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Firstly, this comment has nothing to do with this article. It’s the only way I could find to ask a question I’m truly curious about.

Does it seem to you that many, perhaps most, of your readers are conservative? I read the comments, admittedly, mostly on conservative hot button issues, and they all seem to come from conservatives. I’d love to have your take on this. It’s fascinating.

I’m conservative. If your audience is as red as I think it must be I think it might be because conservatives have had to leave legacy media to get nuanced news. But we don’t want an echo chamber. We want smart, thoughtful opposing views.

My point is that you should not bow to a conservative audience. I don’t think you have but I think it could be a natural progression. We will call out pieces on your substack who unfairly cross the line towards the liberal side. I wrote a critical comment on the piece by Yoffe on college sex “crimes.” Yoffe’s piece was excellent, by the way, but she needs to check her TDS. Your substack is where we feel safe speaking Iphone . That’s something you should be proud of.

My 29 year old daughter, who is also conservative, and I were talking about something the other day and she said, “Bari Weiss had an interesting take on this...” I asked if she subscribes to your substack. She said “no, I listen to her podcasts.” So funny. You’re not only crossing the political divide, you’re also crossing the generation divide.

Keep doing what you do. I don’t always agree, but it’s always fair and thoughtful and that’s why I read.

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