'Jillian’s gatekeeping is part of a larger movement among librarians known as “critical librarianship,” which the American Library Association defines as “challenging regressive conceptions of gender identity in cataloging” and “documenting microaggressions in librarianship.” '

Progressives simply couldn't be more f*cked up if they tried. Every time I tell myself they couldn't possibly adopt a more Orwellian ideology, they one-up themselves with something even more demonic and destructive for society and the human race.

So it sounds like we should consider 48 month re-education camp imprisonment for all librarians....forcing them to listen to Douglas Murray, Thomas Sowell, and James Lindsay 24/7/365.

Just sayin......

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“This week on Honestly: Why we still need to talk about the pandemic”


Is it because the pandemic exposed that we are surrounded by Nazis who are also morons?

That’s why, isn’t it.

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Steven Crane Red badge of courage made me think of war blood fear death

To kill a Mockingbird made me think of justice

James Baldwin made me see other people side

Scarlet letter made me understand useless rules

Stranger in a strange land made me realize that is who I am

Is the word think or feel

60 years after reading them I still feel them

30 Muslim countries have been at war against Israel for 75 years

Please tell me why this is not front page new?

Muslims killed 80000 blacks in Nigeria and Obama did not care

Muslims killed 45000 Christians in Nigeria and Obama did not care

So books are useless

When no one has the integrity to care

Btw the Muslim war against Israel is a smoke screen for the actual invasion of America by Muslims

And no one seems to care

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Jan 18·edited Jan 20

About those libraries not carrying books by Republicans but having books by both Obamas….

These are not your grandparents’ local librarians, the female stereotype being prim, air of studiousness, middle-aged and devoid of makeup, conservatively dressed and probably wearing spectacles, very helpful but with a stern glance towards any noise - and, pertinent here, you had no idea of their politics, if any.

No, today’s librarians tend to fit another stereotype: devoted listener of NPR, driver of a Prius with a Coexist or Bernie Sanders sticker, dressed as though every day is Casual Friday, seemingly oblivious to loud voices on the premises - and you have no doubt their politics tilt left, not only because of that unwashed Prius in the parking lot, but because they are products of invariably woke librarianship instruction at school. They’ve never been exposed to conservative viewpoints, unless by relatives they avoid at Thanksgiving. It’s no wonder they don’t want people exposed to Republican books. It’s no wonder they promote books celebrating youth sexuality and the Trans phenomenon. It’s no wonder they pretend they have to get rid of dictionaries because states like Florida have drawn a line at exposing little kids to sexual content. Find a politically conservative librarian and you’ve found a unicorn.

By the way, it’s come out that Barack Obama’s “Dreams From My Father,” ostensibly an autobiography, was significantly fabricated. Dreams aren’t usually factual in content; this one is no exception.

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Jan 18·edited Jan 18

I would like to see Free Press coverage of what I consider one of the most important stories of our time: the forthcoming WHO international pandemic treaty which the U.S. is planning to sign in May 2024. This needs serious investigation as it transfers power for setting our national pandemic policy to an unelected and corrupt organization with dubious funding. As I understand it, US citizens could face vaccine mandates and lockdowns under this shadowy legislation which is receiving virtually no coverage. No time or space for Taylor Swift’s boyfriend or his handsome brother. This is very serious.

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“A day later, Hamas announced—in an appalling stunt designed to torment the hostages’ families—that Itai had died”


I think it was wild-eyed skinhead Ayanna Pressley who said

“There can’t be peace in the streets until we have peace in our lives.”

and the lack of peace in her life was from someone with her matching skin color (oh wow matching colors!! 🤡🤡) dying during his 37th consecutive crime spree.

But with Israel and an actual unprecedented massacre it’s immediate ceasefire or we call it genocide and stomp our foots.

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Did my own FP investigation. Results are:

1. Border is still wide open

2. Fentanyl is still killing thousands, but the Taylor Swift sighting is more news worthy.

3. Blue cities are broke as always and getting worse, but then they are the Democrats prized example of welcoming and safe places. Just wear a bullet proof vest, carry a gun, and don't go out at night.

4. The world is on the edge of numerous wars, but not to worry Blinken, Sleepin (Joe), Disappearing Sec Def, and Cackles is on her yellow bus to keep things in order.

5. Gas just jumped 50 vents overnight, but hell Trump won Iowa so he did it. Plus Iowa has never picked correctly for a R President.

6. Bidenomics is working so well, looking for another job. That's to help pay for the cost of living help from Joe.

7. EV cars are a bust, but not to worry, Slow Joe, Granholm and Kerry will make it worse, just for us.

8. Tax season is here and make sure you pay up, 34T debt and rising, giving money to everyone, not to worry, your kids can work until they die to help pay for the great society.

9. Fly now before DEI and the mentally ill start becoming controllers, wait, doors falling off, crazy people of flights, administration employees stealing suitcases; maybe just stay home as you can't afford that trip anyway.

10. Windmill farms going broke without Govy funding or truth be told, fund the green crowd (Liberals and China) as they don't really contribute anything anyway.

My in-depth investigation from my chair.

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“Jason Kelce is the older brother of Travis Kelce, who—in case you’ve been living under a rock—is dating Taylor Swift.”


I would rather hear about slavery again for the one millionth time than hear about Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift is worse than slavery. There, I said it.

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One of the great parts of Vivek's political campaign is how he went at the media's underlying assumptions in a straightforward and coherent fashion. What I find so revolting when watching TV talking head shows is how the GOP bows to the left and their media gatekeepers. This flows into the school debates about banning books. The issue is always framed as if you don't like Kendi, you somehow don't like African Americans. If I don't believe the worldview of an LBGTQ+ author, that somehow I hate my cousin. James Fishback is excellent at laying out the diversity of intellectual thoughts. Remember, the old good black authors are progressive ones. Thomas Sowell is not a good kind of diversity. What GOP spokespeople have done for my lifetime is cower from going after the ideological points of the left and give them credence from fear of the "ism" arguments. The preening moral authority of the left must be destroyed to defeat them in the broader culture. Going after the left is the battle of our age, and it's great to read an article that gives a coherent, principled, and factual case against it.

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We can waste time on Swift et al, or we can listen to the speech the new President of Argentina, Mr Milei, gave at Davos. He dumped on the Klaus Nazi with a 24 min defense of Western civilization and capitalism and repudiated the poverty-generating socialism advocated by the so called smart people. It’s on Twitter. I found myself cheering.

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I love The FP, but maybe stay out of sports. That exchange was pretty cringe.

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I don’t understand why all of the virtuous social justice anti-colonialist protesters demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza haven’t been pushing the obvious solution. Instead of expecting Israel to back off and hand Hamas a victory, how about Hamas stops the rockets (many of which kill their own people), returns all hostages, and surrender? Instant ceasefire. Same as holding Israel responsible for solving the humanitarian crisis being suffered by its enemy in Gaza. The obvious solution - demand that Hamas share with its own people its stock of supplies stored up in its tunnels. I guess no one thought of it. Funny how the world has a blind spot in recognizing the obvious when it comes to Israel.

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As a public library manager, I can second this up, down, and sideways. It astounds me how the ALA and all of these other leftist professional organizations keep their heads from exploding from the rampant hypocrisy seething around inside. A few examples:

I was accidentally copied on a children's listserv message regarding Kirk Cameron and Brave Books. It was a call to action for all children's librarians in NJ to intentionally "book" their public meeting spaces on a certain date Brave Books had planned to use for a nationwide reading of Cameron's new title on the deadly sin of pride. Say what you want about Cameron. I'm no fan. But how can a profession that prides itself on "free speech" not see the blatant contradiction?

My library is one of three - THREE!!! - in a state with over 600 public libraries that has a copy of Irreversible Damage (the book on the dangers posed the early gender transitioning of children). I'm assuming anyway. My boss might have deleted it...which leads me to....

My children's librarian deleted ALL of Dr. Seuss's books after that whole rigmarole hit a few years back about how Seuss was irredeemably racist, xenophobic, etc. etc. etc. Not just the titles that were eyerollingly dated. Cat and the Hat? Gone. How the Grinch Stole Christmas? Zapped. I confronted her on this. She complained to my director. He supported her with the aside of "these books don't help anyone read anyway. Who talks like that? It's just going to confuse kids." I saved and, when necessary, repurchased and recently recataloged them. Come at me, fools.

I can't even begin to tell you what our kids room looks like. It's as if someone squished a leprechaun and smeared him all over the walls. And this isn't just during pride month. This is everyday, all year round. I would also like point out that three years ago, we were instructed to no longer put up Christmas displays as such installations were "divisive".

If I wasn't nine years away from a pension, I'd be out.

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Come on Bari? The Kelce controversy? Does it even rise to the level of "sophomoric? " I wouldn't bother except that the sight of that grinning simian Travis pimping for Pfizer's malevolent jab irritates me beyond measure. Playing the stooge for State Farm is harmless. But pushing poison isn't. And if the NFL wants to play the stooge for Taylor Swift fine. They've diluted a great game with show biz since they began making a joke out of the championship game.

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The below paragraph is just silly. The Obamas were president and first lady for eight years; the others are not in the same ballpark in terms of political status. There must have been better ways to highlight the point you were trying to make.

"For example: take how easy it is for kids to access memoirs by prominent Democrats like Barack and Michelle Obama, compared to memoirs by leading Republicans. More than half of the 35 districts James surveyed carried both of the Obamas’ books. But how many districts carried books by Nikki Haley, Tim Scott, Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Mike Pompeo? "

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Hey, maybe I can help the FP with its dilettante-level foray into sports?

I'm a former sportswriter who also spent 13 years as an executive with a major league baseball franchise. Wrote a book with a MLB Hall of Famer. Taught Sports Marketing (albeit short-lived) at the college level.

Know this: I wouldn't take the "brother-rivalry-working-class-Joe-versus-celebrity-idol" approach to covering sports. Cultural patronizing by the FP. Suzy Weiss? She's young, smart, witty and certainly tuned in to the red carpet "who are you wearing?" world of entertainment. Bless her, but she doesn't know dick about sports.


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