Wait wut???

I couldn't find 6-7 out of 10 people that feel the war in Israel or Ukraine, or tensions between China/Taiwan "somewhat/very" important to their everyday life if you stuck a pistol in my ear.

How bout we ask some questions like:

Do you support sending another 70 billion dollars to Zelensky?

Do you support the current 2000 mile daily Boston Marathon at the southern border or Texas, Arizona & California?

Do you support the crazy grocery prices and rent sweeping the nation while being told this is the best economy we've seen in decades?

Do you support doctors cutting children's genitals off and injecting them with life changing chemicals?

Do you support open air drug markets, people shitting in the streets and living in tents in the park and on the sidewalk?

Do you support the runaway theft/violent crime/murder taking over most of our nations cities?

Jesus Christ Oliver.....how bout getting your head out of your ass and start reporting on things Americans truly care about.

Yours truly ~An actual normie

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Your definition of normie suits your agenda. A true normie doesn’t care much about what is going on abroad. Normies are sick of politicians laundering our tax dollars towards endless foreign conflicts, while our own country deteriorates under inflation, crime, and open borders. Ukraine is such a thriving democracy that elections and opposition parties have been suspended, while Zelensky's commissars snatch the few remaining able bodied men off the streets to send them to front lines as cannon fodder. Tucker, Trump, and Elon are literally Putler for dissenting about this bloodshed. Russia was the first to send condolences after 9/11 and could have been an ally against the larger threats of China and Islamism, but our foreign policy "experts" have decided that they are the biggest enemy.

The DIE Squad represents the worst of America. They have turned their districts into crime infested squalor. Bowman should have been expelled for pulling a fire alarm before a vote. Omar openly boasts about helping Somalia, not the country she has been elected to represent. Tlaib voted present when all other reps condemned Hamas using rape as a weapon of war. AOC and Pressley’s sanctuary districts are collapsing under the weight of illegals, who will become their new voters.

No matter how much MSM pearl clutches about Moscow, they can’t ignore that the decay of our cities has been an intentional choice: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/throwback-thursday-cities-fupaz-boblee

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Ukraine is a European democracy? You mean the country where the corrupt leader travels the world in comfort and begs for money while shanghaiing 45 -50 year old men off the street to send them to a meat grinder, has canceled elections so he can stay in power and closed churches? That European democracy?

Give it up wiseman. You're shark jumping every day now

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Saying “The Squad” and “Tucker” in the same breath is absurd.

Tucker has been clear he loves America, or ar least what it used to be, and calls out the failures that are driving us away from that ideal. Putting East Palastine over Ukraine? Damn right.

Calling out the depth of corruption in our government, media, academia is necessary and patriotic if we hope to have a chance of not going down tubes.

The Squad are the new nihilists who want to bring America down.

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The obvious spin relative to Tucker Carlson, and the fact that this has been a pattern for a number of days, is concerning. It LOOKS bought, to me. It looks mechanical and lazy, certainly.

Putin is not honest, and he is not a good man. But what he said about America's broken promises, as far as not extending NATO, and as far as us interfering directly in Ukrainian democracy was clearly true. Liars don't lie all the time. They lie when it suits them. They tell the truth when they can and it also suits them.

It's really strange to me, watching all the people rendered insane by the idea of listening to the perspectives of a man with whom we as a nation are seemingly expected to go to war, in a war which would not serve ANY stratetic American interests. Why not listen? Are you stupid? Can you not form your own opinions?

ALL THIS ANTI-PUTIN RHETORIC IS ANTI-DEMOCRATIC FOR US. The elites don't trust the people. And as Mike Benz described at length, the same measures the CIA has long used overseas to overthrow other nations, and to wage informational warfare (propaganda) have been weaponized AGAINST US. When you see the word "democracy" in the American press, what it means is that Blackrock and the Department of Defense meet over fancy lunches to discuss what to do with the rest of us. That is their version of "democracy", because all the members of the elite get votes.

That is an oligarchy, and we live in one NOW. Wake up.

Listen to or read this interview: https://tuckercarlson.com/uncensored-the-national-security-state-the-inversion-of-democracy/

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Well, at least the title is right, but that's about all. Once again we see the difference between the wisdom of Everyman and the foolhardiness of the bubble-dweller that makes his living by writing.

I actually mix with the hoi polloi each and every day; I cannot name a single person who gives a rat's behind about Ukraine, except to say that our own CIA installed this puppet dictator and that we need to take care of our own first. We might start with our own homeless veterans living on the streets before we worry about ANOTHER European war. You might want to read a little George Washington on that, "Ollie."

There ARE good examples to follow, though. I see that President Milei of Argentina, after slashing all the Woke do-nothing Argentine agencies into oblivion, has just presided over the first budget surplus in twelve years. Not too bad for one month in office. Imagine that - a president who actually makes good on his campaign promises and the Nation prospers. I think I may have heard that tune before.

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Wow, simply Wow. I have not watched someone more repulsive in the past than that 8-minute clip of Peter Savodnik. I really don't need to be lectured by a bleach-blond faux intellectual telling me what is right and wrong. His pomposity nearly made me vomit first thing in the morning. If the moral superior Peter, happens to take the moment from his most important day of talking into a video camera, let me give him a few things I know.

1- Yes, Russia is bad. It's been bad for over 1000 years and will stay the same. From Peter the Great, Catherine, the Czars, and Communists, it's the culture. Read a book or two about the country and the people. Is it a place where I would want to live? No, but it is what it is.

2- It has more nuclear weapons than any other country. I don't feel like dying in a nuclear exchange living in a major American city, so stability in Russia is better than a pipe dream of Democracy.

3- I see no heroism in Navalny- He took his risk and got killed. It's a shame, but I live in the world of reality, not a progressive fantasy land. The world is the way it is, not what our intellectual masters fantasize it to be,

4- Ukraine is not a democracy but a kleptocracy similar to Russia. It has two halves, with the eastern one that is heavily Russian; here are the facts, Peter: Russia is not getting displaced from the land it has in Ukraine. It is not happening. No amount of money or weapons is going to displace them. Yes, it was terrible, but unless Ukraine gets NATO to enter the war (see point 2), I don't think it's heroic to kill a generation by throwing them into a buzzsaw so the American Elite can feel good about itself.

I could write all day, and thanks to Free Press for showing me thoughts, even ones I despise. You did a great job today showing me Peter.

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Wait, father is a controversial term now?

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If I had seen the byline first - Oliver Wiseman - I wouldn't have bothered. Let's be honest about Ukraine. They are not winning the war, we have poured in weapons and money to no effect save to get Ukrainian soldiers slaughtered and the war was preventable in the first place but for Biden's bumbling and the machinations of his foreign policy nitwits. A real president would have ended it.

A real president wouldn't have caused it in the first place. And no, Ollie, we're not going to cancel Tucker Carlson simply because he interviewed Putin. Would you prefer Erin Burnett's giddly love fest interview with Zelensky? Apparently so. In Ollie's world Russia is the existential threat because they messed with our elections. (In fact it was the DNC). In the real world, China is our existential threat and our president is in their pocket. In the real world, an administration opening OUR open borders are the real threat to America and democracy. Putin is a murderous thug who threatens his neighbors when they invite NATO to Russia's borders. China directly threatens America, no matter what we do. Open borders will destroy our country. Unless you have a plan to depose Putin (and the CIA's plans are all from Acme Products), better to deal with him and focus on the real threats. Starkly simple but elusive to Wiseman.

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'That’s what Peter Savodnik argues is Carlson’s moral relativism with Alexei Navalny’s moral clarity. All of this is part of “the great tsunami of stupid that has swept the nation.'

Lets see.....Carlson got about 150 million views of his interview in 24 hours.

IMO, Peter Savodnik sounds like one of those costal elite journalists who write for Vanity Far and after any interaction with at all, you feel like you need to purchase 2 bars of Lava soap and take a 3 hour shower.

Savodnik would jizz in his britches if he got 5% of the followers Tucker got from all of us "stupid" people.

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God, more Savodnik to ignore? Is this guy like the only guy you pay? And why am I paying for this junk

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The Free Press? How about The Propaganda Press?

Most Americans I encounter are not in favor of supporting the “democracy” of Ukraine that ousted its democratically elected president in 2014, started a civil war, and suspended democratic elections. Give me a break - stop sending money to Ukraine, stop acting like Carlson is fringe and stop pushing the Navalny narrative. I’m really close to pressing the eject button on the free press.

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For Christ’s sake: Ukraine is a corrupt Eastern European country with the semblance of “democracy”.

It ain’t worth our boy’s blood or our country’s treasure.

Let the bloody Europeans kill each other. They’re pretty damn good at it

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I subscribed to the Free Press thinking it would be more balanced in opinions. I am beginning to be disappointed. Wiseman’s comments that he doesn’t know who Tucker supports America or Russia is just so New York Times level. He should apply for a job there. Come on Bari, you can do better than this

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Come on, Bari! How much longer can you continue to publish the name “Free Press” over Oliver Wiseman bylines?


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Bravissimo! But Putler? The slaughter in Ukraine is directly attributable to the facilitation of the military industrial complex by the US and NATO, who provoked this war, and refused to push a diplomatic solution on Zelensky. It is an unwinnable abattoir - a slaughterhouse funded by the US taxpayer.

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