It is impossible to overstate the gravity of the misconduct uncovered by Durham. His report is insanely damning of the FBI, the Clinton campaign, the Obama administration, and everyone involved in the Russia-Trump hoax.

Russiagate was appreciably worse than Watergate. It was far deeper in the bowels of the government and reached to the highest levels, a concerted effort by the deep state, the Clinton campaign, and a craven mainstream media to malign a presidential candidate and make him unelectable in the eyes of the public, an effort that persisted even after Trump was a sitting president. They tried to frame him to overturn an election, miring his administration in a faux scandal for years, with high-ranking officials paraded before grand juries and their guilt then proclaimed nightly on CNN and MSNBC.


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I wrote my siblings the following before the 2020 election:

"Trump is not the cause of our national strife; his election is a symptom of dysfunctional American institutions.

A lot of the instability of the last four years has been driven by those failing institutions.

Hillary started the Crazy Train moving with the Steele dossier.

Obama was the stationmaster, doing nothing to stop it from leaving the station (July 28 discussion.)

Comey was the conductor who let it get out of control. He leaked; he missed the possibility of connecting dots between Clinton misinformation and the Trump/Russia collusion investigation. He has vague or no recollections of pivotal conversations.

The FBI were the switchmen, pushing the train in the direction of Trump guilt at every opportunity.

Pelosi and Schumer stoked the train’s engine when the Nunes report came out.

The Press was the cow catcher, clearing a path and removing any obstacles.

Trump probably won in 2016 as a protest vote. (I thought of 2016 as a choice between PT Barnum and Tammany Hall. I chose Barnum.)"

Nothing in the last three years has weakened what I said above. However, I did not anticipate the FBI shying away from investigations into Clinton. To continue the analogy, FBI leadership was actively derailing multiple trains meant to investigate Clinton.

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Before being deleted from The Dispatch, which I was a $1500 founding member of, I told everyone in the comments section, several years ago, that Natalia Veselnitskaya, the girl from the Trump Tower meeting, was a Hillary Clinton hired Russian spy. She was.

Everyone laughed at me.

Veselnitskaya, by the way, is the reason that Russia knew of Hillary’s Russia scheme in 2016 before everyone else. Brennan told Obama and company about it and Brennan still doesn’t know how Russia knew first; but it’s Natalia.

I also told everyone about how Joe Biden had keys for a DC office with Gongwen Dong, a now-dead Chinese spy, 45 days after Charlottesville, which is allegedly the day Joe decided to become President to save our souls.

The Democrat voting base of non-citizens, transvestites, released prisoners, and middle-aged whores, have really outdone themselves this time.

Congrats, simpletons.


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Anyone with a lobe's worth of insight could see it was a hoax and, indeed, a farce. The 2020 election was indeed stolen—not by vote-fixing but by an unhinged conspiracy theory Democrats, the media and the deep state gleefully trumpeted while accusing everyone who wouldn't go along of being unhinged conspiracy theorists.

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The FBI is the enemy of the people. It should be dismantled. Failing that it should be chopped in half and the HQ placed in Lander Wyoming. Or Fort Stockton TX.

So now let’s see a recap of the whistleblowers.

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What the FBI did is criminal and shameful. But the most egregious and unforgivable thing is that half of this country will ignore this and not see our government and the MSM for what it is. That is the true crime.

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May 19·edited May 19

“Conventional wisdom” the last seven years was that the FBI was out to get Hillary Clinton? No. Where did you acquire this “wisdom”? In conservative circles we’ve known for seven years what you, Mr. Lake, have apparently just awakened to: Yes, the FBI was protecting her, not persecuting her. You should leave your info bubble more often. Scrap NPR, PBS, the NYT, CNN. You won’t get the truth there.

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I'm just a free thinker who has been a PI for 40 years. All of these "revelations" have been obvious to me since 2016.

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I'm shocked, SHOCKED to discover there was wholesale corruption at the FBI.

This is all well and good but, these perpetrators are above the law, untouchable and the law doesn't apply to them. Not to HRC, Comey, McCabe, Morell, Brennan, Clapper and the rest or the 51. At this late date, it seems the height of naivete to expect accountability.


1. Nothing is going to happen.

2. No nooses will be tightening.

3. No walls will be closing in.

4. No heads will roll.

5. Nobody will be hauled off to the hoosegow, least of all HRC.

6. Nothing is going to happen.

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If the democrats get away with this--Hillary, Brennan, Comey, Strozk, et alia---they will just keep doing it. We are sunk. The Republicans don’t have what it takes to crush this.

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Thank you for writing this article Eli Lake and thank you Free Press for publishing it!

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Only the biased MSM thought the FBI was out to get Hillary. They were all covering for Hillary, and ignored the obvious. This is not news ... unless you have been asleep for 7 years.

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None of this is surprising to anyone who was paying attention during this time. But I am a little surprised that this story is published here. Bari has made no secret of her devotion to Orange Man Bad.

Or is it simply that no one on the Left will believe the Durham report regardless?

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It was not "conventional wisdom" that the FBI was out to get Hillary Clinton. It was conventional self-delusion. Anyone even remotely paying attention knew that the FBI and the DOJ were protecting her, and the author here doesn't even go into the major failings of Midterm Exam. Let's just say that there was enough uncontested information in the public domain to put anyone but a highly-placed Democrat in prison for 40 years. And we won't even go into how they conducted the "investigation." Comey actually wrote up the exoneration memo before the investigation even started.

The author also omits key information about why Midterm Exam was reopened shortly before the election. This was not a voluntary decision on Comey's part. The New York Post (or maybe it was the Daily News), had discovered that the FBI had buried some evidence that further implicated Hillary, and had asked the FBI to comment on it so that they could include that in their story. Had Comey not reopened the investigation, the first we would have heard about the evidence would have been the newspaper story, and then we'd have spent the rest of the campaign discussing why the FBI had refused to investigate her. So, to prevent that, he pretended to reopen the investigation, thus preempting the Post story. Then after a few days he loudly proclaimed that there wasn't anything to it (even though, of course, there was) and closed the investigation again. It was obviously cover for Hillary even when it happened. No-one could seriously claim that they were attempting to damage her.

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A little late, Eli. Most sane, curious, and honest people reasonably suspected that the FBI was corrupt when it chose not to record and transcribe its unsworn July 2016 interview of Clinton about her destruction of the 33,000 subpoenaed emails (including classified emails) on her unauthorized home server.

The remaining sane, curious, and honest people were convinced three days later, on 7/5/16, when Comey, supplanting the prosecutor (AG Loretta Lynch), declared that "no reasonable prosecutor" would have charged Hillary with a crime based on that interview. He claimed she'd acted with at most "extreme carelessness" rather than the "gross negligence" required by statute -- a meaningless distinction of his own contrivance. Comey should have been required to explain then and there why Clinton's egregious actions were anything short of "willful" -- the highest statutory standard of all. He wasn't.

But thanks anyway, Eli. At least you're honest.

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Hoax and farce are too weak of terms. This a full fledged assault on our democracy by the “Pol Pot Progressives. Anywhere there is a Pol Pot Progressive DA or US attorney, you can write off that jurisdiction as being captured by the enemies of our democracy - as the full weight of government is then brought to bear against political opposition and a criminal carte Blanche awarded to the Pol Pot Ptogressives. No longer being taught civics in our schools - that being replaced with revisionist history indoctrination - and 24/7/365 brainwashing reinforced with smart phones loaded with social media - the most effective brainwashed tools in history. Note how Elon Musk used to be a Pol Pot Progressive hero - and how easily the Trump hatred brain circuits were trained on Musk when he eliminated Twitter as a core Pol Pot Progressive brainwashing tool. Sadly the 2nd Amendment may be our last line in defense of our democracy as the stark reality and indisputable case being made for tyrannical bastardization of the justice and intelligence system by the Democratic bounces off the deaf ears of the brainwashed.

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