It is incredibly heartening to hear an important VC firm thinking in this manner and guided by these principles. The beliefs and understanding that Mrs. Boyle and Mr. Andreesen hold and advocate for are so fundamentally important, yet incredibly misunderstood and even villainized by many today. It gives one hope.

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A palatable and less triggering version of MAGA. Love it. How do we sell this? LFG

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A positive vision and goal worth sharing. God bless the Free Press!

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Divided, we fall. Most comments are bickering about the political identities of the commenters, as opposed to ideas for reversing the rot of our institutions. As long as we vote for "parties" and personalities instead of ideas and policies, we will continue to circle the drain. The technological innovations will not resolve the problems of structural integrity.

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Rah rah sis boom bah! Go ‘murica!

Back here in the real world, Silicon Valley is addicted to non-American engineering talent.

H1-B etc.

It’s a major national security problem.

The national interest would be better served by providing lucrative incentives for young Americans to go into science and engineering.

How about tuition and expense reimbursement, i.e. no student loan debt, upon graduation with Bachelor’s or higher?

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For STEM degrees that is.

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These are all good points. A good friend of mine suggested a few additions:

-You win a war against America when you corrupt the election process.

-You win a war against America when you teach students to be lemmings, instead of to critically think.

-You win a war against America when you allow lobbyists to determine our energy policies…etc.

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"You win a war against America when our identities become more important than our duties to each other. When we turn inward and focus on our neuroses rather than on the needs of our families and our communities." SPOT ON!

Identity politics is so corrosive. The Europeans didnt think this American experiment would work. That ehnic or other sectarian separation would rip us apart, as with other democracies. What bound a bunch of immigrants together was the unifying identitiy of being an American. Hope, and the ability to start anew regardless of race or creed.

That immigration ignited risk taking opportunity and innovation the world has never seen.

The Dems should be running away with elections. They have to reject the IP. and coalesce around the princples of being an American.

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"...our geography, our universities, our peaceful neighbors, our natural resources, the rule of law, our work ethic, innovation in the core of our bones, the widest and deepest financial markets, and the best military on the planet."

Well - we still have geography...

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So let me see if I read this correctly. We get America back by building up the MIC?

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Ukraine shows how utterly corrupt the government is, and how much contempt the military industrial complex has for the public.

The government forces taxpayers to BUY sophisticated million dollar rockets, and then GIVES them to a dictator in Ukraine who SHOOTS them at ten thousand dollar drones.

1% of $1,000,000 = $10,000

It is positively covid vaccinian in its logic.

All this while closing down the munitions factories that actually win battles, and then making public statements that there isn't enough ammunition for artillery. And let's not forget how the government let foreign surveillance fly the length of the country, circling nuclear silos along the way, and once their mission is complete, THEN shoot the things down.

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Wow. Yes. Yes.

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As I read this article, I thought YES! This is spot on!

But on reflection, I was bothered by the elitism. No mention of the lack of affordability for young people to grow families, afford childcare, the necessity to have both parents work to afford this idyllic lifestyle, if they even can….faith, family community. Wonderful if it’s available to you.

Yes, the insane focus on “identity” by some, to the exclusion of other meaningful goals is symbolic of something deeply wrong.

And, ABSOLUTELY crime is out of control, the justice system is lethargic & sclerotic, & meaningful policing is sorely lacking.

Agree that our border is a disgrace…Fentanyl & other drugs have disintegrated our social fabric, not to mention the deaths. But how does her “American Dynamism” solve this? IT DOESN’T.

Asking a 20 something about their “creed” is laughable…they will lie. Their brains are unformed. But, they can be mentored to become life focused. But, realistically, in the moment, most are focused on the dollar, their egos. That will change.

I do feel that America is rotting from within, but I don’t think this Venture Capitalist, and her company’s “American Dynamism” is the answer. It’s just another top down, elitist, power grab. Go for the next shiny object (FTX?), make your dollars & move on.

America doesn’t lack creativity, it doesn’t need to be preached to by a Venture Capitalist. It needs fundamental change for sure, but this person is NOT the agent of change she thinks she is.

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What an incredible piece! I have yet to hear what is needed in this country said better.

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You win a war against America by adding a third of all hires in a particular QTR to a government position.

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Absolute best way to win the war against America is to follow the path outlined in my post Head-Heart-Stomach. (The title refers to the three shots supposedly used in a European-style gangster hit to ensure that target's demise.


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You win the war against America thru excessive credentialism. Peter Drucker warned against this more than 50 years ago. Himself born in Austria, he said that one great advantage America had over Europe is that here, the important jobs were not reserved for the graduates of 'elite' universities. Today, we have lost a lot of that advantage.

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