Iowans’ #1 issue--the unfettered, no, enabled, invasion of illegals. Trump says when elected he will deport.

Iowans’ #2 issue---the economy. Trump says on day one he will free our energy industry

Iowans’ #3 issue--- endless, unwinnable foreign wars. Trump was and still is all about no foreign wars.

Anyone still wondering why he won?

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"Biden got the lion’s share of writers and authors, editors, therapists, business analysts, HR department staff, and bankers.) "

In other words......the useless class. Small wonder they'd support an equally useless, infantile and corrupt fool.

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I don’t know why I need to keep schooling you, Oliver Wiseman. The “free market” is not the purview of trad Repubs. Crony Capitalism is the zone where the country club, chamber of commerce - the control of the economy exerted in an un-free market by Wall Street and Washington Swamp Creatures. That’s who send jobs to China and elsewhere. Truckers, plumbers, etc. , aren’t interested in a Bernie Sanders style socialism. They want government to stop screwing them - with crushing taxes, fees, regulations.

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Actually, I have loathed Donald Trump ever since he promised with a great flourish the beautiful art deco friezes from Bonwit Teller to the Metropolitan Museum and then sent a wrecker in the night to destroy them. ("They weren't so great anyway," he later told the Met.)

Bonwit Teller made way for Trump Tower. Almost nothing Trump has done since has shown any more integrity.

But yesterday pro-Hamas demonstrators marched through Manhattan and wound up at two hospitals, Memorial Sloan-Kettering and Mount Sinai, swarming them and screaming the usual vicious slogans.

At this point, I would vote for anyone who teargases them and drags them off to jail, to stay there. The Muslim provocateurs we can deport with no hearing. Half of them probably came here by way of Mexico. The bulk of our hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants, no matter how many mothers and children are close-up photographed by The New York Times, are lone males. What can the Democrats be thinking?

We're not allowed to honk a car horn in front of a hospital and yet we tolerate many hundreds of terrorists with bullhorns. Their aim yesterday was to terrorize hospital patients. They did.

We'll be very sorry sooner than we'd like that we are allowing these riots to persist. Out of street chaos will come bombings.

The rest of the country doesn't give a darn about New York City, but what's happening here will put Trump back into the White House. And despite my dislike of the man, an unprincipled lout, I acknowledge the several good things his administration did, and I just might not be unhappy for him to beat Biden and sweep law-and-order Republicans to victory with him. And yeah, that's exactly how fascist regimes get into power.

Watch out, Democrats. Here in the city and across the country.

Here in the city: I can only wish, gerrymandered as we are in favor of democratic-socialists.

Between migrants hanging out and, evidently, selling drugs and shoplifting, to the (mostly black, alas) deranged and drug-addicted vagrants using our public spaces as their toilets, to riots by Arabs, BLM alumnae, college boys, and girls in Arafat scarves, that almost daily put a stop to any semblance of normalcy in our city, I am ready to hurtle myself out of the place where I was born to somewhere where a little police brutality is not amiss.

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It is even more complex than the simple divide between working class and college-educated class or the difference between the economics of the working class v the college educated. It is that the working class is grossly disrespected by both parties now and out to show once and for all they are not stupid, mindless deplorables lacking the intelligence of their brethren in the college-educated or any other class. F--k class. F--k those who believe they are better in any way than a whole swath of people who they wish to classify and box and control. That’s what this is about.

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The average Joe or Josephine looks at Biden and can tell he is not just old, but struggling with his age yet the Left will tell them with absolute certainty he is as sharp as ever. He or she looks at the border and says it is not secure but the Biden Administration's Mayorkis says it is protected. They look at a man who identifies as a woman shatter records in women sports and say he is a man, but Biden et al say they are wrong. An elite college president can't say unequivocally what antisemitism looks like while a Supreme Court justice cannot define 'woman'. The average person is being told what they sees with their own eyes is not reality, but rather reality is what 'we' tell you it should be. This is why people like Trump.

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A lot of rank-and-file Republicans, plus increasing numbers of Independents and Democrats, believe that the two major wars that happened on Biden’s and the Democrats’ watch—Ukraine and Gaza—would not have occurred if Trump were still in office.

Along with what looks like an impending war between China and Taiwan, a war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon, and a war between Iran and the United States. Then there’s North Korea testing hypersonic weapons, and Japan massively rearming to fend off an increasingly belligerent China along with NK.

Anyone who thinks all this is normal should go study the history of World War One, which is about to repeat itself.

Rightly or not, Trump is widely perceived as a peacemaker. One of his major foreign policy achievements was the Abraham Accords, now moribund since Biden took over. Trump’s casual threats to nuke Beijing, Pyongyang, and Moscow were taken seriously enough by the leaders of those execrable regimes that they meekly fell in line and said “How high?” when Trump told them to jump.

People aren’t stupid. It’s obvious Biden has been a near total failure, the country and the world are at a tipping point, and strong leadership is needed to turn the ship around. That’s what happened in Iowa.

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Batya Ungar-Sargon gets it and Peter Savodnik does NOT. Americans see their systems and institutions became corrupted by the elites. Donald Trump’s policies tried to correct them once - never mind “mean tweets”

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It bugs me how the media likes to divide voters by college educated and those not college educated. I think a better description would be those that have been through a formal brainwashing and those that focus on real issues that affect them every day.

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There was a part of me that wanted Vivek to perform as a dark horse last night. He worked harder than anyone else on the ticket in Iowa, but just couldn't get it done.

So.......it looks like it's time to break out the Kennedy/Gabbard yard sign. My wife and I went to see him at a rally in Raleigh last week and I have to say RFK Jr checks a lot of boxes for me. He's a unifier and smart as a whip. I don't know if he can pull off a win in November, but at this point, he's probably got my vote. My fears about what the nation will look like on November 6th if Trump wins are not pretty.

"Biden got the lion’s share of writers and authors, editors, therapists, business analysts, HR department staff, and bankers." Ungar-Sargon forgot to also include the media, most federal agencies and big tech.

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Can we stop calling certain members of the Democratic Party “elites” and started calling them “elitists.” Elitist has a far more accurate connotation as “snobby” where elite has a positive connotation as in “an elite athlete.” I’d like to get all journalists to start using the term “elitist” for these incredibly self-centered pompous jerks. Editors, can I get some help here?

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Jan 16·edited Jan 16

It goes deeper. I'm renovating my house and to a one, the contractors, plumbers, electricians, tile guys, are worried about losing this country --they don't recognize it. They're patriotic. Two went to college, then decided to work with their hands. Not one is a Democrat, and that includes the roofer from Brazil, who thinks this country is "magic." He came here with nothing and built his own company. The two daughters he's proudly sending to college will likely emerge condemning the U.S. as an oppressor.

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Trump won based upon MHO, that people want to give the finger to DC so bad and also the leaders of both parties. People are so feed up, pissed off, sick of big brother government telling them what to do, how to do it, and why they are so bad, that they will happily go for the anti-government person and no one says that better than Trump. The government probably let cheating happen big time last election, they see a senile useless bag of waste as the so called leader, policies that have come close to destroying America and absolute idiots pushing policies that make no sense. Men can have babies, men suck at sports, so say you are a women and be a champion, mutilate kids. You, yes you, are directly responsible for all past sins, lock the country down because of a virus Faucy helped fund but lied about along with the entire government. The list is just endless. No wars while Trump was in. Now the world in a tinder box based on slow Joe and his band of idiots. Geez, wonder why Trump has appeal to people. His time seems like the good old day, but was only three years ago.

CanaDa, where we will help make you a druggie and then help kill you. We provide the full service miserable life service. Trudeau a special place in hell for him. Probably right next to LBJ.

Meanwhile, in Hollywood - Still don't give a Royal Flying F.

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Trump is the only candidate whose voters are enthusiastic. His double middle finger message is a response to the havoc wrought by Barrack Obama his bumbling proxy Joe Biden. I can recite many reasons not to vote for Trump. At the moment that he is not them is a good reason to vote for him.

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Will somebody (credibly) tell me what's the deal with Vivek? I keep hearing that he's a snake, that he's in the bag for fill-in-the-blank, that he's working some kind of bizarre angle against Trump. Even The Orange Man has denounced him. Yet every time I hear him speak I am more impressed; last night he dropped out and endorsed Trump - an amazing turn of events, since Trump has given him the Kiss of Death.

Is he that canny, that conniving, that smart, or is he what he seems to be? Is he in reality another DJT, who is willing to keep taking it on the chin - even to lose it all - because he loves his Nation? What am I missing?

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You’re going to be in for a pretty big surprise if you think the divide is college educated “elite” voters and not the fact that Haley blasted those districts in ad campaigns and appearances by a 10-1 margin. It’s a self-affirming strategy that is only used by hacks to try and put a thumb on the scale and sway media opinion in a way to match what their super pacs want conveyed. As evidenced by your article, it worked. I would be fairly disappointed if I were Haley’s super pac, spent more than twice as much as Trump in campaigning and came in third.

Source: Me. A college educated elite who wouldn’t vote for Nikki Haley if you put a gun to my head. Nor would any of my friends. Nor a single conservative I know, incidentally.

We see what has happened and continues to happen to Trump by way of a weaponized DoJ. We will not stand idly by and watch the perversion of our Constitution by those in power. We will not allow the media to continue to be propagandized and used as an arm of the government to control the People. We will not allow the Americans living in our great nation to become second class citizens beholden to a zealous pseudo-religious cult and armies of illegal aliens. And we will not bend the knee to the globalist death cult who prays for our end.

What happened in Iowa was not a warning shot across the bow. It was a direct hit.

Clean up your analysis and your bias when reporting. Stop categorizing people like cattle. Pompously talking down upon the base like they’re sub-human. I’ll take them any day of the week as friends and allies over some self-serving establishment stooge. The only people who look uneducated are people like you.

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