There are recruitment crises in just about every western country, there are multiple reasons for this but basically people aren’t dumb & in this case why in the fuck would anyone join the military when your own government funds the fucking enemy.

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In the same way that we should have funded the White Russians in their fight against the Communist lunatics, we never should have abandoned the Shah in his fight against the apocalyptic Millenarians and radical misogynists and homophobes that currently control Iran.

The thing about principle is that it clarifies things. It is possible both to say that the Shah was bad, AND that the mullahs who are raping and torturing and sometimes killing women who refuse to wear uniforms of submission are vastly, vastly worse; AND that a nuclear armed Iran would almost certainly result in short order in the first nuclear attacks since the only nuclear attacks in history, those used against Japan.

Emotions are important. Life without emotion is not life. But politics, particularly global politics, requires INTELLECT and the use of reason. By all means use your emotional world to guide your principles, but having chosen principles--freedom, human rights, and peace are good ones--apply them consistently.

What one sees with the Left is a bunch of children chasing colored banners being marched here and there, up and down, through tunnels and down ravines, by people whose motives we really don't understand, and to outcomes around the world that are immiserating, horrific, and COMPLETELY INVISIBLE to most of them.

It's an astonishing sight. To me it looks like hundreds of tornadoes have passed unseen and unhindered through our cultural landscape, destroying everything that didn't fight back explicitly, all in the service of the ugly and evil.

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Top story today in the NY Times is the hunger in Gaza. Why doesn't Hamas solve their hunger issue instead of usi g the funds to bomb Israel?

I'm supposed to sympathize with these people. Sorry. Until Hamas is wiped out they won't get any sympathy from me.

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“Hillel and his colleagues have previously documented at least 150 cases of UNRWA teachers and employees inciting terrorism”


It’s time we all admit that Donald Trump probably did in fact see Muslims celebrating on rooftops on 9/11.

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“The UN’s Terrorism Teachers”


It’s a running gun battle right now between white Democrat women in their thirties and Muslims to see who can be the shittiest teachers.

Who will go to hell first? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Shame we don't have a president who wants to clean house at the UN, completely pull out of the WHO, and totally reform NATO.......oh wait......

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Thanks to the Free Press for focusing its readers of all political POV of the utter insanity of US policies in funding both sides of a conflict and putting its citizens at risk at home and abroad. I do not understand how anyone thinks Biden is “doing a great job” in supporting Israel or the US.

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It just seems there's no spine or brain behind the throwing away of our tax dollars, abroad and here. And in both places, we're funding the forces of our demise. It shouldn't have taken this long to address UN workers as part of Hamas. The UN is one of Gaza's largest employers. The U.S. needs a major reset. The two party system has failed and is presiding over mounting chaos. It used to work-- the pendulum would swing back-and-forth, one party correcting the excesses of the other. But the Democrats imported votes and demographics. Given their micro- management and engineering in purple state districts,it's going to take a Herculean effort to wrest power away from them at this point.

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Any decent President would safely evacuate the UN building and then dynamite that shit.

Now that they are also involved in flooding our country with gangbangers who don’t speak English, we should probably treat UN employees, and anyone who likes the UN, as enemy combatants.

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It's official by the way. Everything Trump said was true

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Well well well.

You mean the UN that Trump criticized?

When will you Democrats wake the fuck up. When will out your bleeding heart emotions aside and use your brains.

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I read this morning—a great point from an article that Israel declared war against Gaza. Hamas is the legitimate ruling party of Gaza. What I have yet to see is a group of people in Gaza forming a new government, suing for peace, and turning over the Hamas fighters to Israel.

The end of this is simple, but we get wrapped up worrying about what the global progressive elite think. I, for one, don't care at all what the International Criminal Court says. I don't care what the UN thinks. I especially don't care what the college professors and the little sheep they educate on campus. ( John Fetterman waving the Israeli flag over the weekend was awesome).

Total victory is all I worry about. And after the war, I would love to see how Hamas got its funding to build the tunnel infrastructure. If it's the UN, any US dollar going forward should end until reforms are made, implemented, and verified.

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"UNRWA is a 75 year old United Nations program that is unique. No other group of refugees has a UN organization specifically dedicated to them, and there have been countless migrations away from wars and disasters in those 75 years.

Want a list? Here's a selection of the big hitters since the formation of UNRWA in 1949:











No dedicated UN organizations for any of these people, and the reasons are obvious. First, the United Nations cares not a whit for refugees except as they can be used to generate funding from the member countries. Second, most of these people were absorbed into neighboring countries or simply returned home, so the various crises were temporary. And third and most troubling, there was no unified bloc of UN member countries dedicated to the destruction of any of these sources of refugees, except for Israel.

The Arab world was ferociously against the reestablishment of the state of Israel, and immediately started a war whose intent was its destruction. They lost, and the Arabs who had been living in the area and left, many at the direction of those Arab countries, had nowhere to go.

Why is that? Because the Arab countries surrounding the new state of Israel did not want them! So they dumped them in refugee camps and begged the world and the UN for help. Which they got. But those camps rapidly morphed into cities, with markets and malls and hospitals and all of the accoutrements of modern life, with the bonus of funding from the rest of the world.

That funding -- for schools and food and infrastructure -- was funneled through the UNRWA, which now employs almost 30,000 people, most of whom are themselves the descendants of those original refugees! How the great-grandchild of someone who left Israel in 1948 is considered a refugee is a question for the ages!

Refugee: noun: a person who flees for refuge or safety, especially to a foreign country, as in time of political upheaval, war, etc.

Seems reasonable, but with the growth of those refugee camps came the opportunity for tremendous graft, and a political cudgel with which to beat Israel. So there was no impetus for resettlement of the original refugees, and in fact the opposite occurred. The "Palestinians," complete with a Soviet-inspired terrorist organization known as the "Palestine Liberation Organization" became the darlings of the unaligned world, and their plight was front-and-center at the UN. Israel became both a proxy for the developed Western nations, and a convenient focus of anti-Semitism.

The oceans of money (from the UN, the EU, and oil-rich Arab countries) pouring into these "refugee" camps was increasingly used not for the maintenance and improvement of the residents, but for the creation of a vast structure of indoctrination via education. And the primary subject was the demonization of Israel with the ultimate goal of its destruction. With so much graft opportunity, is it any wonder that much of that funding was also redirected to the various terrorist organizations that sprang up? The PLO was the progenitor of them all, stealing most of the money for its leaders pleasure. Yasser Arafat (The first head of the PLO) amassed a fortune that Israel estimated at $1.3 billion!

And the current leadership is no different. In Gaza, the Hamas leadership is fabulously wealthy, using their terrorist organization for personal gain and much of it for personal safety (some live abroad). But a lot of the money is redirected for the purchase of weapons, the construction of a quasi-military infrastructure, and the funding of a large fighting force.

And who administers those funds as they flow into Gaza? Who is employed as teachers and administrators and nurses and doctors? The descendants of the original refugees who have been indoctrinated into the cult of death whose focus is the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel. And they turn around and teach that to their children! Many of the schools in Gaza are run directly by Hamas and funded by UNRWA.

Is it reasonable to assume that UNRWA knows what is being taught in its own schools and those they fund? Is it reasonable to assume knowledge that the funds supposedly allocated for civilian construction are being redirected for the construction of a vast complex of tunnels and terror facilities? Is it reasonable to assume that huge amounts of money are used for purchase of weapons rather than food?

How can UNRWA claim ignorance when the evidence is literally all around them? Hundreds of miles of tunnels cannot be built in secret! How can UNRWA claim ignorance when there is direct evidence that their employees participated in the pogrom of October 7th? How can UNRWA claim ignorance when even the EU has criticized them for their use of educational materials in their schools that call for the destruction of Israel; when the curricula of their schools is explicitly dedicated to Jew-hate?

That the people of Gaza (and the West Bank) are rabid Jew-hating death-cultists is bad enough. But the fact that the United Nations, through its Arab-controlled UNRWA actively funds the systems that perpetuate it is even worse. Because as the world has seen since the creation of the PLO in 1964, the aim is simple...kill Jews and destroy Israel."

- CBD, Ace of Spades

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President Biden declared: “We shall respond.” Please stop pretending that Biden is anything but a imbecilic clown whose policies are nothing short of outright treason. You write correctly that “We are funding our enemy and sending our service members to be their victims.” Now square that with Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort." Are we living in an Alice in Wonderland world now? Biden needs to be tried, along with his entire cabal of traitors. This is insane.

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For comic relief how about a rebuttal from someone at MSNBC or the NYT. The UN is the tip of A spear ( there are many others on the global scene) whose mission is to create a global utopia where national sovereignty is no more. Israel is not the primary target . America is, but Israel is the easier target and has been for 60+ years. Open American borders are consistent with this objective. And global citizens are being trained every day on American schools as we have witnessed the past 4 months although it began long before that

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Funding both sides of a conflict is a sure way of engineering a "forever" war.

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