The mistake Bud Light and Miller Lite made was insulting their core demographic. Feel free to try and expand the brand into new markets, but just don't call your core customers 'fratty' or talk down to us. Same with Hillary Clinton and the deplorables comment. Build a big tent and invite everyone in. Instead we've decided everyone must pick a side about everything. I'm done picking sides and really just want to be left alone.

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May 20, 2023·edited May 20, 2023

"Take Bud Light. Last month, trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney shilled for the beer brand, with the company putting her face on a can to celebrate her “365 Days of Girlhood.”"

Uh, HER face??? I understand you are from Canada where people can be arrested for saying that men are not women, but Really?

Watch "Dylan Mulvaney wins on Price is Right!" pre "transition"


I like the comments:

- Just to make sure I'm not delusional, can someone confirm that the man I just saw making snow angels on the floor and dancing with a pool cue met the president to talk about serious political issues?

- He is definitely not an attention-seeking narcissist.

- I’m gay and this is embarrassing even for me. We aren’t all this ridiculous

- Imagine what it's like to be a woman, and watch him appropriate womanhood, and make a mockery of your entire life experience as a female with a cartoonish characakture, and the media fully support it and not see anything wrong with his version of black face or "female face". He's an actor alright.

- No there’s no mental illness going on here at all. Totally normal

Somewhere there is an observation about how he actually appears to have "manned up" a bit "as a woman"

See also: "Here Are All The Conservative-Leaning Outlets That Call Dylan Mulvaney A ‘She’"


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Hi Free Press!

Boy you guys are on a roll! I love the phrase "Middle America" because it is clearly a part of the planet for which you seem to have complete contempt!

Conservative reaction to Bud Light has nothing to do with beer and everything to do with people all over America (not just the middle) who have grown tired of pandering. It's really pretty fucking simple. I mean, I get that it isn't the sort of simple notion that a New York dumbfuck can figure out. But the rest of the United States can pretty much see that pandering is a bad thing. And so, conservatives did something appropriate; they put their money where their mouth is an organized a boycott to evince change and call attention to a concerning trend. Fuck me, you would think someone a thick as a fucking New Yorker could figure this one out...

As for the Miller ad... I agree with it! And here's some other shit that women need to do more of:

Die in front-line combat

Clean up after natural disasters

Mine for coal

Drill for oil

Engage in search and rescue operations

Maybe once women start to be fucking represented in dangerous work, they might look forward to drinking a fucking beer with the boys! It is interesting that women are never fucking clamoring about being represented in the mines... nope. They just bitch about not being in the fucking board rooms...

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Absolutely tired/exhausted of having things shoved down my throat. You can live your little trans fantasies but keep me(AND THE CHILDREN) out of it. Have sex with whom ever you’d like, whenever you’d like but don’t make me celebrate or approve of it. The left/progressives are relentless in their effort to destroy Western Civilization. The way they are grooming and sexualizing children I assume Pedophilia is their next perversion to peddle

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The best reason not to drink Bud Light is that it's simply shitty beer. A tepid version of Bud which is equally shitty. There are some great (and some awful) beers out there made by talented brewers. So why drink a product that tastes like crap while insulting you at the same time?

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There's so many things. Firstly, Glazer is "attractive"? I guess beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. And she's "funny"? Again... I guess comedy truly is subjective.

Secondly, again, TFP seems to not understand at all why people are still upset about Bud Light choosing to partner with Muvaney, so let's make that clear:

1. He's offensively using "womanface" to get attention. The dude has always had a schtick. That schtick wasn't getting him any of the attention (i.e. money) he desired. So he started this "days of girlhood" (GIRL, not woman) thing and boy howdy did it get him the attention (and money) he desired. He prances around like a ditzy idiot in his videos, using some of the most offensive stereotypes of a dumb, know-nothing female. He makes a mockery of women and actual trans-women. Why is it okay when he does it, but Chappelle can't say some actually funny jokes?

2. He preaches his message to mostly kids. This is where the perniciousness of what he's doing comes to light. He's part of the online social contagion that is convincing kids they all need to trans themselves to be happy. Bud Light and AB InBev want to partner with THAT? With people who think it's okay to mutilate children or give them non-reversible medications that sterilize them for no good reason at all?

I hope this makes clear why people are making a "silly stand" about a beer, Phoebe.

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“Glazer is an attractive millennial actress”

Not in my book. She’s frumpy and plain, lacking in femininity. Her voice is grating and irritating. She shouldn’t wear miniskirts.

Her attitude, though, is the most concerning. Traditional men don’t like being talked down to. If women invented beer, well, hooray. But what’s the point other than to elicit some kind of pandering response like “Wow, I never knew that! That’s awesome! You go, girl!”

Stay in your lane. Men are the warriors; women are the nurturers. Trying to emasculate men, and trying to redefine women as something that they’re mostly not, is a fool’s game.

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Here's the thing I don't understand about these beer ads, particularly the more recent Miller Lite ad. For both Bud Light and Miller LIte, all I did was buy their beer before the noon Ohio State games while I was standing on the front patio of the Out-R-Inn at 9:00 a.m. (Don't judge me. They are NOON games.) I didn't create the ads. I didn't manufacture the beer. I just bought it and drank it. It was not expensive. I didn't drink it to excess before the games. And I tend to drink other beers in other settings.

Then Bud Light comes out with its ad. Okay. They decided they're not selling to me. I also don't shop for clothes at Nordstrom for similar reasons. (If I ever received clothes from there, it's because my wife was shopping and saw something she liked - something that I think is common.) If they are selling to me, it's a weird way of getting my business. It feels like a lecture. All I want is to drink a beer.

Then an even stranger thing happened. Miller Lite comes out with its ad - an ad which criticizes *its* previous ads. I didn't create the old ad. I didn't create the new ad. I didn't manufacture the beer. All I want is to drink a beer, and now, it seems, I have to listen to a lecture before I do.

Is it really so important to manufacturers now to show that not only are they morally superior but their customers are as well? Can't we just buy the product and not consider you a meaningful part of our lives?

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Dylan Mulvaney is, and always will be, a he, him and his so please don't confuse your readers by saying her.

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One minor correction: they did not put "her" face on the can. They put his. He's still a man - albeit only by the fact that every nucleated cell in his entire body has an XY chromosome pattern, certainly not anything casually observable.

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The more of these dramas I hear of, the more I’m convinced Americans and the rest of the Anglosphere want to feel rage.

My armchair sociologist theory is that so many educated people have so few meaningful connections and hobbies that culture war provides an outlet to feel… something…anything. Otherwise culture warriors would simply have no connection to any form of shared human existence.

What I find somewhat heartening, is that these trends do feel weaker outside the Anglosphere. People don’t define themselves nearly as much through media, and still have hobbies and friends. Curiously, much of the post-2015 progressive posturing doesn’t seem to have seeped through where I live, in Germany. A similar as campaign would go over even worse, and many newspapers wouldn’t defend it without thinking. A couple publications do keep a similar progressive/woke stance, but the comment sections are actually very negative. The youth vote is split evenly between left and right. The media class is seen as oversubsidized and not worth the time.

Maybe a few lessons for English-speakers could be taken from this.

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Apparently, Miller ad execs studied at the Bud Lite School of Business.

WTF was Miller thinking? Because I cut cable right around 2014, I had never heard of Broad City or Ilana Glazer. Apologies to the author, but Glazer is not particularly attractive, so she fits the caricature of unattractive women scolding men for not finding them attractive, i.e., the "angry wallflower."

Why do any of the beer companies think they need to sell beer with sex, or in this case, the pointed lack of it? Do they really think men are stupid enough to drink nasty beer simply because some hottie twerks while holding that particular brand? It reminds me of when Hollywood writers strike and no one notices...

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I brew my own beer. Great hobby that actually pays for itself, or at least lets you drink twice as much beer for the same money. And...oh... the history! I recently found a 100 yr old recipe for a beer brewed with a chicken. Yes. A chicken! A male chicken. It's called "Cock Ale"

Take that you bunch of trans-weenies!

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Think we will discover weed has as much"baggage", if not more than alcohol, especially for the not fully developed brains of our youth.

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Great discussion. But hasn’t anyone noticed the absurdity of taking the posters and other marketing props (sh#t) and turning it into fertilizer? Do these people know anything about gardening/farming? That sh#t would be full of plastic and dyes and toxins. It would hardly make for any sort of healthy addition to soil. The sheer of ignorance is astounding. But it’s appropriate to the whole stupid message of the campaign. 🙄🙄🙄

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"Republican lady’s pullover"? That's an extremely classic-looking white pullover sweater. Did Democrats quit wearing those or something? I'm not nit-picking, I'm being serious. I'm a Minnesotan, we have snow about five months out of the year, and pretty much every woman here owns a pullover sweater. What did I miss?

Looks more like a regular woman than Dylan Mulvaney, anyway.

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