The massacre in Israel has affected me like no other event in my lifetime. There is no clearer evidence that there is true evil in this world. The brutality is overwhelming. While the target of this particular evil are the Jewish people, all people are vulnerable and must not be naive about the intentions of these terrorists.

Thank you Bari and TFP for your continued coverage.

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Disappointed paid subscriber raging at your one sided view on the genocide in Palestine (Not "War in Israel").

To be clear let's state fact:

- The land called "Israel" was stolen from Arabs to make a so called "Jewish State"

- Israel calls killing Palestinians "mowing the lawn"

- Isreal persecutes Palestinians with impunity and USA protection

- Israel has made Gaza a concentration camp for Arabs

- Violence begets violence

- You said (specifics of basic concept):

1. ". . .single biggest massacre of the Jewish people since the Holocaust."

2. ". . . societies in which the Jewish people are persecuted are societies in which no one is safe."

- No discussion of the facts stated above as a reason for the never ending conflict due to land misappropriation.

Now I expect someone will pull out a victim card and call me an Anti-semite some how.

I'm anti-anti = unity. Live and let live.

Being Zoology schooled I'm keen on human behaviour.

If you've ever been robbed or had your house burgled you know the feeling Arabs feel about Israel.

The #MeToo movement expressed the outrage of having ones body misappropriated

Violation brings retaliation

Bari, by being one nsided and supporting #GenocideJoe you are simply expressing the killer Y chromosome behavior that has haunted our species for millennia.

For millennia the males of one tribe would kill all the males of an other tribe and rape their women.

This kept the X chromosome very diverse but narrowed the Y.

The Y chromosome, for millennia, bred itself to be the smartest, trickiest killers.

Sure explains our present moment

We will be at war until our leaders pass an A.I. based psychological test to weed out Killer Y psychopathy.

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Your reporting is sobering and educational and concise. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

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The story line convincingly addresses the line between good and evil. It also reveals those who instinctively are able to choose and those who cannot.

There is a remarkable overlap between those who cannot and those who who have been stumping for censorship and social control: The Oberlin College 30-million-dollar liability loss; the mob-like assembly that saw House Masters at Yale hounded from their position over seasonal Halloween costumes; the Canadian psychologist being barred from teaching and threatened with the revocation of his license to practice.

The people that are now eschewing support of Hamas are the very people who have insinuated themselves in the cores of our educational and legal systems, content with the brushing aside of explicit constitutional rights in exchange for control over content and interpretation through extra-legal views of laws and regulations. (The content of the can of beans one put in his soup is controlled by the Food and Drug Administration.)

We talk regularly about these people, but they choose not to hear us.

I sense my modest contribution to The Free Press and the objective of Mzes Wiess Mr. Kern, Mr. Hughes and the others writing for this journal will help us all, irrespective of of political viewpoint, will receive well-written, well reasoned, and timely news. The Free Press seems to be punching well above its weight class. You'll have my continued, and grateful thanks.

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Bari, you are a beacon of light in this darkness that is called media coverage. As the MSM acts as a propaganda tool of Hamas, their reporting of the phantom hospital bombing as one example, TheFP is informing people of the truth on the ground. We have lost our way in America since 911, when we seemed to grasp that in the US we were in a fight with enemies to defend our way of life. We have taken our eye off the ball, and now we have enemies inside our borders in large numbers. Time for us to all wake up and you are sounding the alarm with your awesome coverage.

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I understand your viewpoint, and agree that what the Hamas terrorists did was unspeakably barbaric. I would just like to share my thoughts on this and other conflicts. What I see is that it is not just Jews, it is innocent ordinary people in many countries who are suffering. In Ukraine innocent civilians are being bombarded in their homes, in Russia innocent people are being conscripted to die in a war they did not choose. In Sudan and Yemen it is the same story. I am not convinced that those who shoot missiles and send drones to bombard innocent civilians are any less guilty than the terrorists who do their evil more visibly. For me, the real problem is seeing people as members of groups and not as individuals like ourselves. We try to simplify, to place blame, when we should be looking at defusing conflict, as each war, each act of terrorism, provides fuel for future violence in revenge. Governments and other organizations which promote violence by proxy for whatever reason should be called out, they are simply creating the conditions for future suffering for their own people.

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This was devastating. Keep it up Bari and crew.

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Good news everyone! The U.S. vetoed the U.N. Security Council resolution that would have called for "humanitarian pauses" to deliver aid to Gaza civilians.

Now....back to our regularly scheduled programing of obsessing over some rallies at some college somewhere.

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I think I speak for all of us that hopefully the Gaza bombing will put enough pressure on civilians in order to get them to turn against Hamas.

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Thank you FP.

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Bari and The Free Press have helped me better understand a number of issues we face from race to gender to antisemitism. This atrocity is immoral and no doubt has an obligation to respond. The tragedy of Palestine will remain afterword.

Maybe Bari you could interview Peter Beinart to discuss what remains after.

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There are reports of people holding up pictures of murdered Jewish babies and chanting "off with their heads" at the most recent pro-Hamas rally in downtown Toronto.

The veneer of civilization has been stripped away, revealing the barbarity underneath.

All decent and honourable people must publicly oppose this hatred. Don't forget, Jews are just the canary in the coalmine. This truly is the most significant worldwide clash of good vs evil we have experienced since WW2. And no, this is not hyperbole.

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If you saw me today walking my dogs and sobbing, just know I was listening to this podcast. The stories must be told and recorded.

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Bari, I am crying with you and your people. The stories shared on this podcast bring the reality of this war to light.

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Great episode Bari. I'm a Christian and had the opportunity to visit the Holy Land this past March. To see the areas where I've only read about in scriptures was awe-inspiring. I've never felt God's presence in an area so strongly as I witnessed in Israel. To hear people openly call for the destruction of God's holy tribe breaks my heart. Please know that there are millions and millions of people who feel that Hamas should be wiped out and stand with the Jewish people of the world. This is truly good vs. evil no matter what any of these "intellectual" lightweights have to say about it.

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Please keep up the great reporting during these alarming times.

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