I’m sitting on a commuter train reading your beautiful words. I realised tears are streaming down my cheeks and people are staring (I’m in London. Brits hate public displays of emotion). I’m glad - for all our sakes - that you were forced out of the NYT. I’m in. I will be a founder. You are one of the founding mothers of this time, this movement, this counter revolution. I hope we look back and celebrate with gratitude what you have done.

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I loved reading this. I commented on the previous article from the UCLA professor that while I feel strongly that the revolution taking place in America is a huge threat, I do not speak about it publicly, but today I'm going to share this article on my FB page. I know this act is nothing, no brave stance, that FB is a wasteland. But I want people to know this is what I believe. I'm not going to share this thinking it will have any affect on the hive mind, or that posting anything on FB can change anyone's mind about anything. I'm posting it because I think it is right and good and I'm proud to believe in it. Thank you, Mrs. Weiss.

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Thank you perhaps some quotes from the great Hebrew scholar Hillel are appropiate;

“Who does not grow, declines.”

“Do not say, 'When I have leisure, I will study,' because you may never have leisure.”

“In a place where there are no humans, one must strive to be human.”

“If I am not for others, what am I? And if not now, when?”

-- Hillel the Elder

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This is truly an awe inspiring read folks. It provides both ample evidence as to what has gone wrong of late as well as solutions befitting the problems. I’m truly thankful to have discovered Bari and this place she has built out of necessity. This ladies and gentlemen is what America is truly about.

Does it at least dawn on these people that that this current mindset is far more fascist than anything that is found on the right among any elected officials in the country? That the so called liberals of today who push this destructive nonsense rose to prominence because of the fundamental commitment to free speech is truly paradoxical. Wokeism is most definitely a religion unto itself and it’s dogmas bear closer resemblance to those engaged in rooting out heretics in the Spanish Inquisition than to ideas of true liberalism. It’s rather telling where we are at when you have so many people on the right and left who are coalescing together to fight like hell against Wokeism.

A famous quote comes to mind for how I see what’s happening to our beautiful country. “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.” This came from the German pastor Niemoller who initially embraced National Socialism as the Nazis rose to power but became a public critic and was sent to a concentration camp for the last seven years of the Third Reich. Bari, Nellie and other brave souls have embraced the role of Niemoller despite the consequences they face due to their willingness to be branded modern day heretics. We should both be thankful for their bravery and to push our ourselves to likewise be willing to fight for the soul of our nation.

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As an independent school teacher I cannot thank you enough, Bari, for giving voice to what what many of us see as everyday rough seas we try to navigate with students and colleagues. Those waters can intimidating, even frightening, but the compass you provide seems essential for safe passage. I am sharing this widely with friends, colleagues, faculty, administrators, parents, and yes ... even students -- as an important step in the right direction. Again, thank you!

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Another master piece by the top journalist out there. What an incredible speech. Thank you Bari for your courage and ability to inspire. We won't remain quiet.

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“The coalition of the sane” indeed.

I have to concede that in these times it is difficult to no turn to nihilism and just say “fuck it all” and just hideaway, but you’re right Bari...our society is worth fighting for. If not for ourselves, for our children because our principles (whether or not we live up to them) is as good as it is going to get. Live not by lies.

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Thank You M. Bari. Wonderful! I'm so awed I'm almost struck speechless. (I did say "almost.")

As to what Kendi said, he also said no culture was superior or inferior. They're all equal.

He was and is a buffoon, IMO. Mebbe it's *impolite* to say one is better and another's worse. But one can most *certainly* say that this here culture is more *lethal* than, say, this other culture. Not all cultures are equally lethal, right?

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Jul 10, 2022·edited Jul 10, 2022

This is my opinion only, but as an old guy who lived through it,, you never really heard the opinions of 20-30 somethings back when I was a 20-30 something in the '70-80s. We didn't have a voice.

That was a good thing, because, while we may have been very smart, we were not wise (far more important than smart), and had not had many life experiences. So, while we may have embraced many adolescent positions, we weren't influential.

Today, social media has empowered that generation and given a very large voice to unwise thinking. It's allowed someone like AOC to be taken seriously. Our media is largely controlled by unwise people who are more interested in being Op/Ed instead of journalists.

Solution? I have no f'n clue, as I think many of us are too lazy to seek truth, versus what the tabloid media serves us.

Perhaps, a bill that would develop an algorithm that would define journalism (maybe disallowing any subjective terms in an article), versus 'opinion' might work.

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You are taking your place next to Milton, Lincoln, and Churchill, to name a few. You are giving many of us the greatest gift, Bari Weiss: sanity.

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For me this is simple. I want to be able to think. I want to be able to debate ideas. I want to read for myself. I want to be a bridge from those in the past who spoke forbidden thoughts and wrote our Constitution to future generations flourishing under that Constitution. In the brief history of our country the forces of chaos have never stopped trying to shred the forbidden thoughts of our Founders. A civil war was fought because of the one bit of chaos injected into the Constitution. It was, thankfully, doomed to fall, yet the chaos lived on in pockets disrupting and killing, infuriated since the passage of the Civil Rights Act and it has regrouped with a vengeance, taking a new form on the left. The eyes of chaos are blood red with rage at the thought of humanity flourishing, no man subject to another man's whims, no man afraid to think for himself, the parent/child bond sacrosanct, self-determination a birthright of humanity. This is a hill to die on.

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Jul 10, 2022·edited Jul 10, 2022

Great read so far. About 60% of the way through but one thing really needs to happen and that is the LGB need to stop pulling the TQIA+ Up the hill. The two groups have absolutely nothing in common.

The defining aspect of Q is outright perversion: public maturation. Pedophilia. The right to wear your gimp suit to work. The Q is outright deranged and they need the hard fought respect the LGB fought decades to achieve to ever hope to gain "acceptance". The issue is, even murders know a 41 year old man diddling a 12 year old girl is simply wrong.

The T & A (and the N) are simply offshoots of the Q which are kinda palatable and allow the Q to hide.

Of course the I is the yoke which forces the LGB to carry the load.

So this isa call to people like Bari. You have to STOP saying you support Queer ideology ands its siblings of Trans/Asexual/Non-Binary because the Inter-sectionalists have guilted you into it. You notice the media did not dub the Florida's Parental Rights bill the "Don't Queer my kid law?" or "Don't say Queer"... They called it the don't say Gay Bill. They again hid their true agenda behind the LGB.

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Bari this is MASSIVELY important. Thank you and your colleagues for being a part of this. Hopefully it spreads. Online courses, and satellite schools.

The demand exists for a new kind of education. One unplugged from the machine. Most importantly one that still seeks truth and intellectual bravery, and doesn’t cave to cultural peer pressure with weak intellectual cowardice. Nullius in verba and all that.

Of course the best way to take over an old system is to create a new and better one. Do you think there is room in the tech circicuulm there for a new kind of participation in government? One that forces transparency back on the systems that govern over us and holds those who corrupt it actually accountable?

One like this?


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I just wanted to alert those readers, and you about an incident I recently experienced. I am an older woman in my early 60s. I stopped reading NYTimes, WAPO, CNN I just skim. I don’t believe them anymore and their agenda seems to be to stir up trouble and to be screaming constantly at me. Last week I got 3 messages from google via gmail asking if the emails from Substack were Spam and did I want to block them for “disinformation.” In each case I just shut the window down. A 60+ woman who knits, reads alternative views, wants to understand not only herself but the world around her, and is no threat to the PTB. I still subscribe to many Substack authors and intend to do so for a long time. I don’t always understand things, like Matt Tabbai’s articles on currency, the Fed, banking, or Russia but I persevere. We are being watched, monitored, and it really is at an unimagined level.

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Jul 10, 2022·edited Jul 10, 2022

This qualifies as a New Declaration of Independence, calling out the mobocracy for their “long train of abuses”. You are reminding us of our “right”, our “duty to throw off such Government”.

Indeed, “The history of the present [woke culture] is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these States. To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.”

We all need to send this to every outlet of the mobocracy, stuffing their email boxes to overflowing, gumming up the works of the Unenlightenment, planting our flag for all to see, saying:

“Here I stand, I can do no other,”

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I've never done this before but I was so stirred by this speech that I just posted this to my LinkedIn account...

"I am a registered political Independent and a political "Centrist." I don't normally join in the fray that seems to be tearing our country apart. But today I read an OUTSTANDING speech by Bari Weiss, founder of the Common Sense Substack community of which I am proudly a part, which perfectly captures my sentiments, values and civic convictions that I now publicly affirm. I have no use for Republicans or Democrats, their parties, or for the Mainstream Media (be it FOX News, CNN, etc.). "Here I stand. I can do no other..."

https://www.commonsense.news/p/the-new-founders-america-needs?amp%3Butm_campaign=cta&utm_source=substack "

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