The political strategy of the Democrat Party is simple. 1. Elites run the country; 2. Blacks are fully dependable votes and exist in a form of utter dependency as they now wallow in cratering family formation and cynical (anti) racist rhetoric ensuring another generation of dependency rather than true liberation; 3. Cast all working class Whites as religious zealots who are retrograde and itching for fascism; 4. Stitch outcasts into a permanent voting bloc to backstop Black voters. LGBTQI citizens have little in common, but don’t let reason get in the way of the emotional pull of acceptance (whether true or simply publicly countenanced).

The conservative side of the political aisle offers nothing that is not reactionary. The conservative ability to engage coherently (and Ted Cruz is hardly the guy you want in the lead) is tone-deaf on things like abortion, incoherent on how they might really disconnect Blacks from their ill-fated love affair with their “dealer”, and speaking to everyone with some honesty about what happens when the border stays open forever. Yes. We ARE a nation of immigrants. There have been three forms. First, Europeans who were largely Christian (even the Jews had a difficult go). Second, Blacks by way of slavery. This was getting sorted properly before we destroyed the family with welfare and striving through affirmative action (which made everyone skeptical of achievement), and government housing (which wiped out a large chunk of intergenerational real estate wealth transfer, and now DEI (which is turning once-open Whites to defensiveness and bitterness…this is what shaming will do). Third, Muslim and Asian. The Democrats feel that a good voter is a good immigrant. We will see how that supports the nation. In about fifty years.

It’s the EVIL party versus the STUPID party, again. You can’t make it up.

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Nine months is a long time for someone with dementia. Black swan event risk on both sides, given Trump’s legal issues.

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The longest odds of all are that it will actually end up being a Biden v Trump election in November. It is more likely to be Phillips v Haley. Those two relative youngsters simply need to keep their campaigns on idle and wait for which of the two old crazy guys ends up definitively senile, dead or in jail, and odds are also good, so long as we are betting, that both crazy old coots will have vanished by Veterans Day 2024.

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"Having the necessary mental and physical health to be president": minus-23.

"Being competent and effective": minus-16.

Versus Trump. Trump!!! Ooof.

Considering how bad Trump is on these metrics, this is awful.

Immigration seems to be a mixed bag, with one metric being minus-35 and the other being plus-12. Of course, there's a lot of nuance there about our immigration policy which neither side gets right. We can have the problem or the solution, and our politicians have chosen the problem.

"Protecting democracy" is a dead heat.

The only bright spot for the Dems is abortion--no surprise there. I said a long time ago the GOP would rue the day that Roe was overturned.

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