If we had a country that was shelling and killing 7500 American kids per month, there would be a no holds barred, scorched earth campaign against them. But there isn't.

Citizens are literally begging their political leaders to stop the flow of illegal immigrants and drugs that are now flowing across our borders at record levels.

To add insult to injury, this is being facilitated with the help of the United Nations, and dozens of US based NGO's (many backed by the US government) and religious organizations. IMO, these organizations leaders and staff are complicit and should be criminally prosecuted.

Meanwhile the current administration is asking us to send 80 billion more to Ukraine to protect their kids instead. This would be added to the 120 billion sent 18 months ago. That's almost 10 times the amount of funding our government spends to protect our own borders.

Its clear that our political leaders hate us. Individuals will take a lot of abuse, but when it comes to murdering our children, society and the people must hold the ground and provide no quarter. Something has to give.

I don't know folks......but it feels like its almost time.

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Do we live in a country where we fix problems? I don't think so.

Does the Free Press exist to shine a spotlight on huge public policy failures when Democrats are involved up to their necks? I don't think so.

I will continue posting here, but I don't feel any of you are serious. Sure, you're highlighting A problem, but not THE problem, which is a world where the most absurd and fantastic lies can be told from on high, not questioned by the media, and in which people who point out the absurdities are attacked in a variety of ways.

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Illicit drug use is largely no longer seen as bad in the US. Just like divorce was first seen as something to be avoided at all costs in American society, then seen as something that should be for only infedelity or abuse, then something that's prevalent but still largely frowned upon, to today where marriage has seemingly lost all meaning to the non-religious and a divorce is practically seen as a cause for celebration. Drug use today is the same. It's accepted as inevitable if not outright celebrated.

I know the war on drugs was a failure. I grew up in the 90s and was enrolled in DARE. I won the essay and poster contests, something my friends and I would sometimes joke about while smoking weed in the woods in the nearby public park the same year we took DARE.

But at least we grew up in a society where it was impressed on us that drugs had consequences, that authority figures would not approve, that there was a pathway to success in life and it didn't include chasing momentary highs.

I don't think saying "don't do drugs" solves the drug crisis. No one is that naive. But for the love of god can we at least start there?

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Can we please stop beating around the bush and talk openly and seriously? Fentanyl is sent here by China, to be finished and sent on its way by the Mexican cartels across borders opened by the Democrat Administration of Joe Biden. In September 2001, we went to war against a terror group that murdered 3000 of our citizens. These terrorists murder 100,000 of our mostly young citizens every year. It is way past time to punish murderers and terrorists. And to make no mistakes about who they are.

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What I found amazing about this was a 13-year-old who bought his pills from this drug dealer to numb his pain from a root canal. The permissiveness we have created with youth is one of the contributors to this rise in death. Growing up in the 80s, drugs had a stigma, and I listened to Nancy Reagan with the say-no approach to Drugs.

I can remember my cousin telling me how she popped her first pill, leading her on the path to addiction. At that moment, she knew if she had just said no, her life would have taken a different trajectory. In dealing with this issue, there has to be a drive to place a stigma again on drug use, not only on illegal drugs but using drugs as a crutch to deal with the travails of life. The drug industry has pumped a generation full of antidepressants and other natural or imagined disorders to get people through. If born today, my issues as a kid would have had me pumped full of these prescriptions.

There is much to do on the interdiction side of this, but a cultural conversation has to be had as the taking of any pill not from your pharmacy can kill you. Making a person think twice about taking any pill is a great first step.

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Thank you open border advocates

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“You might ask why cartels would make a drug that so easily kills off its customer base. The simple reason is greed.”


You might ask why the Biden Administration and Democrat Party would ignore fentanyl deaths. The simple answer is greed. They encourage the open border, no-bail laws, Soros-backed district attorneys, because they are obsessed with power.

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America has a drug for everything. Legal drugs. If they don’t make you blind or have liver failure or or or…then it just might help what is ailing you. We see these ads on a non-stop basis. I’m not sure that any other country is as eager to hand out pills. It is no wonder that kids think nothing of popping a pill. We have normalized the concept of better living through pharma-illicit or legal.

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This could all slow down, if not stop, if the government wanted it to control the border and the cartels- but they don’t. So the question folks need to ask themselves is why - “always attribute malice, that which has continued too long to be ascribed to stupidity”.

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“Numb yourself with drugs, eat the bugs, and don’t you dare complain when we inflate your wealth away while we dump money into wars around the globe which we hope ends up using your surviving children as cannon fodder. In the meantime, don’t complain about it or any of the collapsing civilization stuff because if you do, then you’re a fascist Russian stooge.”- American elites and their puppets in the press.

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Thank you for writing this and publishing! Very obviously, our “public servants” have failed miserably in this and so many other ways- but always, ALWAYS the best way to protect our children and grandchildren is by teaching them. This is something that they should be very afraid of, but knowledge is power. Spread the word and teach your children well!

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A teacher asked her 6th grade class how many of them were Joe Biden fans.

Not really knowing what a Joe Biden fan was, but wanting to be liked by the teacher, all the kids raised their hands except for Little Johnny..

The teacher asked Little Johnny why he has decided to be different... Again.

Little Johnny said, "Because I'm not a Joe Biden fan.

The teacher asked, "Why aren't you a fan of Joe Biden?"

Johnny said, "Because I'm a Conservative."

The teacher asked him why he's a Conservative.

Little Johnny answered, "Well, my Mom's a Conservative and my Dad's a Conservative, so I'm a Conservative."

Annoyed by this answer, the teacher asked, "If your mom was a moron and your dad was an idiot, what would that make you?

Little Johnny replied, "That would make me a Joe Biden fan."

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It's a tragedy whenever and to whomever an overdose like this happens. It's very hard for parents to know what their college kids are doing, especially when they are far away. BUT Straight serious talk is needed by parents to their kids. Remember that the human brain is not fully developed til age 25 - they need guidance!!

I was very disturbed by the 13year old who bought a pill after a root canal. Why? Why didn't he just go to his parents for a painkiller?? After a root canal, one is usually given a painkiller by the doctor. I don't understand how that happened.

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Every one of the individuals mentioned in this article died after consuming an illicitly purchased fake medication that normally is only available by prescription. The drug was purchased by them or by a friend.

They were personally responsible for their deaths. It may seem cruel to say that, but it's true. Their deaths also were failures of parenting. That also is cruel to say, but it also is true

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As someone who lost a friend to a fentanyl overdose, I understand the gravity of this problem. As a mother of two kids not far off from their teens (and being realistic enough to know kids get into drugs even earlier), I understand the importance of educating them about fentanyl.

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So sad. Luca Manuel died trying to relieve pain from a root canal. Why didn't his dentist prescribe adequate pain relief, you ask? Probably because of the CDC's ignorant 2016 "guidelines" to doctors to severely limit prescriptions for patients' pain. These "guidelines" evidently caused so much harm and patient suffering that the bureaucrats at the CDC were forced to issue a "revision" of their policy in November 2022.

Unfortunately, this was too late for me. In November 2022, I broke my femur in an accident and had emergency surgery in a huge hospital in Delaware, where the surgeon cut open the skin and muscles of my thigh, inserted a 20" steel rod and 12 screws in my bone, to fix the fracture. They say that a broken femur is by far the most painful broken bone, along with the tissue pain and swelling. After 5 days in the hospital, my pain medication was reduced to tiny, infrequent portions of oxycodone and Tylenol, because, they said, "The Governor says we can't give you any more pain medication because of the opioid crisis." I guess the hospital and the surgeon didn't get the updated CDC memo. I suffered in agony for weeks, until I found a competent and independent thinking orthopedic surgeon near my home in Pennsylvania to oversee my case and help me relieve the awful pain so I could recover. "Don't get me started," he exclaimed to me in frustration at the harm to patients caused by the CDC bureaucrat's guidelines used to intimidate doctors who see patients.

This from the Mayo Clinic regarding the November 2022 updated guidelines to doctors: ."...Their Fundamental changes to the CDC opioid guidelines include removing 3- and 7- day limits to opioid prescribing for acute pain. The CDC cites research from the Mayo Clinic Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Center for the Science of Health Care Delivery for this change..."

"....Previously, the day limits were theoretical guidelines used by insurers and states that made them more restrictive, preventing optimal practice in many cases and sometimes leading to underprescribing for a subset of patients, thus causing patient harm," says Elizabeth Habermann, Ph.D., the Robert D. and Patricia E. Kern Deputy Director of Research. ....The "pendulum" has swung too far toward restrictive and underprescribing opioids for some patients, explains Dr. Gazelka.

Put this in your search online: CDC Replaces Flawed 2016 Opioid Prescribing Guideline with Flawed 2022 Opioid Prescribing Guidelines if the below link is not allowed in the comments section.

Read this: The American Medical Association severely criticized the CDC for its actions. https://www.cato.org/commentary/cdc-replaces-flawed-2016-opioid-prescribing-guideline-flawed-2022-opioid-prescribing#

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