I finished listening to this yesterday morning while walking my dog. My husband and I just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and we are raising two daughters together. I loved everything about this episode. I was enjoying the after-glow, imagining a rave review I might write, when the episode rolled into the credits and then an ad came on -

"I felt empowered by my abortion", "I talk about my abortion for the women who can't", and on and on about abortion and finally Planned Parenthood took credit for the verbal assault.

I'm pro-choice, but talk about a buzz-kill. Four men just sat around talking about how great being a Dad is. How it's life changing-in a good way. How rewarding-at the heart of happiness. And then a bunch of women close the episode by talking about terminating pregnancies. What a bummer.

I know it was a coincidence (I re-ran the end of the episode and got some religious ad the next time), but yikes, seems like maybe opting to not run that ad with a Father's Day episode would have been a good idea.

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Great conversation! The only thing I would critique is the push back Ian received regarding schools implantation of Transgender ideology. It international and very loud! I don’t think we can dismiss the impact it may have until we see the downstream affects play out. They are unknown right now and may be “just a phase” we’re going through but maybe not, so it’s something we need to keep a close eye on.

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