The bottom line on Trump is that his rhetoric was off the charts but the actual governance from his administration was actually pretty staid and conventional. Trump Derangement Syndrome was a reaction from liberals to the rhetoric, a focus on symbolism rather than substance. When words are violence there can be no other reaction.

Now of course all indications are that Trump will be the GOP nominee in 2024 and the result will be widespread civil chaos.

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I would like to know how much research Barr has done on the 2020 election. I'm not sure he's done any and simply relies on what his DC circle tells him.

There is ABUNDANT evidence of fraud, and I don't believe for one second that 80+million people voted for Biden. I do believe 80+ million ballots were counted for Biden. I am getting really tired of Bari dismissing claims of election fraud. She doesn't have to agree with them, but she should at least recognize that there is some merit in them.

How about she do an in depth interview with Mollie Hemingway or Dinesh D'Souza? Does she have the courage to truly listen to the other side of this argument?

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Okay, for all you subscribers that torch Bari when she invites a guest to publish who you may not agree with, this column is why I value CS as much as I do. Brilliant interview.

I agreed with half his points and disagreed with the other. Trump was something totally foreign to DC, and Bill Barr. He was a horrible figurehead (the opposite of Obama and JFK), but was, by far imho, the best CEO of the US (the opposite of Obama and JFK) I've ever experienced.

He took on problems that have been metastasizing in our federal government for decades, and didn't give a shit about the political fallout. When I read Barr's comment, he pretty much says that the policies were good, but his diplomacy was not. In my career I learned to separate personality from performance. Many in this country can't do that.

I also believe that he, and some in his circle believed that there was fraud in the 2020 election. I believe it too, but it would be impossible to prove. I don't think that the election was stolen, but I believe that if all of the states used the same election laws in place during the 2016 election, Trump would have won.

Anyway, Thank you Bari for this wonderful interview.

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When Barr says Trump turned off key constituencies, he means he pissed off the deep swamp: Barr included.

The thing is, the government is not supposed to be a constituent of itself.

Bari has indulged in the anti-Trump market long enough. Time to move one. (I know, that won't happen - too much money to make from it.)

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I still say DeSantis will not run in 2024 and if I were him I wouldn't. WHY would he?

He's leading a state that loves him. The national media can't touch him really. Once he hits the campaign trail all bets are off. They will devour him. Why would any sane person want to deal with that in today's society?

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William Barr can dissemble, shuffle, shuck, and jive all he wants. I am not a young player, and I still have a very good memory; I not only remember election night 2020 perfectly, I remember the months leading up to the election, with Trump rallies - sometimes three or more per day - attended by tens of thousands, while Biden couldn't get three men, a boy, and a dog to listen to him without hanging a pork chop around the boy's neck for the dog. I have reviewed the videos and cell phone tracks of people who made repeated trips after midnight to ballot dropboxes. I have reviewed the video of suspended vote counting - never EVER done before - with subsequent ushering-out of observers, followed by suitcases of ballots appearing from under covered tables - the coverings themselves even illegal. I have reviewed cases where courts flatly refused to hear evidence - not evidence, proof - of fraud, lest it then be immortalized in the public record. I watched testimony of experts who were able to scan ballots to determine if they had been folded - necessary for them to be mailed instead of just photocopied - who were dismissed and their offers refused. I watched a live demonstration of a white-hat hacker's invasion of a Dominion voting machine from the next room. I reviewed traffic logs that showed Dominion machines' over multiple jurisdictions synchronizing to reveal exactly the same percentages for Trump on every one and synchronized percentages on each for Biden. I was born at night, but not LAST night. I know what happened as well as I know I'll take my next breath, and so do millions - no, tens of millions - of others.

Bill Barr is a lifelong product of the Unelected Deep State, is more than anything committed to preservation of the Permanent Deep State and defending it against damage from those "temporary" politicians who change every four years. He is bright - very bright, and he managed to hold the line for a while. But a great number of people are awake now - not woke, awake - and it may be possible, just may, to restore this great Nation to honesty and integrity. This Republic needs a giant enema, and while Barr may not be the first evacuated, if there is a God in heaven, I believe that his time will come.

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"I think Trump did serve a historic purpose: He was sort of the wrecking ball and against progressive excess. People were mad about it, and they wanted a no-nonsense person who would be a wrecking ball, and he did that."

Our political establishment has failed working Americans and benefited the Davos crowd. Think John Kerry flying a private jet across the Atlantic to accept an award for his environmental activism and now Democrats say we need higher energy prices. That's the kind of thing that makes people angry.

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So, um, when will we get an interview with someone who isn't a lackey for the establishment?

I like Bill Barr well enough. I figure there was nothing he could do within the law about the election. But when he says Trump wasn't "disciplined" enough, he's not really saying what you and I would think: meaning Trump needed to put his phone down and text a whole lot less, maybe read a few history books and law articles. What Bill Barr means is Trump didn't "play the game." And it is all a game.

And Chris Wray is a vermin of the swamp. Trump's biggest fault was picking people from within the swamp to head the swamp, and as much as I want to give Bill Barr the benefit of the doubt, he is no less a swamp creature than anyone else, just perhaps not as scaley.

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"These ideas—that Trump was working with Putin; that he received unfair help in the election from Russian meddling—were ideas that many supposedly serious people endorsed every single night on television and in our newspapers. These ideas were mainstream. "

Only someone from the Democrat-media complex could say that those ideas were mainstream. And they would have to be intellectually dishonest to believe them. They knew that in all the overblown "reporting" they did on Russiagate that there was no evidence of collusion at all.

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How can Barr say how deranged people are against Trump and then say there was no fraud which would have exactly been in lockstep with the derangement?

And the biggest tell on fraud? The screams of the left when legislatures want to have rules about requiring voter ID and how to request a ballot and how to return a mail in ballot. If there is no fraud, there wouldn’t be any screams of frustration.

Regardless, I’d just like to move on. We need a neutron bomb so we can start over.

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So, the CLINTON Administration tried to hang Putin around President Trump? Not one word about about President Obama's administration going along with it - no mention of overlooking Putin's foray into Crimea, Hillary's bungled Russian reset. Really?

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"But Trump did it [fired Comey] at the height of the Mueller investigation. Do you think that it was unwise to do so then?" Barr answers accepting this incorrect factual predicate.

Trump fired Comey on May 9, 2017. Mueller was appointed on May 17, 2017.

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Another one coming out of the woodwork to diminish Trumps success of exposing the DC swamp for what it is. A bunch of lying no good SOB's who could care less about those of us who grind it out everyday and play by the rules.


Barr did squat to hold any of the swamp to account for their BS.

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I wish Bari would have asked him about Zuckerburg's 400 million dollar donation to help finance local elections in swing states and the impact on the 2020 Presidential election along with voter harvesting.

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Interesting read, Sounds Like Muller was a placeholder brought in for gravitas while underlings crafted the script. After his testimony I always suspected Muller never actually read the Mueller report. IN regards to RINOS and such, I think Barr is making a mistake about why goer's get upset. For decades now there has been a wing of the Republican Party that never met a war or a wiretap they wouldn't support, toss in free trade and platitudes about how awesome Regan. All the while America's interest suffer, working and middle class find life harder and harder and The DC crew and surrounding areas become engorged. I was just reading about how the student loan forgivable is going to be a boondoggle to congress and white house staffers and I would assume the host of NGO workers who hover for that sweet Fed money. Trump said "F You" and wouldn't listen! Sure and most Trump supporters including myself would say so what, who is the perfect President ? Clinton, a man who sexually exploited women and abused his position, W Bush, really? Obama, Barr has an issue with radical progressives, how about the guy who turned Title IX into a weapon against women and due process. Either way thanks for the interview was quite enlightening.

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Bill Barr is an opportunist. Trump was in many ways a terrific president but he was vulgar which set off major pearl clutching by the self-satisfied elites. What about the millions of Americans who voted for him? Don't they deserve a proper election review?

Didn't they deserve to have 4 years of governance from the man they voted for without constant fake accusations from the Dems? Why aren't the people who created the Russia hoax - which traumatized and divided a nation -- going to jail? Barr in his own way is no better than Sam Harris. The people deserved to know the truth -- and Bill was a coward who wanted back on the DC/ Martha's Vineyard dinner party circuit. Not a hero. Not a genius just TDS in a Conservative suit. Trump is a flawed guy who brought peace and prosperity not to mention hope for the working class. I call bullshit on Bill Barr.

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