An enforced orthodoxy. Supported by a morality police and a politicized security apparatus. Where people are afraid to speak their mind. And stand up for their rights. Where a media is controlled by and a flack for government. And remains silent in the face of political arrests and persecution.


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I would LOVE to READ the transcript. Is there a reason we aren't allowed to do so?

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Her bravery is breathtaking.

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Has she met with Cortez, Boonie Sandas, Omar, Tlaib, Sarsour and the other fake progressive American Muslims nervous about losing their Mullah muscle leadership in Iran?

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I apologize to for making a critical and snarky comment on a prior article sharing a morning news show clip of Masih Alinejad. I had never heard of her and spouted off in ignorance.

Things have become so confusing I feel I can’t tell up from down anymore.

Prominent women of the Democrat party screamed bloody murder over someone like justice Brett Kavanaugh. Women like AOC and the squad, Linda Sarsour are promoted as media darlings.

I did a google search and learned Ms. Alinejad had her instagram account shut down this past summer.

My poorly written and uninformed comment was really a criticism of media and the performative outrage of the left in our culture. Claiming to care about women’s rights, human rights, etc. yet always tossing any woman, any minority under the bus who doesn’t fall directly in line with the regime, or says anything to harm their messaging and agenda. Women like J.K. Rowling and also Bari Weiss.

Christine Blasey-Ford was touted as a national hero who bravely came forward for women’s rights. Everyone saw and heard the outrage from Sarsour and the squad. Social media has never sensored them for lies or even outright antisemitism. As far as I know.

But this woman? I’m just starting to learn about her. Yes there are some articles and network appearances to be found and now this podcast which I intend to listen to.

Apparently sensorship of her content on instagram was an “oops” according to FB executives. It’s just odd how these errors only seem to go one on one direction.

Again, I was wrong and irresponsible to criticize her without being fully informed.

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Maybe all of the brave women screeching in America should be required to listen to what a true freedom fighter sounds like. Listen to the real struggles that women have in this world and realize that just maybe you could do something really useful by supporting bravery from people like Masih. Then think if you would trade places with any women in Iran or do you really have it pretty good?

Or maybe tell your hero Brandon and the Mistress they should actively support true freedom and tell the Dictator in Iran to shove his agreement and actively support freedom for women who actually don't have any rights. But that might take away your capacino time.

Masih and all like her deserve our countries support and protection in their fight for true freedom for women.

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Perhaps western feminists, after they've solved the pressing pronoun issue, can begin to vocalize their full-throated support of Iran's brutal crackdown on the protests. Yup. That'll happen right after the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. Maybe POTUS Biden can fist bump the mullahs into the 21st century, hell the 18th century.

They should be throwing Nobel Peace prizes at Masih Alinejad left and right.

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To reiterate an excellent point by an earlier commentator, it is beyond me why leftists are infatuated with the Islamic fundamentalists. Why leftists in the U.S. never shut up about diversity, inclusion, gender rights, etc. Continue to fawn over Islamic fundamentalists is bizarre to me. Maybe one of them can explain it to me without calling me a racist colonial?

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It's inspiring and heartening to see young people rising up against this odious theocracy. Unfortunately, it will fizzle, just as the previous rebellions did.

There are about 2 million Revolutionary Guards and Iranian Hezbollah forces who are fanatically dedicated to supporting the regime, they are well armed, and the regime has had 40 years to build an internal security network, secret prisons with torture chambers, etc. They will not be budged that easily, certainly not by a few thousand or even a few hundred thousand young urban rebels. The regime will just say "Pfft" and put them down.

Obama offered the regime a glimmer of hope, by offering them money in exchange for "stopping" their nuclear program, but of course they simply moved it under a mountain where it could not be detected. Thanks to Obama, the regime is stronger today than ever; they have no reason to change.

Trump saw that only when the country has hit rock bottom will anything change. He cut off the lifeline and actually tried to treat Iran like the pariah state that it is. He also demonstrated the willingness to drone attack the Iranian terror leadership. Their economy tanked, and there was a sense of desperation in the air.

Trump also reaffirmed the U.S.-Israel alliance and actually treated Israel like an ally; his son-in-law led an initiative to work out a truce/mutual recognition treaty between Israel and 5 Arab/Muslim states, bypassing the intractable Palestinian issue. Saudi Arabia was not a part of the agreement but it was widely suspected they were about to join. Iran was faced with a united front including Israel's military might.

Then, unbelievably, Trump was toppled and replaced with a pro-Iranian regime led by Biden and a whole crew of Obama alumni. Biden offered Iran an olive branch once again, making mockery of the past 4 years of tough diplomacy and progress toward destabilizing the mullah regime.

Biden, like Obama, ignores democracy uprisings as an embarrassment. He'd much rather the Iranians be suppressed into silence, so that he can achieve a "nuclear deal" and look good in the upcoming elections.

The American people who voted for this odious man have a lot to answer for.

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“I am not fearful of dying, because I know what I am living for.”

We need a whole lot more of this. We've been conditioned to think in terms of phases: this too shall pass. But the turmoil, hate, greed, oppression, confusion, and destruction consuming us will not pass during our lifetime or the next or the next. Eventually, maybe in many hundreds of years, it will probably fade but not before it takes down all the beauty and wisdom we have built in the last five hundred years.

This will not pass. But WE can make it stop. Future generations will judge us. Can we live with the history that will be written? I know I can live with the history that would be written about me. But my story is meaningless. OUR story means everything. WE need to fire the ghost writers and write it ourselves.

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If only there were some computer that could generate a transcript.

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Hmmmm. ..........Sounds like Harvard

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In Canada, we used to have an adult led government under Harper that sanctioned the Iranian regime. Then Trudeau got elected in 2015 and started dismantling that because a liberal connected airplane manufacturer, Bombardier, wanted to sell their new lemon plane, the CS series, and no one was buying, so it seems like the brilliant plan was to hopefully get Iran to buy them as they had nowhere else to turn.

Then Airbus bought that company.

But the Liberals still want normal relations with the butchers.

Biden just needs more Blood Oil to replace the USA production he foolishly decreased.

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In a different life, I worked very closely with two women from Afghanistan. I will simply never understand the men in their lives. It is not all the men, but it is a lot of them for sure.

I will try to listen to the podcast later and I did read Bari and Masih's Op-Ed. Peace to Masih and her family.

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I’m going to listen to this while driving later this morning. Preliminarily, I want to thank Bari for enlisting Mary Katherine Ham, another supremely impressive woman.

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Just don't feed the troll. This community of thoughtful commenters is great Also, this podcast is well worth the listening time. When she describes being a child and not permitted to do things like play outdoors, swim, sing, have fun ( yet her brother could do all of that), and hearing how she had to keep her hair covered even while sleeping at 7 years old - very eye opening as to what true oppression of women and girls looks like

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