very ignorant crowds of Europe and America, this narratives was very well sold.

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You've heard the saying, by Nietzsche I believe, <paraphrase>: If God didn't exist, it would be necessary for Man to create him?

In this situation: "If the Palestine conflict didn't exist, it would be necessary for Moslems to create it."

The Palestine / Israel thing is the primary uniting factor among Moslems. That and not eating pork (because millions of them sure drink alcohol). Indonesians and Tunisians and Uyghurs and Nigerians all have a common enemy (Jews) and that is a very uniting thing.

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Hi T Reid

You are of course totally right. The King of Morroco said a couple of years ago that the Palestinian « cause » was the main aphrodisiac of all muslim counties. It allows them to turn the blame for all their problems and corruption on a convenient outside target. And it is easy because hatred again the jews has been deep in their culture since the prophet

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Agreed and also, hatred of Jews is common (worse at certain times and places) in Euro-origin cultures too. So, as we are seeing today, Islamicists can find willing allies within even their own natural enemies (Western nations).

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Was anyone else besides the journalist killed?

Was this like a Bin Laden thing?

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Bad attempt at not dealing with comment. Yes beside the Hamas journalist dozens of Hamas terrorists firing RPGs and assault rifles. But you knew that.

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Jun 11·edited Jun 11

Bad attempt by TFP at limiting the casualties to one person ;)

" beside the Hamas journalist dozens of Hamas terrorists firing RPGs and assault rifles. "

- Really? You were there? According to whom? So, no, William - excuse me, Jonathan, I actually don't know that is what happened.

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According to video from the scene. How many of the Palestinians were killed by Hamas rockets, bullets, and RPG's?

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Jun 13·edited Jun 13

That's the only thing that ever kills them ;) So, what did the IDF say, William? That's where you can always find the true answer on who was killed, how and why, of course.

"According to the video from the scene?" Really? Where can this IDF-approved video be viewed to corroborate the IDF/your claim that Hamas killed all the civilians?

Is it next to the 40 beheaded babies/babies put in ovens video?

Maybe the bodies stacked like pyraminds video?

Or maybe the stop and have a mass rape orgy break in the middle of a firefight video?

All those Go-Pros and well....damn....

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You are right. Nobody ever know what happens there. No journalists allowed . I mean journalist and not some Hamas member playing the journalist. The only account that can be listened to are those of israeli soldiers

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Benny Gantz is free! Fly, Benny fly!

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Apparently we’re looking at Cuban missile crisis 2.0? Chances TFP covers this?

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Supposedly no nukes on those Russian naval vessels. Our submarine force is no doubt tracking them closely.

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The difference between Israeli and Palestinian culture, and the strategic asymmetry it presents in their ongoing conflict, is never more evident than in their respective system-wide reactions to deaths of fellow citizens. The Palestinians know how deeply the Israelis care about their own, and use it to extract hugely imbalanced concessions from the Israelis. Yet when a Palestinian leader (Ismael Haniyeh) loses three sons and numerous grandchildren in an Israeli attack, video shows him react to the news as if nothing has happened, and he then issues a statement [wait for it] "“Through the blood of the martyrs and the pain of the injured, we create hope, we create the future, we create independence and freedom for our people and our nation" further noting that he has lost 60 family members thus far. How delusional are these people?

As an initial consideration, why should the world care about the lives of Palestinians when they value it so little themselves? It's like Palestinian mothers urging their children to become terrorists/martyrs. Who is the West would do such a monstrous thing?

Somewhat along these same lines, the Israelis should, as much as is possible, suppress their outward grief/celebration about the hostages. When the sun rose the morning of October 8, Israeli leadership should have counseled the public to harden their hearts and consider the hostages dead and gone, because the quickest, most complete and successful war strategy had to be fought without that reservation. Whether they ultimately meant it or not (i.e. it was used as a bluff), it could change the Palestinian calculus of what they could get away with and for how long. It's sickening and cowardly that the Palestinians weaponize Israeli love for their countrymen as a wedge. It's also distressing to see Israelis protesting their government to do more to get the hostages back, because all the Palestinians see is a weakness to exploit.

Obviously, not sure this is possible - it'd likely take an even larger shock to the Israeli system for them to be able to suppress their humanity to that extent, but it would probably reduce hostage taking in the long run.

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Yes it would indeed be a further loss: the loss of what makes them as a people: their deep humanity . They even care about their ennemis, many Palestinians are being taken care in the Israeli hospitals. since 1948.......

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In large part it is the West (and Israel) not taking them, nor ourselves, at our word.

Them, when they have clearly and repeatedly said “we love death as you love life”.

Us, when we have said (and lied) that “We don’t negotiate with terrorists “.

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Means that unfortunately we must put a limit to what we are ready to accept to get our hostages back . There is a tragic trade off between the Israeli people the army must continue to protect against future attacks and the immediate urgency to bring our hostage back home. And it is ethically a very very difficult question. It reminds me of the novel «Sophie ´s Choice »

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Brilliant post wish I could give you a million likes thank you!!!

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WAIT - hold my beer! Seriously?!!Comparing TWO days of FAR Right Wing Fringe Idiots rioting in Charlottesville, as being equal to EIGHT MONTHS of WOKE Progressive Pro Hamas, Palestinian Flag Waving, anti Israel, anti American Idiots rioting ALL ACROSS AMERICA, is a FAR STRETCH! Even for those with Stage 4 “TDS!”

AGAIN, Trump was EXPLICIT in pointing out his total disapproval of the Right Wing Idiots! His, “There are good people on both sides” was AS ALWAYS taken out of context!

BUT, no one should dare criticize Trump now, since Biden has ALSO played both sides, “Poor Israelis AND equally poor Palestinians.” Funny how that works out!

And Charlottesville was Biden’s ‘determining factor to run for President?’ No! HIS ‘determining factor to run’ was Obama’s, “3rd Term” opportunity to carryout what Trump interrupted.

Biden has said he welcomes Palestinian refugees, and will provide them with a “safe and permanent home.”

Does ANYONE question this senile old man’s blatant antisemitism, because THAT promise is inviting more anti Israel / anti America haters into our ALREADY divided country!

We all knew how Obama favored Iran over Israel, so it should be no surprise Biden’s Puppet Handlers are calling the shots, pulling his strings!

Good Lord, do they even question WHY Egypt, Jordan, NO OTHER Middle Eastern Country will agree to take the Palestinian refugees?

It’s because every time, in the past, when Palestinian people were allowed to come into their countries, total chaos & destruction ensued! Blood was shed because they were forced to fight in order to drive them out!

These countries KNOW the Palestinians are brainwashed from birth to HATE! They breed terrorists, just like THEY elected HAMAS to run Gaza! They hate Israel! They hate America! They hate the other European countries that have allowed them to flood across their open borders!

I saw a video today of tents lining a street in London. The man filming was attempting to find out WHO they were and WHY they ALL had NEW matching tents and suitcases.

They were ALL young Palestinian men. ALL were well fed, clean clothes with iPhones. Of course, when he tried to find out who provided them with all their ‘new’ things, none could speak English.

Is it any wonder why SO many countries are waking up, realizing and voting against ‘the Elite, Left, Socialist Leaning, Open Border, All Are Welcome’ Government leaders who are destroying their countries!

Will America wake up by November??

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On the 8th of october, at a time that Israelis had not finished counting their deads, in Sydney (!) hunderd thousands demonstrators already flooded the streets with tens of thousands palestinian flags, the same slogans "from the river to the sea" etc. This requires logistics. They must have known, because you cannot improvise such huge demonstrations. Where did that all come from? Spontaneous generation? In my view, this is all Muslim Brothers preparation of the events . They have a lot of money from Qatar and its huge oil production. They work in the shade, quietly and they have time. They have very visibly infected Europe in all segments of the society. They are the one major threat of all our democracies.

For all those who are curious about the Plan of the Muslim Brotherhood for North America

" An explanatory Memorandumon the General Strategic Goal for the Group in North America" 5/22/1991 see p. 7 of the english translation "The Ikwan must understand thattheir work in America is is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from withinand sabotaging its miserable houseby their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made vistorious over all religions". ETC ETC

Very worth reading for those who want to know what is cooking for them !!!!!

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Apparently he was paid by Hamas.

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Thomas Massie goes rogue?


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Sorry. Going to need to see video and get identification of who was chanting the comments outside the WH. Saw this with the suppossed "Kill the Jews" chant at Columbia.

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Just a thank you to Mr. Wiseman for setting out for us, with the help of his several talented colleagues, a very tasty and well-seasoned array of info treats every morning. I read it after skimming the NYT and Axios and appreciate his take on the days news, and especially the items that others don't know about or care to mention. And no, I'm not offended that we need an educated Englishman to bring us the news; I say we're lucky to have him! But then I'm reading Churchill's abridged History of the English Speaking Peoples and perhaps there's some English blood in my otherwise pure Viking heritage.

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Happy about what you guys are doing with FIRE and the debate series.

I think it's sort of an interesting premise.

However, the questions that have come up so far I'm not even sure how you could argue them.

"Has criminal justice reform made our cities more safe?" No, it hasn't. And anyone who lives in cities and has objective experience can tell you that.

And the last debate was basically "should we have wide open borders?"

No, clearly not. It's not sustainable and the only thing pro open borders people can muster is "it bumps up gdp" or some sort of neoliberal argument about why having (essentially) slave labor in the form of undocumented immigrants is actually a good thing.

So, I don't know. I like.. I don't even understand why we're having these conversations when they seem so clear and obvious. And more than that, is anyone changing their mind? does anyone care?

It sort of reminds me of like a decade ago when Ben Shapiro would debate college freshmen. Like yeah he was right and he came out on top because the other people couldn't argue their positions.

But like, what does it matter. Do people actually change their minds? Are they thinking any differently afterwards? I'm not so sure about that. I'm not so sure that anyone changes their mind anymore.

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Excellent point. And your observation seems to be true for all political debates. Who is making up the questions, and what process are they using to do that? I sure wouldn't have come up with this list either. But people might not like real questions to tough issues any more than they would like the truthful answers.

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The question in the immigration debate was actually, "Should the United States close its borders?" Obviously not, a closed border means no traffic at all, no trade with Mexico. The question should have been, "Should the United States control immigration?" The difference allowed the negative side to argue at length in favor of immigration, while leaving out the word "illegal." It was a waste of time.

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Jun 12·edited Jun 12

Thanks for filling that in, I didn't actually catch it.

And yeah this also seems to be a huge problem not only in our political discourse but in our actual politics as well.

It's like a false choice fallacy. Congress puts up a border bill that doesn't actually solve any problems and they spend the next 8 months arguing over it.

Republicans call it the border bill and scream that democrats aren't passing it, but in actuality the bill doesn't really solve the border problem and 90% of it is just like random funding to things that are completely unrelated.

So like, yeah, that's kind of how this strikes me. Everything is unworkable because the framing isn't well grounded or something. And it seems like that is by design.

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I agree with most of the author’s sentiments in this article, as they seem like common sense takes. However, even from the perspective of a person that doesn’t care for Trump personally, I find it disingenuous to leave Biden’s Charlottesville quote as-is. Admittedly, some readers are overly sensitive abt seemingly inconsequential details relative to the main point of the article, however imo ANY untruth or distortion by others should be, even if only briefly, refuted in order to maintain journalistic credibility. I’m sure my sensitivity is due to the lack of integrity displayed by SO many “reporters”, which is why authentic journalists, editors and publishers should go to great lengths in order to earn and keep trust… just a few thoughts.

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Trump said there were fine people on both sides of the debate about whether civil war statutes should be taken down. Biden lied.

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