Illustration for a die-cut Valentine’s Day card. (Jim Heimann Collection via Getty Images)

Free Press Lonely Hearts Club

Delete the dating apps and let us play matchmaker.

By The Free Press

February 14, 2024

Unfortunately, the Free Press dating app—working name UnHinged—isn’t quite ready yet, but we couldn’t let that stop us from playing Cupid this Valentine’s Day. Instead, we’re taking an old-school approach to matchmaking. 

If you’re a Free Presser looking for love, send an email to that includes your name, age, hometown, and what you’re looking for. For a little Free Press twist on the usual lonely hearts ad, we also want you to tell us about a recent time you changed your mind—and why. Also let your suitors know the best way to reach out to you, whether by email, X, Signal, or carrier pigeon. 

We’ll include the best entries in a forthcoming morning email. 

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