The _Most_ 'Haunting Similarity’ between Covid and a new Chinese outbreak is that it has happened / is happening right before the beginning of an election year!

In the previous election cycle of 2020, if it were not for Covid, the outcome (and the whole process of elections) could have been very different. in 2020, everyone's thoughts were consumed with the "Russian election interference" and "Russian disinformation", while the mere assumptions that the Covid could've been a man-made virus were dismissed as conspiracy theory. Now, that we know for a fact that Covid IS a man-made virus - we have a new "mysterious new respiratory illness in China" that very conveniently appears up at the same exact time when Covid appeared - right before the new 2024 election year begins. I can't help but wonder - should we start considering a possibility of "Chinese election interference"?

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Can’t help but visualize the three presidents as the three wise monkeys - “ See no evil “, “Hear no evil “, “Speak no evil “…at least when it comes to Jew hatred.

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“Bill Ackman… said the answers reflected the three presidents’ ‘profound moral bankruptcy’ and called on them to resign.”

Yes, keep this in mind, FP. As bad as their antisemitism is, it’s a symptom, of a much more serious problem.

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On Jonathon Haidt and boys’ mental health; I want to mention my concern about school effecting mental health. The indoctrination component of DEI introduces authoritarian culture to the school. That in itself is terrifying in an adult environment and “terrifying on steroids” for a child’s environment. But, wait there is more. School administrators and maybe even teachers can be seduced by the speed and efficiency of authoritarianism and apply it to classroom management. School children have two competing “Idea bosses”; parents and DEI.

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I think you mean "fraudulent collusion" instead of "haunting similarities"!

Let's say what it REALLY IS, eh???? Let us have BALLS ENOUGH to SPEAK THE TRUTH!

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IDF soldiers break arms of Palestinian child? Real? Fake? You be the judge


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IDF murders mentally disabled Palestinian man? Did he attack? Feared for their life? You be the judge.


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Loved the story on Rami. Am disgusted with these University Presidents. Their Boards of Trustees should can them now. It's revolting that they couldn't answer a simple question from Stefanik. As far as the newest "China virus" goes, Fauci can pound sand. I'll never wear a mask again.

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"let someone else, you know, run the country"

Choose one:

- Gavin Newsom

- Nikki Haley

There, that's better, isn't it.

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It must be an election year?

How do you know?

There's a new pandemic.

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Holy shit! You are going to hold up Bill Ackman as the appropriate person to question the

“profound moral bankruptcy” of fancy university presidents while urging them to resign?

Bill Ackman? The guy who shorted the Covid market crash? The guy who tried every legal (and then some) maneuver to get his short bet against Herbalife to pay off? The guy who urged President Trump to order the entire economy to be shut down for 30 days in March, 2020? The guy who insisted on identifying all Harvard students who protested against Israel, so his companies could never hire any of them? Even Larry Summers thought that sounded more than a little like "the stuff of Joe McCarthy."

THAT'S the man you want to hold up to question anyone else's morality? Really?

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Oliver says the recent outbreak of a respiratory illness in China "demonstrates how little we’ve learned from the Covid-19 pandemic." Depends on how you define "we." The government/security state learned all kinds of things about how the population would respond to "wisdom" from officials, censorship of opposing viewpoints, and how Americans would respond to social controls being placed on them. They learned a lot. We'll see how much the next time it is decided that we need to control the population.

“We stayed the rest of the day, killing terrorists. And I felt nothing.” This quote from "the Israeli Rambo" is a very good indicator of the hypocrisy and double standards The Free Press (now, THAT'S ironic AF) has employed since October 7. Every story tells us about the Israeli death count of 1,400 on October 7, yet none tell us of the astronomical numbers of dead in Gaza, which passed 10x the number of Israeli deaths some time ago. We heard how the cowboy Netanyahu told Gazans they better go south, cause he's gonna bomb and invade northern Gaza. Now he's going at south Gaza the same way, with no indication of his contradictions being available to the readers of TFP.

And how many stories have we seen telling us about the sick fuckers who called their parents on October 7 to say "I killed 10 Jews today!" These people (likely correctly) were billed as sociopathic killers. But when a Jewish tough guy says he's been killing terrorists all day, he's not a sociopath, he's the Israeli Rambo!

The shittiness of the coverage quality of this war by The Free Press is about what we got in all the lies from the corporate media at the beginning of the Iraq War.

We're past hypocrisy. We're in the neighborhood of "So what if I'm a hypocrite? WTF are you gonna do about it?" from Bari and friends.

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10/1? Let me do some math. Would I rather employ 10 irrational, hate filled Arabs or 1 peaceful, productive Jew?

Math is not hard

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Who cares who you would employ?

Is this your veiled way of saying that 10x dead Palestinians is a good start? Apparently you have it on good authority that all people (including children) in Gaza are "irrational, hate filled Arabs."

If you're going to respond, at least try to address the point (hypocrisy) I made. Otherwise, go scream your hate out the window.

Or you could address the other point (Covid restrictions), but I have a feeling you only have time for Palestinian hate.

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Jonathan Haidt is a bit late to reality. Boys and men have been increasingly dismissed and denigrated (if not outright demonized--"toxic masculinity," anyone?) in direct proportion to the rise of feminism since the 60s. A belated welcome to the real world, Jonathan.

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The enemies of the Jews are enemies of humanity.

Tolerance of such enemies encourages them to test the bulwark of decency that prevents our society from descending into the chaos of inhumanity.

When our educational institutions ignore, or worse, promote the exploration and embrace of such tests of that bulwark, they are no less enemies of decency than are their wards.

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I agree but the leftist democrats and RINO’s will attack him with the same ferocity they did Trump. But can Vivek win the nomination? That is the question. As the polls show, Trump is way on top. Is Vivek the fighter that Trump? I don’t know. He would have to understand that half the nation, social media and the entire deep state would be against him. Look, unless they are on the ballot, his chances are slim.

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