Where Have All the Democrats Gone?

They didn't go anywhere, but just started showing their true face.

Democrats were never party of "small man" or oppressed, they just hid it well. From their founding (party of slave owners) to today, democrats had always one goal, stay on power.

What we see today is nothing else but true face of todays DNC, on one hand thay will call Republicans racist, while at same time support racist policies toward others (Affirmative Action and its impact on Asians).

They will yell "Trust all women", but it stops at their doorstep (Tara Reade), or what did Bill Clinton exactly do with his buddy Epstein.

Immigrants are welcome, if they are comming to red states and if red states say anthing they are of course racist, but god forbid they start showing up in "sanctuary cities" or at Martha's Vineyard.

They will yell "My body my choice" while forcing you to take vac*ne and if you dont, they will try to get you fired.

Its ok if Hillary Clinton to run around for years and says that elections were rigged and only reason she lost, but if Trump does same its a red line and is is threat to democracy.

Thus democrats didn't go anywhere, they have always been the same.

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Nov 30, 2023·edited Dec 1, 2023

I have trouble understanding this discussion. Democrats have never been about kitchen table issues; the economy, family, or Public Safety. Who started calling police pigs? Defunders are just the descendants of the 1960's Dems. Who started the Great Society which failed to end poverty but receives higher budgets each year that are causing our inflation? Who pushed for no-fault divorce and subsidizing single motherhood, which has resulted in a generation of youths with no fathers? What we see today is the outcome of the Dem Party platform of the last 60 years. Don't act like the Dem Party has been some benevolent force and has somehow morphed. It is what it has always been.

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What has always been the case is that liberal elites are 5% people who like liberty and 95% psychopathic communist tyrants who are exploiting the fact that most people think liberty is good.

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Liberals were fooled by the left because their worldview was aligned.

Liberals could not see the true left, because they are like fish who don’t understand water.

Now that the left has outed itself, liberals need to get over it and do something about it.

We are waiting.

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The party who’s history is the KKK, anti-integration, antisemitism, against women’s right to vote, for abortion (4 to 1) of predominantly blacks, history of violent protests on any issue, one’s predicting everything under water 10 years ago, and history of stating shooting conflicts, that Democratic Party? They are still here, just now supporting Hamas, anything anti US, trying to mutilate children, divide people, and spending our future on phony green energy that makes their friends richer.

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Ruy is wrong and in denial. The problem is far deeper than he outlines. This is a top down cultural revolution. Pure and simple.

And to make things worse, they're busy training the next generation to be leftie foot soldiers.

There is no way back for them in the long term. None.

The only positive thing I can think of is that us normies are learning to see how full of shit these people really are.

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I first thought, "Wow! This is going to be an insightful analysis and an honest appraisal of Democratic tactics and motivations!" Then, it became just another list of excuses to stay with the Party.

I was Democratic all my voting life. Then Clinton forced me into registering Independent. Then Obama pushed me even further Right, even though, in reality, I've never changed my liberal views.

I believe corruption is rife in both parties, but this Administration and the damage they have wrought upon America in only two short years has cemented my will to NEVER vote Democrat again.

Open your eyes, Free Press, and Walk Away.

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The idea that the Democrats can win another term, not by being a competent force or by offering up policies that help the American people, but on pure hatred for the other party, built mostly on lies and propaganda, illustrates what is horribly wrong with America and her politics. God Help us!

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I don't think it matters where all of the Democrats have gone, they are still winning elections. 2022's red wave was barely a sprinkle. The last off year elections have seen the Democrats either making headways into a Republican majority, or become the majority in a state's legislature.

In my opinion...As long as the remaining Democrats keep abortion rights as their focus, it doesn't matter how anti-semitic, hypocritical, or crazy progressive they are. They will continue to win elections. Because the Republicans are their own worst enemy.

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Nothing could convince me to vote for a party that blames "white supremacy" for any problem. Hearing Joe Biden slur that and the bullhorn about "gender affirming care" is so blatantly evil, it's all anyone can hope for that they Pied Piper themselves off the nearest cliff. The Democrats are fomenting WWIII with their racist, patronizing, insulting, family-destroying crap. Add to this hiring people for top positions by skin color, sex, and sexual orientation. Screw them. Go away. I wish I could retract my naive, blind votes of the past. I recoil in horror at having voted for Obama, who I strongly suspect is living large on kickbacks from the trans-medicalization lobby.

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So the guys that were so correct about the "emerging democratic majority" now think they can identify what happened. I loved this part of the interview:

"JJ: I used to always hear Democrats saying, “The election was all just Trump’s racist appeals,” but I actually went to the rallies in 2015. He would talk about bad trade deals. He promised to bring back Glass-Steagall, which is the bill regulating finance. He talked about health insurance. He was going to do a plan that actually would cover all Americans and wasn’t going to be like a rat’s maze. And if you compare the ads, his ads were overwhelmingly more policy-oriented than Clinton’s. She was really just attacking him as a bad guy and it didn’t work."

I wonder, did he say that at the time or did he reflexively call trump a fascist like every other democratic party hack?

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They didn’t go anywhere, they transitioned into a Progressive. The same pressure to have angry wacko’s on the right is the progressive base doing it to Democratic Party. They want angry Progressive politicians. They love E. Warren, Bernie, Mazie Hirono, crazy people like those on the Oakland City Council....The incentives for wanna be pols, are to be on the extreme side, that is because the bases have been ginned up with conspiracies, fear and loathing of the other Party. Oooh, aren’t they are scary.

America has descended into to a bit of dystopian hell.

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Come next August or September Google will turn on the algorithm, Zuckerberg and the like will dump hundreds of millions into the race, and you know who will squeek out a win.

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Republicans are crazy??? Who are the ones trying to convince everyone that a biological man can actually be a woman? If that ain't crazy, then what is?

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Democrats have already realized this and instead of the painful job of shifting course have instead decided on a dual strategy of open border policy + no id for voting to stay relevant.

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What neither conservatives nor 'traditional' Democrats saw coming was the ever-expanding power of the academia-media complex over several decades now. It has emasculated our cherished Western democratic pluralism because most ambitious young people (however intelligent and talented they may be in other respects) are intellectual/philosophical sheep. “A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.” (Saul Bellow). They emerge from their 'higher education' sheep-dipped in the latest 'Progressive' fads. Genuine political/philosophical independent-mindedness is the exception not the norm

And academia is (and always has been) a magnet for faddy and obsessive malcontents. Meanwhile our political classes have been naively obsessed with 'winning power' at the ballot box..... even though this being 'in power' has become progressively less meaningful in the face of an identity-obsessed Progressive 'long march' through all the permanent civil and governmental institutions of society. https://grahamcunningham.substack.com/p/invasion-of-the-virtue-signallers

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