It's funny/pathetic that the people eager to exclude entire parts of the democratic debate by smearing them in "-isms" and "-phobia" are doing so in the name of the defense of democracy.

The irony is palpable

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We truly need to give at least one country entirely to the Far Left and let them run their utopian experiment unfettered. Then, in six months when EVERYTHING is on fire and everyone is naked and eating each other and they come to us apologizing that they were wrong....oh never mind. That won't happen.

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Am I the only one who saw the top photo and thought it was an update for the show "The Boys"? The Homelander resemblance is eerie to me. :D https://static1.moviewebimages.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Homelander-Antony-Starr-USA.jpg

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We need more writing on Yemen and Iran. It’s hard to keep up with it all (Israel, Gaza, Ukraine, Russia, Taiwan, China - the world is a mess) and more info on these quieter (but still serious) conflicts would be helpful.

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Far-right populist like Wilders and Trump are just one of the final symptoms of political decay in the western hemisphere. The decease we see consuming the moral base, the economic power base and finally the military power of the west is not caused by them, but by the utter failure of those whose job it is to safeguard democracy and its values to do this job. What's needed is politicians like Kennedy or Roosevelt, but none of those are anywhere in sight, neither in the US nor in Europe, so we just see the likes of Biden and Scholz in Germany helplessly watching the likes of Trump, the AfD in Germany or Wilders in Holland destroying democracy to create a new form of fascism, this time with muslims instead of jews as scapegoats for their failure to secure wealth ans stability in their countries. We can see it even in this blog how powerful a force scapegoating ethnic/religious minorities can be once it is allowed to spread in society like cancer.

Maybe after that new fascism fully unfolds and fails we can see a new just and fair order like the one we are throwing away right now emerging from the ashes of the big fire in which all fascist systems inevitably end. But that's the stuff of another lifetime. I'm already too old to live long enough to see that unfolding. I'll just have to finish what's left of my lifespan and try to keep my hay dry for another one or two decades and help keeping the light of democracy and humanism alive in the darkness so that the young ones to find and rekindle to restore its old glory.

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Our current admin in WDC is an embarrassment. It is incompetence on steroids and a weak Washington is green lighting terrorists, Iran, Russia and China. I’m sure North Korea is emboldened.

Thanks ya leftist whackos. The current destruction is blood on your hands and will eventually devour you too.

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True for much of what you say, but the money being made is often untaxed and the worldwide flow of funds out of the country where it is made has a negative impact that is pretty impactful. Money taken out of the economy and spent in other countries. Plus the cheaper labor has negative impacts on people in the country and drives wages down. Immigrants until they simulate into the country will live on almost nothing in order to send money home.

Once and if they join society and become part of the country and culture, then I would say society gains. Unfortunately like the veterans kicked out of their assisted living facility in NY that paid what little they could afford to make room for illegal immigrants who now live for free, it’s not very good. So still say, legal immigration great, illegal immigration destroys.

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And you are right. America was once called a melting pot. Ppl came here wanting to become Americans, not to destroy it. The cultural contributions made were a definite plus. Most ppl then looked at handouts as somehow shameful to accept compensation not earned. I’m not saying that ppl unable to care for themselves are unworthy and I not so hard hearted that I think that all welfare should be abolished. We need to be rational and realistic.

The crisis at the southern border is real and our govmint is just trying to appease the leftist mob. What they don’t get is that the mob will never be satisfied. They also see that bullying anyone who doesn’t go along has worked over the past four years.

Time to put a stop to that s**t for good.

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Two world wars in the 20th century and now one in Ukraine.

I, for one, am TIRED of bailing these useless fucks out of their centuries-old "disagreements"! And of continuous funding of the US Uniparty and M.I.C.!

No more of our wealth and children to bail these assholes out! Let THEM spend THEIR money and CHILDREN on this crap!

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The countries where the elections are now reflecting the frustration, anger and mood of the electorate have voting rules that still ensure honest electIons. Sadly we now do not. I doubt if 65% of the legitimate vote for Trump would result in him winning.

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So amazing to see Renana reunited with her boys. God bless

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The West is finally and painfully learning that showing tolerance towards those who are intolerant to you is akin to shooting yourself in the head. Gracious immigrants try to fit in as best as they can. When my great-grandfather immigrated from what is now Belarus to the United States, he settled them in Eau Claire Wisconsin so his children would learn to speak English (not Yiddish), and become Americans.

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If the majority of folk hold your views you are not an extremist. Islamism and Islam are distinct? SHOW. ME. THE. MONEY.

At the time it was announced the Tavistock was to be shut I told you it was the intention to replace it with TWO other "clinics". Does making a "service" more accessible suggest there will be more or less folk using it? There is no point to "journalists" when you can report the news yourselves and more accurately.

On the other hand you just won an award, so reading skills have obviously improved. :-)

The USS Mason must be bored by now: this is the fourth time the Houthis have had a go and failed to score; while the Mason foiled and captured Muslim pirates just the other week. Go Navy! Towel-heads be daft in the first place shooting their piss-poor excuses against a warship equipped to deal with dozens of rather better ballistic missiles at a time.

Finally, what can one say about Cardona's botch other than "There you go again"? ;-)

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Let’s just say it: the world has a Muslim problem. It’s not to say that all Muslims are bad, but nearly all major problems in the world are caused by Muslims.

29 of the 30 student groups at Harvard that signed the pro Hamas letter of support on October 8 had the name “Muslim“ or “Palestine” in their name, i.e. the Harvard Islam Dental Association. Most anti-Semitism on college campuses and rallies in major cities are led by Islamists. The same across Europe.

Until we can get past political correctness of not being able to identify the root cause by name, we will not stop the problem from spreading.

Bottom line: we are a nation of laws. If someone is in violation, lock them up.

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I have a question about the Israel/Hamas war.

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You don't say! /s

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The political influence of the left in the Western Democracies has been steadily growing since the cultural revolution of the mid-1960’s.

The tenants of that revolution were carried forward by a vast number of people who continued to subscribe to them throughout their lives.

They carried with them the bent for social activism and an abounding distrust of conservatives.

Many of these people passed through or became part of educational systems where they either were exposed to leftist ideology or became the promoters of leftist ideology.

Such people went on to careers in virtually every public and private institution within the Democracies.

The leftist mindset, which was initially liberal and pragmatic in nature, started to evolve into one of a more authoritarian and arbitrary bent as the power garnered by access, and later, control of such institutions presented opportunity to create and codify social changes they believed would create a more egalitarian society.

This phase of the leftist political evolution heralded the eventual rise of the progressive phenomena wherein activist, academic, professional and governmental leftists began asserting a self-declared moral and intellectual superiority that afforded them the unassailable right to determine and create the perfect social construct.

When contradicted or confronted on the validity of their ideas, the progressive simply dismissed such doubts as being symptomatic of relative moral and intellectual inferiority.

Discussion or debate that runs counter to progressive ideology is either discouraged or banned - dissent is punished by expulsion.

Progressives have moved leftist politics into a realm that is cultivating a counter-revolution given its abandonment of democratic process and its embrace of arbitrary and unquestionable fiat.

Conservative revolution is being stimulated by the inroads on freedom that progressives have initiated - a role reversal given the elements involved in the 1960’s revolt.

As well, the simple lack of common sense that exists within the progressive agenda is being recognized as far more a liability rather than an asset to positive social development.

A shift away from the progressive left is in the offing - the magnitude of that shift and its pace are both accelerating.

A move towards conservatism is happening - the more progressives resist it, the greater the momentum toward the right will be.

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