The reason “no one saw it coming” is because the media was invested in the narrative of disaster to sell their products. None of them report real news anymore; they report “well, this might happen” and call it news. The media is losing credibility, which leads to things like denial of election results and consumer fatigue with their products.

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We can all sit around and contemplate how Trump is to blame for all the R losses. I think another question ought to be, Why did Ds elect someone like Fetterman? This takes a kind of willful blindness that is beyond comprehension. Especially when we all see Biden’s mental failings. The only explanation I can imagine is that Ds know that Biden and Fetterman and just mannequins and people behind the curtain are really running the show. I am not proud of my party this morning, but at least the Rs didn’t run a vegetable. That Ds elected him deserves explanation. Here’s an idea--Biden--Fetterman 2024. Hey, why not?

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Transcripts or I unsubscribe

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Not everyone has time to sit and listen. Reading allows you to be better informed.

Common Man, give us reading material or I send Corn Pop.

This site needs to move back towards how it started and was functioning. I'm noticing more of the NYT type of writing and articles creeping in lately.

Results of elections only prove what so many know. Dems will cheat, meddle and influence races and say, so what? Besides with so much of America a one issue voter and so many just so absolutely clueless and heads buried in the phone, I wasn't surprised. See America allows you to be as stupid and self destructive as you want. That's proven again and again in elections. You want a shit show, well here you go.

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I would love it if you provided a transcript. Thanks so much!

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Bari, to echo.....

It's a Thursday morning. People are getting ready for their busy respective days. We can speed read and peruse a transcript. But listening to navel gazing by a gaggle of self-absorbed chatterers (not you, Mary Katherine, we still love you) is not something people have the time to do. The dearth of comments alone (omitting those asking for a transcript) should convince you finally.

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A transcript would be preferable.

And just FYI - even if someone uses profanity in a tweet - you don't need to repeat it on a Podcast.

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I think the age of pollsters and prognosticators is over. Why should we listen to the round table participants, weren’t they same predicting a red wave? It seems like the world has changed and because of all the channels of misinformation, human behavior post pandemic has become harder to predict. Real change happens when people are mobilized at the local level, DC appears unfixable.

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Transcription please?

The real losers of this election cycle were the pollsters and analysts. They got it so wrong.

The other losers were the American people, whose electoral will was distorted by unsolicited balloting and dropbox voting. Proactive citizen involvement in the electoral process was swamped by millions of passive, no-chain-of-custody clicks. Likely the swell of dissatisfaction would have otherwise manifested more sharply in a traditional voting pattern of active participation on Election Day.

Now the people get to enjoy continuing chaos, rising inflation, looming recession, and a building confrontation with a sullen nuclear power. China is emboldened to rain hell on a peaceful democracy in Taiwan for no reason other than to finish a civil war from 1945. Millions will likely die.

It's been often said, we'll have to hit rock bottom before real change can occur. In this case, rock bottom means the dissolution of our country, and I hope to God it doesn't come to that, but I see no other likelihood.

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Sorry. No time to listen. Moving on to other Websites for the morning's commentary.

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The overturning of Roe v Wade screwed the Republicans. Most Americans are ok with early term abortions. Being staunchly pro-life is a gift to the Democrats They'll keep power and get their pro-choice agenda, anyway.

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It was a win for the red team.

Nancy no longer has the gavel.

Joe Biden can no longer pass legislation.

That’s a lot to be happy about.

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What upset me most about the Dems gloating over their wins is that hatred & division worked for them. Just like it worked for Trump in 2016.

This "win" will make politics even uglier and more cruel.

I did not vote in this midterm - the first election in my adult life that I refused to participate in.

Politics has become poisonous, and I refuse to participate in something that is destroying the mental healht and basic decency of our nation.

The Dems & their media will not change, but perhaps the GOP will.

I'm staying tuned.

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Full disclosure I am commenting before listening. I look forward to hearing the round table analysis later while working on my home projects. That’s my fancy way of saying chores. Ha!

As a PA resident this one is hitting me hard. The disappointment I feel is unlike any I have ever experienced in my 30 yrs as a registered voter.

I heard someone say yesterday they believe there may have been a silent vote from women because of Roe V Wade. This sounds plausible.

Silent because many did not want to admit voting for Fetterman for obvious reasons. But the answer Oz gave on abortion during the debate really damaged his chances.

The early mail in and avoidance of debate until the last minute smart and effective move.

I see and hear all the joking about Fetterman’s post stroke gaffes. To me even pre stroke the man was not and is not qualified and was never a truly good candidate.

He was a failed gentrifier/hipster in Braddock -and he and his wife are opportunists who want to be influencers and hang with cool rich people -just like AOC.

A rally with Dave Matthews band, an endorsement from Oprah, posing with actress Kerry Washington?

Pffft. He’s for the people of PA?

They do not think Oz is a horrible person -they want to be as successful as he was as a personality who made money being influential on his show. Another who was pushed by Oprah.

You no longer need a TV show. You just need good social media skills and a following. That is what people look up to and admire now.

It was difficult for me take either candidate seriously.

I will never again vote in PA as long as they keep offering clown show candidates, no early debates and the voting process needs to be tightened up and improved.

I hate our current culture and hate our current politics. It all sickens me.

Waste of my time.

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Nov 10, 2022·edited Nov 10, 2022

This election convinced me even more that we need voting reforms ala what DeSantis has done in Florida. It's not right that people can vote up to 50 days before the election, when a party running a stroke victim who can't even form whole sentences can hide their candidate's debilitation until 2 weeks prior to the election, after so many ballots have already been cast. Additionally, the mail in ballots and ballot harvesting is a problem. Voting in person, on election day is the way back to election integrity.

I live in PA and you cannot convince me that Fetterman won fairly, with those advantages. I'm not saying it was "rigged", or that Oz was a good candidate, but that it gave an unfair advantage to him, which was difficult to overcome.

Edited to add: also, the Dems had a guy passing out a Dem candidate voting guide right in front of my polling place....if that isn't illegal, it's definitely reprehensible.

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