Gaza was not occupied. There were zero Israelis in Gaza. But everyone reading this knows Democrats who have casually referred to it as ‘occupied’ despite the fact that this is the opposite of the truth.

Stop being so casual about people lying directly to your face. Call them a piece of shit. That’s the way out of this.

Mitt Romney marched with BLM which is a terrorist organization. Why? Because Mitt Romney is a piece of shit. Joe Biden supports BLM. Why? Because Joe Biden is a piece of shit. Nancy Pelosi posed on a magazine cover with Ilhan Omar. Why? Because Nancy Pelosi is a piece of shit. Stop letting these people, who have coddled the barbarians amongst us, get away with it.

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Bari, you’ve been a beacon of proper light the day you resigned from the NYT for the simple pursuit of truth. What a crazy idea.

We stand with you and we stand with the Jewish community always.

I’m so sorry at the level of bigotry constantly displayed by elites not just in colleges but media too. The filthy behavior of MSNBC being one of them. Good on Mr Rowan and we need more like him to do the exact same.

Thank you for being THE example for what media is supposed to be. You’re a great leader. Love you like a sister. Hugs.

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Oct 12·edited Oct 12

Bari, I wanted to tell you that I watched your interview on MSNBC (via RealClearPolitics) and it was one of the most powerful addresses I've ever seen on television. The normally raucous DNC-Media bobbleheads were absolutely stunned into silence. It's like an adult finally walked into their adolescent romper room and set things straight.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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As I said on another day: the "kindness is all that matters" people are fine with rape, torture and murder, if they are told to be. Ponder that.

Actually, unpacking this a bit--I do have a Masters from a good school, so I am allowed to use the word unpack--is it not reasonable to say that sometimes kindness is not possible? Sometimes kindness is not the answer? If someone is attacking you, for no good reason, will you get beat up less if you are nice? No. It will probably be worse.

Adults understand this, which is why this whole obsession with kindness is really a form of childish pretending. It arises from an emotionally rooted delusional need to tell lies about the world. It pretends that there are not truly evil, violent, irrational people out there who can only be managed with bullets and walls.

And so practically the sorts of smiling, congenial, NICE people who inhabit vegan cafes and drink expensive coffees and read books by, I don't know, Marcus Garvey, and wear knitted Rastafarian hats--these sorts of people, when confronted with ideas about which they cannot be nice, which do not exist fully within their frame of reference, get VIOLENT. They go into hyperarousal. They get hysterical. I've watched this happen, personally, face to face. They are super nice until they realize you are an OTHER, that you are different, that you do not share their insipid idiocies, after which they puff up their chests, wave their little arms, and get MAD. Not kind.

ADULTS are not afraid of the Other. This is the ESSENCE of honest Liberalism. In today's world, almost no people who call themselves liberal are other than either 1) whiny children; 2) greedy a-holes.

And if you just look at the INABILITY of most of these people to grasp Israel's perspective, you see, really, all you need to see. There is neither a capacity for empathy, nor the most rudimentary concern with principle. These are Anti-Liberals.

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1. When only one side is allowed to speak, you don’t have freedom of speech.

2. How come nobody knows that the Jewish people were there before Muslims and Christians even existed?

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I referred to The Squad as ‘Hamastitutes’ the day they got elected.

How did I know all of these people were scumbags long before they started posting in solidarity with parachuting terrorists? Because they’re Democrats. That’s how.

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Leave it to Ben Sasse and The Babylon Bee to get it right. Love them.

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Bravo, Bari and the FP! Keep the level-headed facts coming. As tired and hurt as you must be since this began last weekend, your tone remains unwaveringly strong but focused on reporting. Thank you.

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Never have I been happier Harvard rejected my underachieving ass. Sigh.. it's laughable. Completely laughable. Words are violence but murder isn't. I mean come ON.....

Some thoughts:

1) Whatever your POV happens to be, whether you think this is an occupation/non-occupation or something in between, the sheer barbarism of what took place should shock anyone.

2) Militant/radical Islam doesn't fear death. They WELCOME it. THAT is the difference. The true believers WANT to die for this cause. There is no reasoning with people who feel this way. Ben Shapiro was right. It's our narcissism in the West that makes us assume other people in the world think like us. The US, in particular, has made this mistake over and over again for decades.

3) In my view, you cannot negotiate with an entity that has as it's EXPLICIT purpose your destruction. You either kill them or they kill you. Maybe they can be pacified for a time but it's only a matter of time.

4) I am visiting the Flight 93 National Museum in Shanksville, PA today. A reminder of when terror was brought to OUR shores those many years ago.

May God bless all of you, the US, and the good people of this earth.

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The folks cheering Hamas are the same ones who cheered when unvaccinated people died. They are the same ones who think that locking up violent criminals is oppressive. They are the same ones who cheer when bureaucrats come up with new ways to censor those who they dislike. Up is down and left is right to these folks. If one continually vouches for cowardliness, violence, and injustice, then I tend to take them at their word. If you don’t buy their five year-old’s view of the world, they are more than happy when the violence befalls you.

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Rowan has the right idea but he doesn’t go nearly far enough. We, as a society, have granted private universities enormous privileges. They control great wealth but pay no taxes. In addition, donations are tax exempt. In addition, they act as gatekeepers to the best jobs in government, private industry and academia itself. And furthermore we supposedly believe in “academic freedom” meaning that university practices largely go unregulated.

We collectively choose to privilege universities in this way because we thought they provided unique benefits to our country. Supposedly they were going to provide fair and balanced education to our children. Supposedly they were going to provide unbiased scholarship to advance science, medicine and the humanities. Supposedly they were going to provide unbiased experts who could help us understand and manage the complexities of the modern world.

Not only have our universities failed in all these areas they no longer believe they should even try to be fair and unbiased. The people who run private university education in the US are an unaccountable privileged elite that are sure they know best and the hell with the rest of us.

So now it’s time to withdraw all the privileges we granted. No more tax exemptions either for investment earnings or donations. No more self regulation. Our elected representatives should provide close oversight over for example, hiring. Is it really reasonable that the faculties at all our top universities are all on the left? Isn’t this obvious discrimination?

I’m sure that those who are much more familiar with the academic world that I am can flesh out these proposals better than I can. But enough is enough. Let’s get started.

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I just posted the following in Notes, and I think it applies perfectly to the article you just wrote...

For most of my life I thought (naively?) that people arrived at their own morals & convictions, and having decided what they believed in they would pick causes/political parties/groups/organizations/etc. that upheld their ideals.

That may be true for some, but what I’ve come to realize is that for many the process works in reverse. The person chooses their tribe and then gets their morals/convictions handed down from on high.

When viewed through this framework, it makes more sense how a group of people who are apparently care about a cause/ideal, cease to care about it in certain instances. The group has gone another direction, so the people follow, regardless of their stated prerogatives/previously espoused morals.

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You didn’t listen to conservatives for 50 years and now you have what you have. Good job, ‘liberals’.

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Never thought I'd say this, but we need more people like hedge-fund billionaire Bill Ackman, who asked for the names of students who signed the Harvard letter so he wouldn't accidentally hire them. A bunch of CEOs then got on board. All of a sudden, there was back-pedaling. Organizations claimed they hadn't read the letter.

Real consequences for real bigotry.

As others have noted, this is why we need free speech. Haters, show yourselves so we know who you are.

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Bari - Keep doing what you are doing. Shining a light on the anti-semitism in America. Keep using your God given strengths to help the people of Israel!

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When you have academic leaders and administrators that lack the courage & moral conviction to call out and condemn atrocities then you have a failed institution. Its been clear to most of us that these spineless institutions that espouse progressive/marxist bullshit failed decades ago, but events like the attacks in Israel and the continued cowardice of university's leaders drive home the final nail.

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