Not before time, for places of so called learning these universities have been an absolute disgrace.

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Can a donor revolt save our universities? Answer: Maybe. With the help of https://upraise.fund/

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The ignorance in which most people, since the 60s, have studiously ignored the deranged ravings coming from college campuses has always been stunning. Every generation told the next, until today, that "rebellion" in college was normal and to be expected; let students enter "the real world" and they'd moderate.

Instead the opposite has happened. Every elite institution from the media, business, and Government is now totally saturated in ideas that every person via common sense knows to be insane. Women are men. Terrorists beheading babies and raping women are "militants" fighting for freedom from prison (you mean their own State that they govern!?) Justice means non-violence and surrender in the face of atrocities, because self defense is murder if innocent people get caught in the middle.

Absolutely we need to defund the entire education establishment.

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If it takes young women being raped on camera in the streets and babies being beheaded for University Presidents to develop a moral compass, they have no morals. Silence is compliance. Neutrality is brutality, remember?

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I hope the cultivated naughtiness of the radicals in the Ivy League are remembered when Republicans take power. Our federal deficit desperately needs new sources of revenue - taxing the endowments of these haters of western values would be a great place to start.

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I don't think this will do anything whatsoever ... upper administration is fairly independent of donors these days. They like the money, but they'll be fine cutting liberal arts professors to make up the loss.

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Hospitals and universities are non-profits, and thus tax-exempt. If a patient enters a hospital and emerges as a physically disfigured, cancer-ridden, totally changed person, lawsuits would ensue, trustees would be held responsible, regulators would get involved, the media would go into a frenzy, and the victim/patient would win millions in damages. If there is a pattern of such malfeasance, the hospital might even lose its accredidation.

If a student enters a university and emerges intellectually and spiritually disfigured, pathologically cancer-ridden with contempt, and radically altered, he will still think of himself as morally superior while advocating moral relativism, carry with him a condescending know-it-all'ism while knowing nothing, will be bitter towards everyone but the university, and still be deeply saddled with debt.

We punish hosptials for their negligence and malfeasance. Shouldn't we punish universities for the same? And the first punishment should be simple: remove their non-profit protection status. The entire higher-education racket has become a RICO con-job, a spiritual Superfund site, something Tony Soprano would regret not getting involved in earlier in his career.

If the radicals want to "tear it down," be my guest. Just start with the IRS and go from there.

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It's about damned time. No more suppression of dissenting opinions. No more bullying!

Education, not indoctrination. The truth shall set you free, Stand up, and act like rational adults, not school yard despots.

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I thought we didn’t want people fired or outed or defunded or defenestrated for holding views contrary to our own. Did I miss a memo?

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BARI - another Donor at U f Penn revolts

NEW: Another major @Penn donor, David Magerman, has said he will no longer support the university:

"I am deeply ashamed of my association with the University of Pennsylvania. I refuse to donate another dollar to Penn.

There is no action anyone at Penn can take to change that."

October 15, 2023

President Magill and Chairman Bek:

1am a Penn alumous, a Peen parent, a former Engineering Overseer, and a major embarrassed by my association with and support for the University of Penney hanis The leadership of the University has failed so demonstrate the values I expect foom an institutice that purports to colucate young adults and propare them for a lifetime of leadership and to be emissaries for good in the world.

In rosponse to the Palestine Writes festival, President Magill declared that the Uninersity "fercely supports... the expeession of views... that are incomparible with our institutional valoes." One could argue whether you really have an obligation to

"ficrocly sppeet" vices thut go aguisst yeur values. 1 do sut belicve you do. But esy

cuffer question b. what exally are your vallo!

Do you believe, like Litinersity of Florida President Ben Sasse, that "What Hamas did is evil and there is no defense for terrorism?" Do you believe, like President Axe Basen, that Hamas unleashed "unadalrated evil en the world" in beact, that

you agree with New York Mayor Eric Adams that "Israel has a right so defend iself."

that "we will not be alright until every person respomble for this act is held accountable," and thut "Hamas must be dismasted immedianely? I don't believe you

These people are leaders of institutions, like you, and they have shown that the Immersity of Florida, the leited States of America, and the City of New York hang chief executives that can call out evil, can do so uncquirocally, and can declare that. bot caly does Israel have the right to defend itself. but we all have a moval obligation so fight the coil that attacks tham. Will Peen join bract's fight against evil?

My caly conclusos, from your fierce support toe the Hamas-allitated sneakers at the

Poututin prpeta by de san tanus yo ale ase pres o

proemote, from your failure to call out cril, is that you are amDivaloon to the anprecedemed evil their acts repeesent. The University of Penasylvanis does not condemn as evil the butchers who behcad habics and kidnap and rape girls. The University of Pennsyfvania does not consider those actions to be cuil and their perpetrators to be vil. Why can't you call it cuil? I can only conchude that you don't

coesider it ail.

Marc Roman has called for your firing as a response to your failures in Icadership, but feet your lining is unnecessary, because it is wholly madconate. Il in lact tas Usinersity of Penasyfvania as an instition has such a misguided mocal compass that i can lan to focushire chi. wach it b stating us all in the lace, I bon't think replacing you will accomplish anything. Frankly, I don't think there is anything anyone can do do Loosein the shout sace of febase is misal tondatons tom to pro up

Iws have playnd an extraordinary role in the history and legacy of the University of Ponesylvania. And Jews have benefited froe their affiliation with Porn. Bun regardless of the economis and social value of a Penn or Wharton degroe, there is no place for self-respecting Reaish prople at an insitution that supports evil. And, by bosting flamas co carnas, and on failing to call Hamas evil, that exactly what Perm has done.

1am deeply adumed of my asociation with the University of Peansylvania. I refuse

1o donate anocher dollar to Penn. There is no action anyone at Pera can take to change that. I'm not asking for any actices. You have shown me who you are. My only remaining hope is that all self-respecting Jews, and all moral citizens of the world. dissociate themselves froen Penn.

David Magerman

9:36 AM • 10/17/23 • 370K Views

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First they came for the Christians, but I'm not a Christian; Then they came for the Conservatives, but I'm not a Conservative; Then they came for the Women Athletes, but I'm not a Woman Athlete; Then they came for me, and there was no one left to stand with me.

You who were all so happy to throw out Classical Liberalism, Solid American Ideals; you who were all so happy to tread upon The Founders of our Country; You who were all too happy to pick apart The US Constitution; you who were all too happy to engage with every whiff of Marxism; feeding it ... years—decades pumping life-blood into that once deflated monster. Now its full, breathing on it's own, you who have restored it's vim & vigor, that thing breaths fire, and now it's turning on it's masters, OMG ... guess who owns _that_ beast.

You who revived that thing in your lair; You who nurtured that beast for fifty years, you who played with fire, meddled with Ouija boards, called out into the dark, summoning daemons from the void, evil things which degrade and consume humanity ... Oh surprise-surprise, it's got you by the tail. "Help-help, it's eating me."

We make our beds ...

You carry the same look of surprise, as did the Romanov ladies, of whom eight out of ten wore red ribbons—in support of the Bolsheviks—unsurprisingly, The Romanovs were all murdered by the very same Bolsheviks they themselves had nurtured.

The punishment comes to fit the crime.

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Well done Jacob Savage. Dim glimmer of hope.

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Took the words out of my mouth. Couldn’t have said it better. As an alum of two of these universities, and mother of children who’s schools talk to much about things they shouldn’t be commenting on, I hope this will start to change that - and that educators will stay in their lane - and facilitate discussion and not espouse their own views/indoctrination.

Thank you.

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Thank God for the courage of people to finally say, enough is enough.

Closing your checkbook is something all Universities will understand. Bravo

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I have read that some donors intend to cut-off donations to universities tied to Hamas. My response amounts to ‘finally’. For better or worse (worse), universities have been bastions of extremism for some time now. Let me use UPenn as a bad example. UPenn has a history of extremism that predates (by years) its ties to Hamas. UPenn actually nominated a man (William Thomas) as NCAA ‘Woman of the year’ back in 2022. UPenn actually hosted a pro-Hamas conference before Hamas attacked Israel.

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Thank you Bari and way to go for printing this! For all the excellent articles that have sprung forth this week on many fronts...and the many before! Good for those fed-up trustees, board members and donors! May their revolt spread like wildfire and achieve critical mass at institutions of higher learning everywhere! And here's hoping that those gentlemen and other men and women of their ilk are just in time to turn things around!

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