‘Trump. Again. The Question Is Why?’

It's truly amazing to keep hearing the question of "Why?"

Its simple. Trump represents a molotov cocktail to the DC ruling class and globalists, and right or wrong, half the US populace would love to see them all burn.

I'm not much of a Trump fan, but I have to say that the idea of forcing the jaws of the corporate media back open and shoving Trump down their gullets again puts a little 'go f*ck yourself' smile on my face.

Also, my guess is that Trump will beat Nikki Haley like a rented mule in her home state of South Carolina. Question is, where will her voters go after she pulls the rip cord? Back to Trump or perhaps RFK Jr?

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I am commenting from Israel so my take on Trump isn't local.

I am very grateful for Biden's support since Oct. 7. However, Israelis cannot think now about a two state solution, especially if Hamas stays in power in Gaza and that Blinken is pushing that now feels like a stab in the back and that we're being used for Biden's campaign.

I know Trump poses many problems, is personally kind of repulsive, and I don't know if I could vote for him if I lived in the US. But a former president should be judged mainly on his record. He recognized the Golan as part of Israel, moved the embassy to Jerusalem and actually did bring about the biggest peace deal in a generation.

Biden (and Obama before him) strengthen Iran. Moreover, the support the democrats seem to give the "woke" crowd is very scary from the middle east.

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I didn’t vote for Trump the first time, but I did the second. I literally lol’d when I heard Charles C. W. Cooke a couple months ago say he wished Trump would fall down a well because I feel the same way. I cannot stand the man and I hate that he makes me laugh. I prayed and prayed that he would not run again. BUT I will vote for him this time too because Democrats screaming about Democracy in peril falls on deaf ears when the border is wide open and we have a media who thinks their job is to be activists for the Democrat party. Hello, Democrats, those two issues ARE a threat to democracy! The most important job of the POTUS is national security, and Biden and nearly every Democrat thinks having a wide open border is just great. It’s just insane.

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“It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Trump’s political obituary was written on January 6, 2021. Now, three years later, his future as a candidate isn’t just alive—he’s polling ahead of President Joe Biden…”. I think the author is underestimating the disdain the public has for the government. If you force people to choose between corrupt politicians, corrupt and incompetent politicians, corrupt and insane politicians, and a visibly senile empty vessel puppet you’re asking for trouble. The public didn’t force democrats to run an empty vessel for president. The public didn’t force the government to engage in election chicanery. The public didn’t force the FBI to show up to a political rally in plain clothes. The public didn’t force every corporate media and social media outlet to simultaneously banish Trump to the phantom zone. The public didn’t force high level politicians to hold a months long televised kangaroo court investigation of one of the least deadly riots I’ve ever seen after doing nothing about the much more deadly riots that directly preceded it. The public didn’t ask for the government to refuse to guard the border. The public didn’t ask for a blatantly two tiered justice system. The public doesn’t run the government. The political and bureaucratic classes tied a noose around their own necks and hanged themselves.

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The intelligentsia/privileged class will never understand Trump's appeal because they look down their noses at the "common man". As I write in my essay The Trouble with Trump https://open.substack.com/pub/khmezek/p/the-trouble-with-trump :

We can argue forever about whether or not Trump is a good guy or whether or not he is the right candidate for president—yet again— or whether or not we continue to have free elections, or if, indeed, we ever had them. But we can all agree that what Trump did do was rile people up. They started asking questions. Finding the courage to talk about things they had never considered important before. He made the common people believe that their voices mattered. And so those common folk in those lowly "fly-over-states" had to be demonized.

Articles such as this one in Wired, pushed the narrative by comparing the people they describe as white nationalists to “pathogens spread from host to host.” Here are some highlights:

Deplorables] are “strains” “move like viruses, are highly contagious, and replicate quickly and clumsily.”

They are like parasitic infections—like tapeworms.

Then there were articles like Newsweek’s Why Are White, Uneducated Voters Voting for Trump?

"There is a deep connection between education and a successful, well-run representative democracy.

Voters need significant education to be able to judge the people to whom they delegate the power to make governing decisions and to assess how their governing system is operating. Without adequate education generally and specifically about representative democracy, the system itself is at risk."

Oh, the arrogance! Well, we're now seeing the downfall of our most hallowed halls of education and it isn't pretty.

The privileged always make the mistake of underestimating the working class, the "salt-of-the-earth' folk and dismissing them as irrelevant. But Trump didn't. And the more the establishment persecutes Trump, the more the People see themselves in him.

And still, the upper classes scratch their heads in confusion and dismay. They just don't get it.

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We had four years of Trump and none of the breathless fears of the elites came true. In fact, the opposite was true - America was prosperous and at peace. The chaos came from the elites and their collusion lies and then their insane reaction to the bioweapon launched by their funding source - the Chinese Communist Party. Isn't it time to grow up and stop listening to a word they say? They are insane children. Take back America. Trump 2024.

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“The percentage of voters who see immigration as the biggest issue facing the nation has jumped seven points in one month to 35 percent.”

Only 35%?? What are the other 65% of Americans doing? Where have they been? Off coyoting??

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The question "why" is just stunning after all this. My turn: WHY was it ok the swing states were shut down in the middle of the night to suspend counting in 2020 and you thought it was ok? WHY did the country endure months of looting and burning in 2020 only to see a few hours on January 6th called an insurrection - an insurrection that people forgot to bring weapons to? WHY did it take red state governors sending illegals to the northern city before Biden's border invasion got any coverage?

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The Canadian version of the Supreme Court issuing a ruling that Trudeau acted in violation of their constitution, at this point in time, is a big middle finger to the Canadian public. Lives have been ruined and Trudeau got away with his undemocratic and extremely harsh methods of crushing a popular and peaceful political demonstration. The court should have immediately issued an injunction against the Trudeau administration during the crackdown, and this ruling is far too late and ineffectual at restoring democracy in Canada. The message is that the Canadian government can do whatever it wants without restraint, constitution be damned, and any remedy will occur in the distant future.

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Barbie was the worst movie I saw last year. Just a really convulted, nonsensical plot with weird pacing. Plus it was about as subtle with its feminist message as a hit on the head. Margot potentially should have gotten a nomination but the screenplay got a nomination? Really?

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Tucker interviewed Rand Paul, who is actively disparaging Never Nicki. He explains his revusion for her. She is the embodiment of the part of the R and D parties who think wars are good because it keeps the military industrial complex busy and profiting. She thinks pushing NATO into countries like Ukraine and Georgia is fine, who cares what Russia thinks? Never mind that forever wars haven’t worked for America, just indebted us trillions.

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Texas put up razor wire to secure the border from the invasion of millions of military age men. The Supreme Court said that was illegal and the Federal government was in charge. That Federal Government started tearing diwn that border that same day. What more visible proof does one need to see that the Federal government is actively attacking and harming it own towns, cities and citizens? The Biden Administration is run by people that hate the citizens of the US, and laws, like border security, are ignored and trampled.

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If I search the vast reaches of my mind for an analogy for the behaviors of Rachel Maddow and her compatriots I am rewarded.

Imagine small children huddled in a corner of a dark room telling one another, "There are monsters." Further imagine that verbalized terrors escalate to the point that the children are screaming and running around in the dark.

The darkness represents the ignorance of Rachel Maddow and her friends. If they genuinely got to know Maga people and even Mr. Trump, they might like them.



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So the Republicans are picking a psychotic, lying narcissist who lost in 2020 to be their standard bearer in 2024.

What could go wrong?

2028 can’t come soon enough, politically speaking.

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"Voters give Biden a 32 percent favorability rating on immigration—an all-time low. "

Proof positive that 32 percent of America is retarded.

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Democrats in NH told you are nothing and your primary is against Slow Joe and the DNC. We insulted you and the Lemmings still wrote in Slow Joe for a win. Can’t fix stupid.

Yeah Trump will be the guy but can’t win. Why? Wait until the election and all the dead rise up to have their ballots harvested. Ancestors and illegals unite to stop the Orange Man.

As for movies, just don’t care about we love each other award shows. How many do we need?

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