I was agreeing until the last couple of paragraphs. California is not experiencing effects of climate change - it's experiencing effects of neglect and mismanagement of its land and water resources, and of unrestricted construction.

Not clearing underbrush, water usage quotas that ensure that users will take all the allotted water whether they need it or not, allowing almond and rice agriculture in areas that experience water shortages, allowing construction of wood-frame houses in eucalyptus forests, vilifying concrete as a construction material (because cement production releases CO2) - have I missed any human-caused policies that are guaranteed to lead to environmental disasters?

The reason we're hearing about wildfires is because more people are losing their homes and getting hurt. So why are municipalities allowing housing in forests, just as east coast municipalities are allowing construction on flood plains? Oh yeah, property taxes.

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The same people who proclaim from a position of moral superiority that we must save the planet are the same people who advocate for abortion on demand and turn a blind eye to the world’s largest slave owning country (China).

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"When I spoke with Boeve, she pointed out that the divestment movement has bred a generation of climate change activists—former university students who had confronted their school president and other administrators to argue for divestment. Those confrontations had offered valuable lessons in advocacy, and helped turn these students into lifelong climate activists, she added."

This is the real point of the entire climate movement; to brainwash kids into anti-capitalist zombies to destroy the progress made worldwide over the past 100 years, improving everyone's standard of living 1,000-fold.

I wrote about that sick trend in my piece- Our Children Are Not Tools of Your Green Propaganda: https://www.sub-verses.com/p/our-children-are-not-tools-of-your

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I think Americans should divest themselves of all things California. Those people are crazy zealots and will continue to drag the whole country down.

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“The real crime here is that there’s no place in the country that is experiencing the damaging consequences of climate change as much as California. Chronic wildfire, terrible flooding—it’s gotten so bad that State Farm, the largest insurer of homeowners in the state, announced in May that it would stop selling coverage. “Rapidly growing catastrophe exposure”—propelled by climate change—was the reason it gave.” See the recent editorial in the WSJ. The real reason State Farm is pulling out is an oppressive government regulation regime and extremely poorly managed forests. The state won’t let them raise rates to reflect the actual risk. As has been pointed out by Koonin and others, there is no hard evidence that the state’s wildfires are a result of “climate change”. Wild fires are a part of the climate that should be better managed...

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I've noticed a few things about modern activists.

1. They seem to generally act from emotion and fail to think through the impacts or lack of impacts or the downstream effects of the policies they push. They will push for offshore wind farms without considering the impact on sea life.

2. Way too many of them fail to THINK and just jump on the bandwagon of the latest thing that sounds good.

3. Generally, they seem to spend time and effort on things and support things that they themselves will not be impacted on.

And a thread that seems to run through all of this is an emphasis on being SEEN as virtuous and good, not actually doing the hard work, making sacrifices and choices that are hard and ARE virtuous.. Its as performative as the trans movement.

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Flooding and fires in California aren't from climate change, they are from human interference. No longer is Mother Nature allowed to regularly burn the underbrush in the forests, we now put them all out and have stopped doing controlled burns. When the fires do get away from us, they have so much tinder to feed them they are able to burn hot and long and consume many more large trees than they normally would do. This causes bare hillsides which then cannot accommodate the rains that naturally follow, and therefor the water runs down them instead of soaking in.

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First - great article that actually speaks the truth. Fossil fuel is needed. Especially to produce green energy components, the environmental destruction through mining and stripping countries forests for minerals and the environmental impact of disposing of the old green energy components.

Prominent climate activist Bill McKibben - so a guy who feels and thinks and probably has no real job thinks he alone knows the answers to the worlds issues? Where is his plan of action for China and India? Oh wait, they would shoot his dumb ass if he showed up.

Please divest and leave the rest of us alone. You should only invest in green energy. That way you will eating cat food in retirement. Green energy is one of the biggest scams around and got its major push from Obama who has never met a topic he was not morally superior at. Now Ice Cream Joe or Sir Trip A Lot, has only jumped on the money train to continue trying to destroy the country.

Idiots in Europe want to slaughter cows to save the planet. What's next, certain groups of people. Think it can not happen? Yeah look at the clowns leading this effort. Look at pictures of the protestors and the complete look of uselessness on their faces. The push to so called green ignores the environmental and nature impacts, why? It does not do to study things and realize your only goal in life is a lie.

Any funds people have being invested and only directed at green, the people should immediately withdraw or roll-over into a common sense fund. Why let some climate warrior destroy your life savings? Legislation by all politicians is to be regarded with little trust. They always have loop holes and work a rounds. The crazy schemes are what makes money for the grifters and phony people of the climate change groups leaders and they depend on the sheep to just follow, contribute, and fall in line. They make out pretty well just doing nothing useful. People just don't realize, follow stupid and you get stupid results.

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“It requires some serious self-delusion—or a deep misunderstanding of how the world works—to believe that divestment can accomplish any of these things. It can’t.”


I can’t think of a more precise and concise definition of California that a state with “some serious self-delusion and a deep misunderstanding of how the world works.”

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Jun 7, 2023·edited Jun 7, 2023

NYC already did this stupid shit

NYC elected an anthropology major, Brad Landner, as Comptroller whose only qualification was he is an IdiotLiberal

Brad Lander divested the NYC pension fund from fossil fuels and in his first year as Comptroller, lost $26Billion!

and he thinks he is doing a great job!!

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Jun 7, 2023·edited Jun 7, 2023

How do I down vote something on Free Press? The Free Press should put honesty above religious ideology.

State Farm: "State Farm General Insurance Company made this decision due to historic increases in construction costs outpacing inflation, rapidly growing catastrophe exposure, and a challenging reinsurance market."

Joe Nocera: "it’s gotten so bad that State Farm, the largest insurer of homeowners in the state, announced in May that it would stop selling coverage. 'Rapidly growing catastrophe exposure'—propelled by climate change—was the reason it gave.

Why did Joe blatantly lie to his reading public by inserting "propelled by climate change"? His opinion perhaps but not in the reason stated by State Farm.

I hope for a correction.

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I mean, let’s face it. The people that are running California have fallen completely out of the frame.

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It’s clear that we need to embrace nuclear. But the green movement rejects it. Not because it is dangerous and doesn’t work. But because it isn’t, and it does. If it’s ok to post here…. https://open.substack.com/pub/lowstatus/p/save-the-planet-unleash-godzilla?r=evzeq&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web

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Feel like this column had a little more meat on the bone than the DeSantis column. I appreciate the effort to get the opinion of the side that supports such divestment to round out this column.

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"It’s a sham. Legislators know they can vote for it without ever having to worry about the consequences. They can pretend they’re doing something about climate change without actually doing anything about climate change."

Same with most any attempt at righting a wrong. The U of Utah business school starts its meetings by apologizing to the Native Americans for taking their land. If they really cared, they would return the land!

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“Divesting from Big Oil Is an Empty Gesture”


In no sense whatsoever is destroying the economy, so that you have a larger pool of hopeless destitute people who you can turn into communist revolutionaries, an ‘empty gesture’.

I’d love an article from a historian, maybe Niall Ferguson, explaining all of the times in the past when it took people too long to realize that they were dealing with enemy combatants.

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