“…Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel, which does not practice Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in its hiring practices….”

Best line in the whole essay.

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Drug dealers come in all races, sexes, ethnicities, genders, star signs, sexualities, skin color, heights, sizes, weights, and any attempt to deny a protected class represenation within the drug dealer community is racist and bigoted.

The woke are boundless in their ridiculousness

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I live in a rough part of SF (8th and Market) and can confirm pretty much everything in this article. Due to SF sanctuary law there’s an organized system in which young Latin men are brought in to sell drugs. Most folks seem to believe they’re Honduran, I haven’t confirmed myself beyond a few cases. I can confirm there are a few of them on most corners, that I can see them actively pushing drugs on homeless folk I know, and that many are in fact underage. A homeless friend recently lamented she had bought crack from a 9 year old dealer. The system is organized: a woman in a car frequently comes by to drop of food for all the dealers at once. It’s extremely obvious who they are - look for a young man wearing a full balaclava with a backpack standing on a corner. Extremely sad we’re willing to sacrifice our city and frankly a lot of folks lost to dying slowly of drugs to our unwillingness to look something ugly and real in the face.

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The only solution to this problem is to stand firm in your support of reality. It doesn't make a difference how much people scream, vilify, or criticize those who are telling the truth. Reality is reality. I don't understand why being called a name causes people — even people in power — to retreat from what they know is right.... But, it seems, we've abandoned any link to reality even in my field of biology:


Thank you for this very well-written, thought-provoking essay, Frederick

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A thug is a thug is a thug. Bloods, Cartels, Taliban, all thugs. The San Francisco public defenders are worse in that they obfuscate reality to protect these wicked and evil men.

George Orwell noticed that the term “fascist” had lost all meaning and instead meant anything one didn’t like.

The same is now true for “racist”, and has been so for some time now, it’s just more obvious.

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The solution to any of this madness is to be a 1 issue voter on every ballot. I don’t even differentiate candidates or care to . At this point I check the “r” box without regard to the name. All democrats pander to this nonsense in some form and need to be removed from office

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Good article.

One could say the Sinaloa cartel is being diverse and inclusive: Mexicans and Hondurans are not the same thing at all. Also, is it possible the public defender is in the employ of the cartel? This is a very common relationship in Mexico.

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In Intersectionalism, the Left and the criminals they perceive of as "victims" have discovered the perfect alibi. By hiring from a particular "oppressed" group, the criminals in charge can protect their entire organization (and their profits, which the Left would consider an abomination if anyone else were making them) by screaming "racism."

The Left's approach will never put a stop to the dangers faced by the non-criminals who live in these neighborhoods. The past 50+ years of Democrat-controlled cities has demonstrated clearly that the Left will always view the criminals as the "real" victims. This upside-down approach can never do anything but *promote* crime.

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And we laugh to China, how everyone is ignoring reality.

We have literaly the same thing with extra steps in US. Woke left together with MSM and big Tech has brought us so far, that you are forced to pretend that things are not happening and that you cant trust your own eyes.

In China speaking truth against partly line will get you imprisoned and sent to reeducation camp. In US speaking against woke ideology will get you fired, called racist by MSM and big tech will make your life to hell.

In both cases your life will be ruined for simply stating obvious.

No wonder people are leaving Commiefornia, normal people are living, homeless and junkies are taking over. It already looks like third world, with slums where poor live sounding mansions of the rich elite.

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Interesting timing this morning in that immediately after I read this, a friend posted Proverbs 24:24 on Facebook.

“Whoever says to the wicked, “You are in the right,” will be cursed by peoples, abhorred by nations, but those who rebuke the wicked will have delight, and a good blessing will come upon them. Whoever gives an honest answer kisses the lips.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭24‬:‭24‬-‭26‬ ‭ESV‬‬

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To the people of San Francisco and California at large: Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

- HL Mencken

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We do well to distinguish between two related issues.

One is racism. All but a very few Americans believe discrimination based on race is morally wrong and unfair. There is powerful consensus on that, though it is being challenged by woke reverse discrimination.

The other is being called a racist. This has been effectively weaponized only because people fear social ostracism. I admire the powerful and angry-with-ironic-humor way both the queer community and rappers of the late 20th century took ownership of the epithets hurled against them.

The time has come for truthful people of integrity to do the same. We are not racists. Yet we can embrace being maligned and take our power back. We must not fear being called racist, we must not cravenly and dishonestly apologize.

We must not fear epithets. That is a developmental phase to be overcome during elementary school, not for adults. We must stand proudly and honorably in the face of name-calling, to counter cancel culture and the toxic elevation of performative victimhood.

When we do not let words hurt us, be aware, the sticks and stones are coming next. Malign, resentful, abusive hatred underlies woke philosophy, a love of power, not love of people, not a spirit of cooperation. We can not abdicate our own power in the face of toxic power, and we must take care to model humanism in return.

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Say what you want about the “War on Drugs” not working but clearly it was doing something. With every new law legalizing/decriminalizing drugs and drug dealing the only thing society gets in return is decay and degeneracy.

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I can't believe that in 2022, people are STILL apologizing in this way.

Have they not been paying attention to what's been going on?!

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The charge of racism is thrown around so much, it really has lost most of its power.

The mayor apologizing keeps it on life support for a little longer, maybe that was her real intent,

if she said she was just stating facts and didn't apologize one of her favorite weapons would have been weakened even more

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My, my, my the Liberals are eating their own. The reality of the racial differences rises. I thought all of the minority groups strolled hand in hand singing a National Socialist song.

No opportunities so they deal drugs. First they break National Immigration Laws and now complain about opportunity. Keep your ass home and fight for your country and change it. No go North with the help of drug cartels to sell our dope in the land of opportunity and stupid lazy lawyers who milk the public by screaming racism because they can't compete any other way.

See they according to law should be arrested and deported. But California which in the 80's was so great is now a Liberal shit hole and all because people are affraid of two things. One is telling the truth. Two is they live in fear of being called a racist. So once again, play stupid games and get stupid prizes.

Great honest article. Keep them coming.

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