What is scary to me is how quickly police and security services can become the tools of a repressive regime. Edward Snowden should be awarded the Medal of Freedom yet he is in exile. Russiagate exposed the corruption in the FBI, which is getting worse it seems by the month. Roger Stone being arrested by a military style FBI assault team, as if he wouldn't have walked out of his house voluntarily. People locked up still, in violation of their rights, who invaded the Capitol, whether they were violent or not. A neighbor two streets away was raided one morning, her home and property abused, by the FBI because she attended the January 6 rally- but did not approach the Capitol. We have seen local police roughing up people who had house guests during Covid, and lately arresting people at school board meetings. Bari- it's nice that you highlighted Hong Kong- but don't we all know by now how evil this Chinese regime is? Time to talk about OUR police and security services and the threat they pose to our freedoms, when the federal services are politicized arms of certain parties, and the locals are automotons who simply "follow orders". This is a lot scarier than Hong Kong- to me anyway.

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Thank you JD and BW for sharing a story that would otherwise be silent. No need to burn books if one can prevent the book from being printed. I posted on social media this morning the words “Apple Daily Newspaper” so that people can know something about this history. Freedom of press is a human right that goes beyond the right of a newsletter to circulate. It is about the freedom of humans to articulate invisible thought into expressed words that are communicated beyond the self. It is also about the freedom of other humans to know that that these thoughts and words exist. In a society, such freedom is critical for humans to interact with others as human.

I want JD to know and to remember that you are not alone, despite what officials say to you today or tomorrow.

Friends of mine from early college days are from Hong Kong and we were on campus in 1989 when news of Tianiman Square surfaced. Many people in my department are from HK, China and Taiwan. I wonder about them and their families. Their opinions are varied in a very human way.

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