We’re humans. Sometimes people tell the truth, sometimes people lie. Due process needs to be given for any allegation, or else we’re back to the days of mob justice killing innocent people.

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I might go see it just because I love classical music.

Other than that, 0% of the storyline sounds enticing to me.

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The writer starts off with "Tar is unsettling, pretentious and too long. Go see it immediately."

Then begins to outline the movie with every reason you shouldn't see it. I literally did an eye roll at the "BIPOC pangender" student line.

I'll continue to wait for movies that are #PostWoke.

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Aren't we bored yet with movies (and cultural influences) that ask us to agonize over someone else's guilt. I'd like to see a movie that asks us to agonize over whether judgment is really ours to mete out, and if so whether it's a satisfying use of energy.

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It’s interesting to me that this story of Cancel Culture and I’m assuming (otherwise is there really a movie?) a grey area of exploitation is nested in the world of Classical Music, that most elite of artistic communities. I haven’t seen the movie-it appeals to me on zero levels. But I wonder if the many facets and potential redeeming features (genius, a hinted at mental disorder) would be treated with again an assumed-(again apologies)-ambiguity if this tale had been set in the less elite world of say, Monster Truck racing.

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Maybe the credits are in the front to allow you to leave early.

Another social question. Did she or didn't she. In reality it's if those deep thinking lazy news people think you are with their human destroying causes or not. They will judge, jury, and destroy you. It's not about truth and justice. Look from Me Too, ANTIFA, BLM, or any of the other so called rights movement.

This might have been an interesting story 8 years ago. Today it just reminds you of how screwed up our society has become.

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#MeToo has always been a difficult one for me to wrap my head around.

I suppose that's because I modeled in my late teens and early 20s and so was exposed to a lot of casting couch culture.

The barriers to entry to "glamour" jobs are _quite_ high, and I suppose—as I saw it then—colliding with the occasional obnoxious male was the vig you had to pay to play that game.

I don't know how I would see it now. But I _will_ say back then that I saw almost as many women manipulating their sexual availability to get ahead as I saw men taking advantage of reluctant women.

Back to "Tár "—so it's "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie" only with Mahler instead of Spanish nationalists? 😀

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Or you could just watch a week’s worth of "Lauren Lake's Paternity Court" to decide #BelieveAllWomen or #BelieveAllMen is a farce. The DNA doesn't lie; many people do.

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Why I’ll see this movie:

1. Cate Blanchett

2. A scene where a professor reams a “BIPOC pangender student” for refusing to play Bach? I’ll all in.


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DOUBT is another excellent movie about this subject. But it was pre Me Too.

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Well, here's yet ANOTHER Hollywood movie that I'll NEVER see in my lifetime. I'm sure it will get an Academy Award nomination but I'll never know. Who watches the Academy Awards anymore... especially with Jimmy Kimmel hosting it again this year? Yawn... so, on to something more interesting and exciting... "Honey, have we taken the dogs out to relieve themselves yet?"...

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This movie sounds a little boring to me because I love movies about good triumphing over evil. The reason I love those movies is that good often fails to triumph over evil in reality, which makes those movies cathartic for me.

#MeToo was good in many ways, but stupid in many ways as well. It often trivialized sexual violence by categorizing both rape and a butt grab under the umbrella of sexual assault.


Sexual violence needs to be taken much more seriously in the court of law and sex offenders need to be incarcerated for much longer periods of time. Those recorded as non-recidivists are usually those who learn to target more vulnerable communities, such as those who are homeless or sell sex to survive. As a decades long volunteer with homeless people I see this again & again. They are very easy prey.

I would really like to see a #ThemToo movement.

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Sounds to me more like a glimpse into the death throes of a society that's gone soft with excess and mad with far too much time on its hands and little purposeful things with which to fill it. As someone else cogently observed, without the beauty of classical music contained in the film, there's little else to recommend it.

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Nov 13, 2022·edited Nov 13, 2022

while grateful for the film review, yes i have seen the movie and liked it immensely, I would disagree with the judgment on the film's aim.

I saw in it as painful story of injustice handled through a new/old "if- you-are-not-with- us-you-are-against-us" social behavior complacency requirement.

Dismissive of our precious individuality (especially for the gifted of us) and deep personal complexity associated with brilliance, the proper inquiry process tosses that proverbial child "with the water".

The aim of the so-called "cancel culture " is exactly that - distraction .

Distraction without any creation in place.

Existence vs Living.

How tragic...

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Nov 13, 2022Liked by Suzy Weiss

Nice to see you on here, Freddie!

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Tchaikovsky suffered from “auditory hallucinations” as a child. The music wouldn’t let him sleep. Maybe it’s a device to show her musical bonifides, without announcing it, for those who know the story.

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