Batya has hit the nail on the head here: it is GOOD to be unpopular with evil people.

That is a very bracing concept. It's worth reminding myself of that every day.

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Thank you for another powerful piece. I’m an embarrassed UMASS/Amherst alum. That an anti semitic attack took place on campus is not surprising. Amherst is probably the wokest town in the country. In 2020 UMASS had an anti-Semitic event on a Holocaust Remembrance Day. Last week a number of students were arrested for refusing to leave the administration building. They were protesting Israel for engaging in genocide against Palestinians. Though I went there nearly fifty years ago I still know the typical UMASS student immature party animals who love to join mobs. Weak minded, ill - informed people are perfect targets for woke brainwashing. Before October 7 many of these students. probably thought Hamas was an English Football Club. I’m not Jewish but my wife is. She is terrified by the hate across America over the past month. I know Israel is strong and will prevail. But the hate is not going away. There will be a next time. Good people need to stand strong by Israel and Jews everywhere in what is becoming a scary time.

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This reminds me of the Charles MacKay poem, the one which Margaret Thatcher was supposed to be keep beside her bed.

No Enemies

by Charles Mackay

You have no enemies, you say?

Alas! my friend, the boast is poor;

He who has mingled in the fray

Of duty, that the brave endure,

Must have made foes! If you have none,

Small is the work that you have done.

You've hit no traitor on the hip,

You've dashed no cup from perjured lip,

You've never turned the wrong to right,

You've been a coward in the fight.

There are some enemies people should welcome and that includes Hamas and its apologists. Far better for them to break cover and reveal themselves than to remain hidden, undermining in the shadows.

Keep fighting the good fight and realise that you have many allies, like me who stand beside you.

(I loved the thought -- not if Egypt has anything to say about it)

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Loved every word of this article. Made me feel a little more hopeful, a little less alone. I really hope you're right, in predicting this movement will fade away. Watching students of the Ivy League marching in support of Hamas, with hatred contorting their faces and their voices screaming for our annihilation is utterly chilling. They make Charlottesville look like an SNL parody. Are they our future leaders? CEOs? Doctors? Lawyers? Lawmakers? If so, our country is already lost. We need to fight "antiracism" with everything we have. Western civilization depends on it. But how?

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Thank you

As a non Jew I plan on doing the same and take every opportunity to call out antisemitism and misguided information. We must stand up against this erosion of our heritage and culture and stand with Jews across the globe.

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I am old. And I am deeply, deeply disturbed by the apparent return of hatred and profound stupidity that I thought was pretty much done by the decimation of the sub-moronic nazis 75 years ago. Clearly, I have been naive. Batya, holler!

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Only part of this article I would push back on is the belief that students will grow out of these beliefs. We have no evidence to suggest that students will grow out of this; pro-terrorist ideals are not the same as the communist theories spouted by undergraduates 50 years ago. I do not believe these ideas about Jews will dissapear when the people behind them turn 30, or 40, or 50. Nonetheless, a stellar article.

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Yes. No.

No one should cower, Jews or anyone else. But you can’t ignore them and think they will fade away. That is naive and dangerous thinking.

In America, buy a gun, carry a knife and defend yourself against anyone who touches you. It’s not going away. It is part of Marxist plan. An essential part.

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Will you stand with me when I am vilified for being a white make conservative? Will you stand with me when I am called deplorable? A “clinger”? Will you stand with me while they call me a Nazi for wanting America to be great again??

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Now THIS is the piece that needs to circulate far and wide. Stand up and do not cower to the psychotic insanity that’s infected college campuses. Thank you for your courage and stay strong. If you’re unpopular, you’re doing something right!

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Totally agree. I saw video yesterday of someone heckling a poster-tearer and she really got to screaming and I thought, girl, this smirking idiot isn’t worth the damage to your vocal cords. They’re irrelevant clowns who think tearing paper gives them power. They’re in kindergarten and there’s no point in raising the decibel level.

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Yes! well said. We do not kneel or bow to anyone except the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob, Rock and Redeemer of Israel.

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Hear hear!!

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And yes, the enemy wants to feel alone. They will scream and magnify their voices whether they are to make you feel isolated.

But the truth is, if you are a Jew— you are NOT alone.

Off campuses, many Americans stand with Israel.

Take heart, We stand with you.

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I must confess, I have a sneaking desire to force all those silly little boys and girls et al to watch the hours of torture/ snuff films if they want to graduate. Watching a little girl being raped until her pelvis is crushed, an Asian worker having his head hacked off with a garden hoe, a baby burnt alive in a kitchen oven - all while the butchers are screaming "G-d is great" - are worlds more educational than gender theory.

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Brava! Well said!

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