Ben might want to reach out to Dr. Peter McCullough in McKinney, Texas. He can help clear up his obvious confusion regarding the Covid treatment fiasco.

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Disappointed with this kind of reporting of making fun of people who are being sincere - I'm not wasting any more time reading or listening to Ben Kawaller.

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Dear FP head honchos,

I’m guessing this sort of “man on the street” format is a stab at informing while entertaining.

We the people have glutinous levels of entertainment options.

Give. Us. Information.

That was 10 minutes (ish) of my life that I can’t get back.

Please, don’t waste my time.

You are better than this.

I am better than this.

Ya’ll have started a news site that has SO much potential. Treating any portion of your readership like they’re stupid, even with the cover of tongue in cheek, is a sure fire way to be NPR by another name.

We know you’re clever.

We know you’re smart.

We know you’re sophisticated.

We know you’re well read.

So are we.

Are you fearful of being “dry”? “Going in the weeds”? Taking subjects too “seriously”?

Man oh man oh man. I could do with being seriously deep into dry weeds right now!!! (NOT weed, people. 😬)

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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After interviewing, I can say, Ben is the asshole of The Free Press.

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The Ben series are not in keeping with TFP. Every time I see his material it feels as though he is mocking the citizens he interviews. It might as well be "The View"

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Ben, Ben, Ben..... you really can do better, you know? This came across to me as somewhat arrogant and condescending. One of the most valid reasons for a lot of the medically-based comments come from the fact that different people react to different medicines differently (what a concept). Just because something might work for most people doesn't mean it works for everybody and doesn't mean it doesn't work for anyone. And vice versa.

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I am extremely frustrated that it appears that every side of grassroots politics in American life has been utterly captured by conspiratorial thinking. Yes, these people supporting RFK sound a little crazy. But so do a large percentage of Trump supporters and Biden supporters.

It's doubtful you could talk with supporters of any candidate this election cycle and be able to have a decent conversation about real world policy issues without falling down into the conspiracy abyss.

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Piece of shit hack journalism. It belongs in the same shit pile as the Daily Show.

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Where's the down vote button?

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As one of the people interviewed, I feel like a cheap dirty whore.. Bari you have to dump this guy and this stupid endeavor. It's a pretty big blow to the integrity of the Free Press.

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Hey, Ben, nice to see you again ... Remember when you pointed out the crew next to us, the Daily Show, and we commented how they're going to make a mockery out of this event?

On account of you being with TFP I stepped up to speak with you, expecting integrity! Instead, you dropped to the level of the Daily Show, but worse, without being funny or ironic. What a complete disappointment.

I'm sorry I stepped up.

@BariWeiss, Ben isn't up to FP standards, is he? Fail IMO.

... Wait... Hey, Ben, the Daily Show just called, they're looking for another hack journalist. Why don't you apply?

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I hope Matt Taibbi does some more work on the campaign trail. His work in Iowa was less disdainful and more inquisitive. Can we send Ben on another duck hunt and leave the quirk and snark to Nellie Friday morning?

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Many but not all. You believe "journalists"? The is truth in there. Maybe not all of it but given how we have been lied to and deceived by "authorities" i will meet him halfway.

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As a canadian who can’t vote for anyone in your election, I don’t agree with RFK on everything but at least he talks and debates real issues.

If he is at least willing to debate and to allow debate, then he can be convinced about issues he may be wrong on.

Seems like gold to me

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"I suspect their cynicism also stems from the politicization of scientific reporting on topics from Covid to youth gender medicine." No, sweetheart, their cynicism stems from the lack of scientific reporting on these topics, and more. Not the politicization of the reporting.

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"I was interested in why Kennedy’s followers find him trustworthy in the face of so many naysayers."

Kawaller's inability to distinguish between naysayers and paid naysayers does not bode well for future content from him.

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