I like his plain-spoken delivery, and I think it's great that he's in government, but I could not support Hurt for president. For a guy who purports to have some expertise in foreign affairs, I found his comments in Ukraine rather pedantic. He did a little better than old-guard DC Uni-party suits --"Russia bad, Ukraine good"--but not by much. Reclaim all the territory and then admit Ukraine to NATO? If that's a serious idea, it disqualifies him in my book.

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A "normal" Republican candidate according to Democrats is a deep stater who just wants to get along with the grift going on in the House and the Senate and the Presidency. Trump could not be bought.That is why he was targeted and so dangerous to the status quo. He is IMO the most courageous politician in this country since Abraham Lincoln. Yes he has a gruff personality but he grew up in the haven for gruff aggressive personalities -NYC.

What the so called moderate Democrats and Republicans don't get is its the Democrat party that has changed . Trump has exposed the corruption in DC. He has pulled back the curtain and now the Democrats realize its all or nothing. Their evil has come out of the closet for all to see.

They have become Stalinistic because they fear exposure and defeat by Trump which will lead to prison terms for many of their leaders. They have violated many laws (Immigration, the first amendment , the fourth amendment and several others) They have committed major crimes that make Watergate pale in comparison.

The funny thing is that had the Democrats left Trump alone its possible he isnt nominated but now this is no longer just about a candidate its about the very foundations of rights and laws in the country. If we still have a country that believes in that then Trump will win the next election. One has to look no further to the hellholes that San Francisco NYC and LA have become under Dem rule. That will be what the whole country looks like in 5 years if the majority is selfish and dumb enough to vote for it.

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MAGA !!!

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Everybody seems to get excited about who'll become the republican candidate and who will become the next American president. Everybody except me. Not that I'm not interested in politics, in fact the opposite is true, I'm very much so. But I do not see any reasonable figure in the race, no-one I could even remotely trust with the mightiest military power and the biggest chunk of wealth on the planet, no-one I believe is both capable and willing to use the power that results from that as a force for good. I just see a bunch of corrupt self-serving hypocrites who are willing to use any trick in the book to win the race to the big pig's trough the presidency of the US actually is, exclusively to line their own pockets and those of close family and friends. No one gives a f*** about the country or the people, they all just pretend to in their campaign speeches. The only ones who can realistically hope that they can get something out of the presidency of whoever gets elected are those who contributed to the winner's campaign in a big enough way, that they can be considered relevant for that campaign, which excludes an estimated 99.9% of the country, those who don't have enough wealth piled up themselves to be able to contribute in such a big way!

A lot of Americans seem to sense that there is something very rotten at the head of the fish, they notice that horrible smell and think someone like Donald is some kind of saviour who can fix the country. But those are sadly mistaken. Trump is not the cure to the American disease, he's just another symptom, as corrupt, maybe even more corrupt than the Biden clan. Just another self-serving hypocrite who has only one thing in mind: to enrich himself and his entourage!

That's why I don't care at all who's winning this presidential campaign. Because it doesn't matter, You just get another figure head in the end, who's just in it for the money, those who pull the strings will remain the same anyway, an exclusive club of billionaires who have deep enough pockets so that they could buy both big parties and all those who compete for power.

If elections could actually bring change, they would be banned. Sad, but true. So, You might as well stay at home on election day. Nothing will change anyway. But at least if no one is voting anymore the oligarchs could no longer pretend that the US is a democracy, which also wouldn't change a thing, because no one really cares any more about that anyway.....

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Will Hurd should st least be on the debate stage with his ideas for the Voters to hear. Seems reasonable. I did try several times to pitch in but his system didn’t work.

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I had incredibly high hopes for the Free Press and eagerly subscribed hoping to see the authentic, unbiased journalism that half the country yearns for. Instead, it is the same repackaged condescension and insults for anyone who dares disagree with the party line. Instead of investigative journalism exploring Biden family corruption, or the Maui water czar who prioritized the environment over human lives in the recent fires, we get pretty yet pointless pieces about dark sky areas, endometriosis and buying a farm. I, sadly, will not be renewing my subscription.

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One has to understand that if you stay in NYC long enough the social pressure and group think of avoiding Conservative thoughts seeps in over time. Bari rightfully believes in free speech and honest journalism but she is a product of years of conditioning -as subtle as it may seem to be its still there.

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I had listened to both Will’s and Vivek’s interviews. And while Bari definitely has a liberal tilt, but this is par for the course. It is important to listen to opinions of people you might disagree with, and I always appreciate her take. As far as candidates, at times Will sounds a lot like Vivek, albeit with less depth. It seems to me that what Vivek calls revolution, Will calls reset. While both of them have correct diagnosis, they both see the problem of centralized power in the hands of government, and want to give power back to “sovereign “ citizen they differ greatly in their approach. Will seems to be eager to preserve status quo and, unlike Vivek, does not have many ideas on how to achieve his goal. He is also dead wrong on culture wars, Ukraine and stolen election. (And I am not talking about stollen ballots and such, but democrat perpetuated persistent disinformation campaign which plagued all 4 years of Trump administration..


https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/guide-understanding-hoax-century-thirteen-ways-looking-disinformation )

My money is on Vivek.

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Here's my fantasy: a very moderate Republican will switch parties and run as a Democrat and win with a landslide!

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Hurd definitely sounds like a very level-headed person to me. And he has a dedication to country that I respect and would want in the President. His qualifications on foreign policy issues are also clear. Agree with him or not, it's hard to argue that his is an uninformed opinion. My only issue is that when the interview turned to his policy platform it seemed a bit thin on the domestic side. I'd like to know more about his thoughts on issues such as the economy and job markets.

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I had not heard anything about Will Hurd until this weekend so this was very enlightening for me. Sounds like a "man with a plan!" As a long term conservative myself, I cannot stand what Trump has done to our party. He is only out for himself and that should be obvious to anyone. Mr. Hurd is right, Trump is a loser.

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lots of good comments both ways, again.

first, why does Hurd identify as "black" if only his dad was "black". Seems he picked a color early on in his life...and I dont think his dad was "freed by Lincoln" as his dad is only 90. Freedom for blacks and the initial steps towards ending slavery (1865 btw) came at a cost of half a million lives in the civil war. Lincoln had a vision and he pursued it to his end.

Hurd does not come across as very firm on his ideas for "US". He spouts typical themes but no firm substance or action plans to his comments. Thjs is common for most who are running as they don't want to piss off anyone who may like them today. Paling around with such a dumbshit as O'Rourke is not a call to arms for Hurd.

Trump is the easy scapegoat for most folks, who call him a looser, or jackass etc. If one can remove their bias to some of Trumps less endearing personality traits, they may see the man that started a revolution in 2016. Trump. like it or not, accept it or not, admit it or not, did many great things for America. Trump took little action on those things that did not move America forward, and he tried and succeeded largely, to recapture some of the pride in America we had in the late 1900's. 9-11 gave us a renewed/unified purpose as Americans, and it came at a cost. Is that story done, not at all.

I don't have a strong feeling re Obama, other than he was pretty pedestrian in his presidential actions despite some friendly speeches. My lingering concern of Obama which is quite evident, as well as with this Biden Family, is how did he make so much money? The white house pays $400k/yr, plus medical (not Obama care). He now has several homes, lots of money and deals all over the place. Same thing for the Bidens, but with a seemingly larger payroll to cover. Biden stinks and is getting worse.

We did not, nor do not, see this with Trump and his family. They are business people, and despite 8 years of attacks and investigations, nothing has been uncovered that is remotely suspicious about their activities, nor was proven in all the investigations and two impeachments. Folks say Trump is guilty. Of what? Having some bad public comments? Most of the time, well deserved by the recipient of those comments.

Jan 6 was stated by some as the only reason why they would not or never vote for Trump. Again, why? Trump was there, at a rally that was organized by patriotic Americans who love and support Trump and America. Trump did not incite anyone in the eventual "riot". Listen to his full uncut speech. What we have not seen is what Pelosi and her crew did behind the scenes to encourage disruption, and stifle police, Nat'l guard activity and delay intervention. When I think of "mostly peaceful protest" I think of Jan 6. What is not acceptable is how this event, a year later, has begun the persecution of thousands of Americans and one Donald Trump. Laws that used to rule our nation, have been tossed aside. Rights have been trampled on. Lives ruined.

Who can fix these issues,? I believe is Donald Trump. Vivek is a very close second and I like RFK II as well, but a bit too liberal overall.

The next election, if it is truly fair and open/honest, will remove Joe Biden from the WH. He needs to move to assisted living and retire peacefully, or under house arrest.

all the best to this group.


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Bari probably thinks this guy is the best hope for Republicans because he's not actually a Republican or a conservative. That was confirmed when I read this: "Don’t be a jerk. Don’t be a homophobe. Don’t be a racist. Don’t be all these things we learned when we were kids. If we do that, we have a real opportunity."

That's not why Donald Trump lost in 2020 and 2022. The former was COVID, the latter was the relentless "stolen election" narrative. Not "racism" or "homophobia."

We don't need any more RINO's.

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I want a Republican who is a POC to win the Presidency or be VP.

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I think I speak on behalf of most Republicans when I say, who?

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Sigh, once again the canard that there is "way more that unites us than divides us". Oh if only it were true. I have nothing in common with people who believe men can give birth. Or who advocate for the mutilation of teenager girls through so called gender affirming care. Etc etc. Once Liberals stop voting for the Left and their horrific ideas, then maybe the canard will morph into something resembling a fact. But as of now, the chasms are far too great for it to be true .

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Tell the warmonger to get a brain. His war record and cia experience mean he is an establishment stooge. We need a killer bent on kicking to idiots out of power. Someone with fire in his belly.

Who was fired for Afghanistan. Who broke Lybia and Syria and Iraq. Who paid ransom to thee Iranian. Who lost Sudan and Eritrea and Congo. We are currently led by idiots and they have to go.

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