What should frighten people today, isn’t the authoritarian governments of China and Russia, but the authoritarians in our midsts. It is terrifying that such a retrograde philosophy has taken root amongst so many western leaders...including among the Democrats in the US.

They know these policies (like the travel ban in Canada) will have no discernible effect, but that isn’t the point. The point is control...do what we say you little plebs or we will crush you.

This is only possible because of a largely compliant media...which is why I am so thankful for places like Common Sense which give alternative (non-government) narratives a voice.

PS - if you're interested in my writings on freedom and other important topics...check out my substack


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Thank you to these two men for standing up to tyranny. And thanks Rupa for your reporting. I've been enjoying watching your interviews.

Two things that I believe need to change in regards to government overreach in the US, in Canada, etc.:

1. Typically US courts don't decide the merits of a policy, but rather if an official or agency has the authority to make that policy. So political leaders can just say they are following the science, without having to support their arguments with actual science. But in murder cases or civil cases, there is typically a battle of the experts. Denying freedoms should be the absolute last type of public policy / law and if the science is unequivocal, then political leaders should be able to defend it in court.

2. And actually more important, when implementing policies to deny freedoms granted in the US Constitution or the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, political leaders should have to defend their position in court BEFORE the restrictions are implemented. Citizens shouldn't have to sue to get their freedoms back. Freedoms shouldn't be denied without a just and defensible cause. Otherwise, our governments are stealing our freedoms and our most precious time, time that we can never get back. And I submit that they do not have that right.

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I cheer on these guys. Expose the hypocrisy. But there were far more egregious acts committed. The way Treaudeau and Canada’s parliament treated protesters and their supporters during the truckers strike was utterly undemocratic and fascist. Using emergency powers to declare illegality was the most authoritarian act I have witnessed in my lifetime - but I was born after Hitler died. Self-styled progressives, such as Treaudeau show their true colors in times of crisis. We should vote all of them out while we still can.

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When I saw the title I thought, “no shit”!!

Almost none of the COVID policies had any basis in science. No one is EVER Held accountable for anything(except the disorderly tourists that are persecuted). I have lost all hope in our government and electoral system. I fear a Revolution is the only way this gets solved unfortunately

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I can't help thinking that the pandemic was a dream come true for the control freaks. It was an awesome excuse to seize dictatorial powers.

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Emotional and mental damage resulting from these political health activities will effect an entire generation.

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I salute these brave and dogged men for not shutting up and taking their medicine ( so to speak ).

Setting the Vaxxers against the Anti-Vaxxers is classic divide and conquer strategy. Keep the people at each others throats so that they don’t pay attention to their leaders making the sausage ( while amassing more power and profits ). Same as with race, gender, setting the professional managerial class against the working class, etc. The more you balkanize the people the less they pay attention to the hand in their pockets and the creeping loss of liberty. Same as it ever was, but with the interconnectedness of the 21st century world even more bureaucratic and authoritarian. I fear this will only metastasize.

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I would like progressives to explain why Orban is an authoritarian nightmare but Trudeau and his ilk are tolerant cool.

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I’ve tried to get people who ardently deny that Canada took liberty away from their own people to read articles like this.

They won’t do it.

I don’t understand them.

But they are doing exactly what Canada is counting on.

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This is all great science and I do believe viruses exist. Do they frighten me? No. Quackccines frighten me more. And my current take after all the hoopla the planet has devised to quell the epidemic is it doesn’t matter as much anymore if the Covid virus actually exists.

Whether there is or is not a Covid virus the measures taken to combat it were and are far worse than an actual virus. I would prefer you contaminate us with all the dangerous viruses available than the measures our governments might take to contain them. If real science did mean something previously it has been thoroughly defeated by the inmates who run this asylum.

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I'm Canadian but I live in Florida. I can't even have a rational conversation about this with 90% of my friends and family who live there. They think I am some MAGA right-wing extremist because I supported the truckers and believe in bodily autonomy. The others, notably farmers, entrepreneurs and independent-minded medical professionals, are horrified by their government.

The situation in Canada is even worse than you think. The Canadian media is completely captured and the independent outlets that are critical of the government are dismissed as fringe. Its no wonder there is seemingly such a consensus view in Canada as they aren't allowed to hear alternate viewpoints. The federal government is considering the passage of a new "Canadian content" bill - Bill C 11 - The Online Streaming Act - that purports to control, even more, what media Canadians consume online via algorithms that dictate acceptable online content. This is framed as a cultural protection measure to prevent local media from being drowned out by American content. In reality, it prioritizes legacy Canadian media (i.e. the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and captured corporate media) over independent creators, resulting in ever more homogeneity in Canadian online media. Bad times for Canadians.

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It was about politics from the beginning, it was never about science.

Trudeau wouldn't know science it it fell on his head.

The most divisive PM in our history saw a wedge and he exploited it thinking it would get him a majority.

That is it, the sum total of evidence required.

Meanwhile i flew back from London yesterday, after three weeks of freedom we had to put on masks to board the plane to canada or no boarding for you, back to idiot-ville.

And both my vaxxed daughters were then "randomly" selected for covid testing on return which my wife completed last night.

This government needs to be taken down.

Hopefully the farmers join with the truckers and shut the place down. Needs to happen.

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Aug 2, 2022·edited Aug 2, 2022

There was never a credible basis for a vaccine mandate, or for banning several therapies or, most importantly, the lockdowns that stole our livelihoods and our liberties. But with a few exceptions, Canadians and Americans swallowed these obscene indignities without a peep. Why? Because we were frightened and looked for a savior. And what did we get? Despotic, petty tyrants flaunting their power. And the shame of it all is that many are still in power instead of hiding in shame or dancing from a rope. Franklin said those who sacrifice liberty for safety will end up with neither Truer words. And Reagan said that tyranny is always just one generation away. Question is, are we sheep or free people. Look into your soul. For a life spent at someone's feet is not a life worth living.

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Trudeau is a smug, vapid, elitist, pretty boy. He represents virtually all that is wrong with progressive politics. Canadians are good people. They made a big mistake electing this fool. I have faith they will correct their blunder.

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Rupa has written what most rational and self thinking individuals in Canada and the US know. That the Government has lied, persecuted, targeted for distruction and slandered anyone who dared to question their policies and absolute control.

Tredeau has a long history of being corrupt and a pathelogical liar. He vowed to work with the Indigenous Tribes but spends money and time in court battles. He vowed to clean up the old fishery towns that continue to pollute. Surprise, nothing done.

The Canadian government has become what the Liberals in America want. An authoritarian government where you risk your life work and your families future if you step out of line or dare question their decisions or policies. They in reality under Tradeua are no better than other countries in the world who says just do as told or suffer the results. Next step is physical abuse and arrests. Oh wait, he already did that.

The entire corrupt process used by Sissy Boy and his crew mirror exactly the same logic and science that Biden and Fauci, another inferiority complex individual used. No science that would give the public a sense of faith or beliefs that these self serving power hungry individuals had any idea of what they were doing.

You wonder why so many people are so angry and willing to consider actual open hostile resistance to the government. Look at the shear level of incompetence and power grabbing that has occurred and all aimed at limiting the citizens right of self choice and governance. People's lives have been destroyed and careers ruined over junk reasoning by unqualified government bureaucrats.

Let's hope these gentlemen win their law suit and expose the corruption and abuse of Trudeau and his lap dogs. However, it will probably be killed to avoid exposing the lies and abuse of power. Can't afford to let the rabble know we lied and just made things up. Unfortunately so many people are willing to be sheep and just fall in line. We need these open forums and more wolves to continue making government once more responsive to the people. That goes double for the US.

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Aug 2, 2022·edited Aug 2, 2022

He's like a little child seeing how far he can push before being chastised, sadly, he keeps being surprised at the lack of consequences to his hissy fits.

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