Trump’s indictment is just another boost to further polarization of America, more and more republicans see this just another way Democrats are weaponizing justice system to deal with opposition (honestly I cant blame them), and when this very weak indictment fails, many Democrats will claim that it is because Republicans have packed the courts.

No mater what happens now, both sides will be unhappy with outcome. Question is, can we survive as country if we continue on this path, or are we already at point of no return.

I honestly hope that this will all end, not with death of USA, but with death of corrupt DNC and RNC, both parties are rotten to the core (DNC more than RNC), and sooner we get rid of them, the better.

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I would go even further and suggest that this whole farce is a calculated plan to ensure that Trump is the nominee, because the Biden/Democrat Party knows he is the only candidate they can beat in the general election. Yes, I know that’s a bit of a rabbit hole, but what else makes sense?

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The author, like so many, says Trump falsely claimed the election was stolen. In the same sense that Bernie Madoff stole from his clients, the election was stolen by the suppression and gross distortion of news. How many people know of the interviews with Tony Bobolinski or the false statements by 51 “former intelligence officials” that the information on the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation? There are countless other examples. The election was stolen, but not necessarily from miscounting cast ballots.

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Great article. Terrifying road for our country to go down. It’s a sad day in America. The political motivation is obvious. It feeds the anger of the far left totalitarian crowd with TDS is blinding them to the fact they are overtly embracing Stalin like tactics. It’s terrifying how self-proclaimed “defenders of democracy” are giddy about destroying ours today. Still, they are blind and think it’s ok to politically target Trump because “it’s different this time,” even though it’s never actually different and this is a giant step towards banana republic.

The Democrats would also prefer to run against Trump than anyone on the Republicans large bench of younger, competent, conservative leaders who could effectively serve for the full 8 years. Bragg even tested his theory by illegally leaking a week early to ensure it would give Trump a bump in the polls - and it did. Like 20 points. It’s not that Bragg/ Dems didn’t realize the blowback or risk from taking this very pathetic step of overt politicalization of the justice system towards the top political opposition, it’s that they decided ensuring Democrats could run against Trump for another election cycle was worth the costs to the country.

I will give it to Democrats, they play to win. There is no line today’s Democrat party will not cross to maintain power. No, they won’t drop the insane ideologies, awful foreign policies, destructive economic policies, or poverty inducing energy policies. They will push harder to censor more to maintain those taxpayer reallocation plans. That’s how they reallocate money to political cronies. But their is no ethical and moral line, none, today’s Democratic leaders won’t cross to play on emotions, divide the nation, and ensure they retain power at all costs that is off limits in their mind.

Republicans are too often concerned with faux victories - you save no lives, avenge no wrong, and improve no policies unless you actually win elections. While Democrats play to win, Republicans play to feel good or something. Underperforming and losing election after election accomplishes nothing in material reality. I say this because if Republicans played to win, it would be the evident smart response to move on from Trump as a nominee. Not only for the sake of Trump, who is likely to be convicted regardless of evidence in Manhattan if this show trial actually goes to trial, but for the party and the country. While it’s understandable on Trump’s part to be angry - any human in his shoes targeted politically for years would be, that doesn’t change the reality that Trump is toxic to much of the vast middle. It does neither Trump nor the country any good to have 4 more years of the incompetent destructive insanity of Biden or whatever puppet gets put in his place. Losing in a likely to fail attempt to avenge Trump is a waste of time and hope. The Republicans can have Trump as their nominee, or they can have a great shot at the White House, but they probably can’t have both.

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Lots of “BS” in this one:

1. There is no question there was abundant fraud, illegality, and rigging in 2020. NO QUESTION

2. A lot of what you state as fact is “alleged”

3. Hunter Biden has committed documented felonies. Hunter Biden was being paid off by Ukraine which should have been investigated. VP Joe Biden extorted/blackmailed Ukraine to stop an investigation into Hunter Biden’s corruption WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS

4. President Trump called Georgia to stop the fraudulent counting of illegal votes. He was calling for a legitimate vote count. Entirety appropriate

5. We had EVERY right to protest the fraudulent election. All REAL patriots should have. How many government agents were in the crowd encouraging going into the Capitol?

6. The Democrats are a corrupt criminal organization. They must go the way of the Whigs

7. You reap what you sow.

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I love how there is no mention of Hilary's penalties for her transgressions with campaign finances? Paper thin for Hunter? And J6 being Trump's doing? I guess the author thinks jailing people for years without due process is okay under any circumstance, even when the review of the video indicates otherwise?

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The most frightening aspect of the past few years has been the two-tiered system of justice. Hillary literally purchase the Steele Dossier and calls it “legal fees” and gets off with paying a fine. The Disinformation Industrial Complex pre-bunks the Hunter laptop and the deepstate FBI literally ignores his actual partner Tony Bobulinski’s actual live testimony into the many crimes of Hunter, Potus Joe Biden and family. Alvin Bragg, as DA refuses to prosecute any criminals yet tries ato put in jail not one but two victims who fight back in self defense and DJT is indicted in NYC. We are living in an upside down clown world and it keeps just getting worse.

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We are living in a banana republic that the democrats have created. Nothing is too far fetched for them not to be amplified as the crime of the century, no the millennium.

J6 was awful!!!! The 2020 blm riots egged on by such luminaries as Kamala Harris were nothing.

The 2020 election was not stolen!!!!! Except it’s obvious that it was and no one in the media or democrat pantheon cares, and why should they, they did it.

Stormy Daniels, the porn whore, is angelic. So she extorted, was paid, got an NDA and broke it and is now spreading her syphilitic germs everywhere again on sweaty one dollar bills but she’s a victim!!!!

It’s a circus that the democrats decry as they pimp for it.

Meanwhile, would the democrats have done anything differently on every front if they weren’t trying to destroy the country?

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The Free Press should be called “How Democrats Ruined America This Week”- bc it just doesn’t stop.

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The Bragg indictment is just the latest outrageous example of the decline of America. DJT might even be found guilty by a progressive jury in uber-progressive NY. But he will be exonerated on appeal because there is obvious reasonable doubt that his motive was to avoid embarrassment and humiliation for his family. He also has a case for election interference because he was a president and has declared his candidacy again. He is not Teflon Don. He is the target of vicious far-left ideologues who feel threatened because he has attacked the foundations of their ideology - big government, wealth redistribution, and the lucrative ecosystem of big government money for meaningless and unnecessary work. Just to be clear, I do not support DJT for president again. He is a distraction because of his unorthodox behavior which is often hard to justify. But I want our justice system to apply the law equally to everyone, and this case is not that. And I would definitely prefer him to Biden.

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"If the latest polling is correct, then Trump’s approval ratings have ticked up since the announcement of his indictment."

The Democrats have won the battle but set themselves back (perhaps mightily) in the war. In my utopian world instead of fetishizing about the orange man day and night they would be finding ways to make their own party better, put forward better politicians and win based on a platform of just being BETTER. I guess I just have lofty expectations though.

I really, really don't think the long term implications of the Trump indictment are going to be good. This sets a bad precedent for our country.

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Bret Weinstein, D, recently tweeted that the democrat party should be treated like the rabid dog it is---put down. Tulsi, Musk, Taibbi, Shellenberger, all have declared they left the party. So I guess Bret is next.

They have no shame. They have gone full bat shit crazy and they like it.

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American politics makes me sad; it has become so divisive and ugly that it’s tribal, maybe beyond repair. America faces many domestic and international issues, and we have a dysfunctional government, untrustworthy MSM, broken judicial system, and weakened military. The country is in real trouble.

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"In kind political contributions".....hmmmm,

Although Mr. Lake continues the fiction that the 2020 election was not "stolen," let's talk about in kind contributions. Such as the millions of unvetted campaign contributions such as Zuck Bucks. The billions of dollars of "in kind" contributions from all the legacy media that not only pushed for Biden but lied about and suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop, that would have swayed the result. Or the machinations of the American Stasi - the FBI - still awash with Democrat partisans. You don't have to engage in the cheap and obvious tricks of ballot box stuffing or tossing ballots into the trash to steal an election. All you have to do is allow massive amounts of unsecure mail in ballots, phony stories, a litany of lies by mainstream media and suppression of people telling the truth.

Now, not content with corrupting our election process, Democrats are hell bent on subverting our cherished rule of law. And you counsel "moderation" and comity with such people? What will be left of America when they're done? Will you really want to live in such a place?

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You failed to mention that Russiagate, so called, was an INVENTION of the Democrats, and THE FBI KNEW THIS AT THE OUTSET. Two men were acquitted of lying to the FBI because you cannot tell a lie to someone who is working with you.

And it's extraordinary that anyone would blame Trump for events that were clearly engineered by the FBI, Capital Police, and Nancy Pelosi, from firing tear gas into peaceful protesters, throwing old ladies down step, murdering two protesters, and using plain clothes Agents Provocateurs WE HAVE ON FILM pulling down barricades who were never charged.

I wonder daily about the reality testing of anyone buying any of this BS.

And Hunter is guilty as sin. Obviously. Unmistakeably. The Biden family is a crime family. Joe Biden takes bribes, and Hunter is his bag man. These claims were made undeniable by Hunter's laptop.

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Is it ethical to base a campaign for DA on persecuting a former president? The DA is supposed to uphold the law without bias. In this case, Braggs used bias against one man in order to win the office.

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