Gee, I dunno; isn't "Middle Eastern money" synonymous with altruism? GAH.

Illegally withholding information? That's ok. Joe Biden does it, too.

That video of the idiots yelling SHAME was horrifying - I worked at there and know exactly where it took place and all I could think was wow it is RIGHT OUTSIDE Klarman Hall I wonder what Seth Klarman would have to say about that - lo and behold he is a signatory on a letter linked in my reply below. Money talks both ways (poorly said but you get the point).

One thing that continues to astound me is that these university employees, who think they're so smart, don't stop to think about how these regimes treat the very cultures they DEI for (haha get it?) Seriously the dichotomy is baffling.

As for the anti-semitism, it isn't surprising given the basis of the funding. Remember Bari already said this: when people tell you who they are, believe them. There is no secret here and never has been.

Scapegoating - it's all the rage!

My husband keeps talking about how what is happening now is the result of decades of efforts coming to fruition and I am starting to think he's right, as opposed to paranoid.

I think that the videos Hamas made that the IDF screened for some of the press should be mandatory for every university employee as well as every "journalist". I read somewhere that Gal Gadot is trying to put together one such screening in Hollywood. That may not work as those people are batsh*t crazy and don't live in the real world but for others, who have daily lives that intersect with the lives of regular people, perhaps it will break through the delusions.

I don't know.

I do know that nothing is free and all that money is paying for something. I hope it isn't too late to UNindoctrinate at least some out there.

In the meantime there are so many steps the US could take that we won't and I am so frightened that we are heading into another Holocaust and world war. It is very difficult to fight those imbued with a religious furor.

These crazy people will just keep coming - because they have been brainwashed - and in the meantime their puppetmasters lounge in luxury figuring out where next to instigate by infusion. God help us all.

I read this today by Erick-Woods Erickson and while I will provide the link I feel it is worth quoting in full:

"Peace From River to Sea

Today is the end of the first month of Israel’s nightmare. On October 7, 2023, Hamas broke a ceasefire, killed 1400 Israeli citizens in the cruelest ways possible, and now uses popular opinion to demand a ceasefire to rearm.

Notice that the people who support a ceasefire are not calling for the release of the Israeli hostages and for Hamas to surrender.

There should be no ceasefire.

A month into this conflict, I want Israel and my Jewish friends to know I support them, not because of some misinterpreted Biblical prophecy, but because in the battle between good and evil, Israel is good, and Hamas is evil. I support them because, as an American, Israel is our friend and ally. As a human, humanity pledged “never again” after the Holocaust. As one who believes in real truth, the truth is Hamas broke a ceasefire and now should be sent to hell.

As for the “what about the Palestinians,” they are being used as human shields not by Israel but by Hamas. If the world is outraged on their behalf, the outrage should be directed towards Hamas, not Israel. Hamas and its supporters call for genocide against the Jews while screaming genocide against Israel all because Israel is provoked to defend itself and Hamas uses the innocent for PR purposes.

Israel has the right to defend itself. Hamas Delenda Est."


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The universities are sitting on billions that are tax exempt; tuitions are ridiculously high so that students must take out loans that they will never be able to repay; increased university budgets are being used for building construction and increased administrative staff and NOT to improving teaching - - most teaching is done by graduate students and/or poorly paid adjuncts. Time for major changes in our universities.

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Years of BDS. Grievance studies. Victimology. Jews themselves - here’s to you Jodi Rudoren reporting antiIsrsel screeds for The NY Times years ago. Here’s to you Peter Beinart with you crackpot ideas. Fuzzy language - what does ‘occupation’ mean. We realize how it doesn’t mean the West Bank.

All this was the fertile soil for the deligiitimization of Israel. The ground was fully of material ready to explode. October 7 was the match.

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1. Colleges that broke the law need to be severely fined and punished, including higher-ups being fired ( these are the smartest of the smart with law schools and many high paid private firms).

2. Contrast the silence until now about these massive donations and the deleterious effect on education and the fomenting of hate with the reaction to MBS funding the golf LIV tour.

3. None of this is a surprise in light of the hiring and promotion standards at major colleges where the overwhelming majority of professors and administrators vote Democrat and do all they can to keep conservatives out of teaching positions. 4. Contrast how UPenn has and is going after Amy Wax and with how the MSM and academia are " complicit " with this higher education lynching ( to borrow a phrase from justice Thomas and to use the new word of the moment " complicit").

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Where did the hate come from? Why from the Left, of course. Who can forget the orchestrated hate and lies directed at Trump from even before his election. Who can forget the senile imbecile installed to rule us braying - with spittle flying - about "extremist MAGA Republicans as white supremacists." Demonizing half of America. Or how he poured gasoline on the lie that the comical fraud Smolett was the victim of a MAGA hate crime. Everything the left believes in and proselytizes is a lie. Now Israel is caught in their lies. That Israel is a "colonizer" or guilty of "genocide." And they enlist their zombie like Red Guards to chant and attack. Leftism is a scourge that must be excised from our national life. Before America is changed beyond recognition.

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"Larry Summers told me that he believes “donors and certainly authoritarian leaders who donate to universities may be looking to bolster their image or perception of legitimacy.” But he also said he doubts that “they are looking to or could succeed in changing attitudes or specific policies on campuses."

For someone who claims he is cynical, Larry misses the point. The mere fact that the money is used to set up endowed professorships or centers for XX studies gives the subject credence in the mind of students with unformed minds. Add that to the very liberal leaning hiring practices -- or outright veto of faculty who aren't in support of the 'correct' message by some of the donors -- and the indoctrination begins. There doesn't need to be an explicit quid pro quo for the universities to amplify the donor's propaganda. It's the long game which the average US citizen's short attention span is not very good at comprehending.

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Very sad... Chinese influence and psyops may also be pouring gasolene on the fire.

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Jewish donors far outstrip and Middle Eastern money for all major institutions. For example, Harvard's largest individual donation was from Len Blavatnik, a personal friend of Netanyahu. I would not be surprised if for every dollar of Qatari money received by institutions, $20 has come from Jewish business leaders. $13 billion is a tiny drop in the bucket compared to how much money these institutions rake in from alumni.

As we've seen from TFP articles last week - a lot of these donors are quite horrified at what the institutions have become. So blaming donors probably isn't the right thing to do, but if you *do* want to blame donors, this article is incredibly misleading as to where the vast, vast majority of these institutions' money comes from.

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Absolutely makes sense. I read somewhere a list of the names of the student groups at Harvard that signed the letters of support for Palestinians.(Hamas??) they were all Associated with islam. Maybe someone could fact check that? I only saw it once and have not seen it repeated.

I can’t help relate all this antisemitism with the war going on against Christians and whiteness and the west as colonists.

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A great deal of the hatred comes from a vocabulary adopted by leading edge scholars and force-fed for years to students who graduate and take their lexicon into their professions: journalism, government, congress, even the Rabbinate. See this Vol. 24, No. 2, Summer 2019, Word Crimes; Reclaiming The Language of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israel Studies or Word Crimes: Explaining the Gaza War on Campus at TIMESOFISRAEL

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Lots of big donors are pulling their giving away from Universities because of their shock over how far antisemitism has gone BUT the cancer has also spread to their OWN companies corporate recruiting with ESG scores, equity etc it is very difficult for a white straight male to get interviews in PE or Finance because resume algorithms literally screen them out when they don’t check the right boxes. It should be no surprise that identity politics always ends with kill the Jews.

If there are any top PE people on here I will show you amazing resumes of top white male jews that continue to get bypassed solely for immutable characteristic. The tentacles of antisemitism are everywhere.

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Nov 7·edited Nov 7

Wasn’t it interesting that after several days (even weeks) College Presidents began offering faint support for Israel’s right to defend itself. Ya think, maybe it was a reaction to the millions of endowments Jewish benefactors pulled from them?

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Follow the money is always where to start but there are additional forces as well. When President Carter unveiled his Human Rights policy, ideology, it immediately took me to its long term effect on the Middle East, with Israel in particular. My perception is that it is an ingredient in the fermentation process which is now exploding. As we would get together with friends, we discussed these ideas which to many seemed healthy and positive. But everything has 2 sides, positive and negative and unfortunately, because anti sémitisme is so entrenched I viewed it as negative towards Israel in the long run and here we are. I was born and raised in Egypt until the age of 13 when we had to leave because it had become so inhospitable to its ancient Jewish population, as had its neighbors and Allies in the region. So now that they have rid themselves of their Jewish populations, they are maintaining their anti semitic climate aiming it at Israel and the negative aspects of the Human Rights ideology of Jimmy Carter is rearing its ugly head.

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It’s always the money. Universities should be required to disclose all donations. Parents need to know where there kids are applying and if radical ideology exists on campus. Unfortunately now we know which universities to avoid.

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These students get this brainwashing from somewhere. So unless they were raised in the Middle East or had antiseptic parents, it comes from university brainwashing. Why universities do this? I have no clue. Why do they think there are more than two genders, of every white person alive in this country is inherently racist? You’d have to ask them.

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Bari - Now this is reporting and what the FP should be doing. Putting out real investigative news work. The real story needs to come to light and these universities need to pay taxes on their endowments. strike at the money tree and changes will take place.

I guess although I am old, I have never understood the rabid hate for the Jewish people. The ones I have known were all nice, worked hard, saved their money to try and build generational wealth, and always seemed to work hard and perform well. Much like so many of the Asians I have known. So I just don't understand the irrational hatred people have for others and I don't understand why people can not see that Israel has tried to negotiate and work out the issues with Hamas and the PLO. But hell; those two groups hate each other. With all of the money given to these two groups, everyone should be driving a BMW and vacationing half the year. Yet the areas they have are miserable and Israel has progressed and evolved into a great country. Yet that is not enough to explain the historical desire to eliminate the Jewish people. I just don't get it!

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