Liz Wolfe and her son at home. (Jutharat Pinyodoonyachet for The Free Press)

Four Stories about Parenting

Grizzly dad Steve Rinella wants you to raise adventurous children, the virtues of being a young mom, and more.

Bari and Olly here. It’s been a helluva week. Again. We suspect you might feel the same way. Perhaps especially if you are parents. 

We’re both parents of young daughters. It’s hard not to look at the state of things and wonder what kind of world we are building for our children. For those of you with older kids—and we’ve heard from so many of you—you face different questions: how to talk to them about hard things, like war and their safety; or, with even older kids, how to navigate a culture that feels increasingly upside-down.

So for today: parenting. Four stories that are each, in their own way, fortifying, affirming, reassuring. Or at least they were for us, and we hope they are for you too.  

Outdoorsman Steve Rinella, who likes to take his kids caribou hunting, explains why it’s important to raise adventurous kids (though we think our definition of adventurous might be a little different to Steve’s):

Liz Wolfe makes the case for having kids young and eschewing parental perfectionism:   

Martin Gurri—a prophetic thinker and early Honestly guest—has strict instructions for everyone: go forth and multiply! It’s only the future of humankind that depends on it: 

Nani Beraha reflects on being a Jewish mother at a time like this, and seeing the refugees in her own children’s faces: 

Hug your loved ones tightly and have a great weekend. 

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