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I am nearly finished with Christopher Rufo's "America's Cultural Revolution: How the Radical Left Conquered Everything," and for the first time I think I understand the Enemy perfectly. The ultimate goal of their Slow March Through The Institutions is that of undermining the West and causing its downfall. American elite colleges are ground zero in that conflict.

The most important part of war planning is to identify the enemy's Achilles heel. Since so many of the "intellectuals" that drive the elite colleges got their positions through Affirmative Action, exposing their academic fraud to the world is key, in turn, to bringing THEM down.

Bill Ackman has recognized that AI is the perfect tool since it can easily, quickly, and accurately do the grunt work of analyzing all the published output of all the academics at all schools, for all time. Bloody brilliant; doing it by hand would be impossible, even if a human could stay awake while wading through all the dense technical babble - and psychobabble. AI has no problem with that.

All I can say is that it's time to strike the enemy at its heart. Liberal Academia, in pace requiescat - let 'er rip!

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I grow tired of reading about the two-state solution. You can't have a neighbor who wants to kill you and is in active preparation to do so. I saw the Israeli President on Meet the Press, where he shared a Hamas document for summer camp where the kids are taught Jihad. The MSM idiot Kristen Welker glossed over it as she asked her next stupid question, but that is the issue that no one wants to talk about.

It will take generations for this group of people to govern themselves. The network of tunnels and the number of rockets show that any money given to them will be diverted to the war machine. The Palestinians are led and educated by murderous, evil, and backward leadership.

Israel can't lead them, but an international group can work on the local level, rebuilding and creating a modern civil society. I think a gradual process that will take decades to allow Democracy on a local level and then build the capacity to govern should happen over time. Never forget, Gaza was land for peace when Sharon removed settlements, and this is what they got to show for it. It's time to take off the childish view of the world and create a realistic plan to bring Palestinian civilization into the 21st century. Anything else will lead us back to this situation, and Israel should not have to put up with that.

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"Joe Biden saved a lot of Palestinian lives. He also saved a lot of Israeli lives, in embracing Israel. The Democratic Party’s left wing doesn’t understand that, if it had been in charge, this war would be twice as bad. Twice as bad for Palestinians."

Is anyone going to let Oliver Wiseman know that there is no such thing as the "left wing" of the democrat party? If Joe Biden & the rest of the democrat establishment weren't being paid off by defense contractors they'd all be kneeling at the Holland Tunnel sporting keffiyeh's and screaming "There is only one solution, intifada revolution".

Meanwhile come November 5th, in a move that Harry Houdini would be impressed with, Bari, Nellie and THP staff/contributors will continue to vote Democrat. (minus Walter Kirn of course)

Try to figure that one out.......

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The larger issue is that Gay and the other presidents were emblems of an ideology so tribalized and dehumanizing that too many of its subscribers celebrated October 7 as "decolonization." That's why they had to go. Gay's plagiarism was a side bar. While most were gobsmacked by Hamas' savagery, the presidents let that freak flag fly, indulging antisemitic mobs.

After Hamas' evil incarnate assault, maybe coming our way, Business Insider goes after. . . Neri Oxman??

The academic emphasis is Gay's -

(the "scholar's scholar, " said the corporation) slim portfolio of unremarkable papers.

Few, or let's face it, no academics with that record would have risen to the presidency of Harvard, let alone, even now, pull in $900,000 a year. Windshield, kick- it eyewear does not a scholar make. She got there because of her ideology, race, and gender.

Inadvertently, the attack on Neri Oxman simply highlights the vast chasm between Oxman's brainy, innovative brilliance and Gay's plodding DEI racial activism. Not a good match- up for the self-regarding Gay.

Harvard is in the grip of a deracination- based ideology. That's deadly serious. "Woke" is too cute a descriptor for the threat DEI poses to liberal democracy and targeted populations. Deracination is what it is-- name it.

Oxman's reputation was already great. Business Insider is trying to divert, silence, or threaten the hugely successful Ackman precisely because of the threat he poses to DEI. He's their worst nightmare.

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Maybe we need to just reduce the salaries of all university professors and administrators . After all the Fed govt ( we) are essentially paying for most of their salaries and perks through firgiven loans, grants and huge tax benefits to endowments and donors. Note to TFP: how about stats on uni salaries to profs and presidents and DEI staffs?

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Re plagiarism, I am as disgusted by Gay’s refusal to take responsibility for her plagiarism as anyone. There are not enough eye rolls or barf emojis for the way she handled the scandal and cast herself as a victim of a racist witch hunt (the poor thing had to flee to Italy for a vacation to get away from it all 😩😩😩, and now has to live out the remainder of her career as a tenured professor at Harvard collecting a salary of $900k #oppressed #systemicracism).

BUT cmon. In contrast to the AP depiction of plagiarism as a “new conservative weapon,” the reality is anyone of any political persuasion can use plagiarism as a “weapon.” I’ve seen so much whining on the left about this “conservative weapon,” and my response has been - Christopher Rufo doesn’t have a monopoly on this “weapon”— y’all have access to it too! There are plenty of conservatives in positions of power who have published many things! If “everyone plagiarizes” then get to work and prove it.

And to anyone who thinks it’s unjust for plagiarism to be used against them I have just one simple piece of advice: don’t plagiarize!

That being said, I am not saying Ackman’s wife’s plagiarism was as egregious as Gay’s—it certainly looks like she did far less of it and the instances were also milder. And of course, also relevant is the fact that she isn’t the president of one of the most prestigious and powerful universities in the world! But a review of his wife’s scholarship for instances of plagiarism is still fair game imo.

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Whilst I know the Plagiarism War is of great interest on both sides of the Atlantic, I think people might be interested to learn that following the ITV drama Mr Bates v The Post Office, the scandal (basically a computer says no scandal) has become a really hot topic in the UK, making the front pages of many papers.

More than a million people have signed a petition requesting the former CEO of the PO, Paula Vannells have her damehood revoked. Sunak also said that he hopes this is looked at.

Sunak promised that they are looking at ways to quash the over 700 wrongful convictions including an emergency law.

The Met Police have stated that they are looking at criminal charges.

The Lib Dem leader has apologised for his part in the scandal.

And surprising (or unsurprisingly) none of this is getting mentioned in the NYT or indeed the NY Post. -- instead they seem to focus on Prince Andrew whose misdeeds are already known.

This op ed from Hugo Rifkind gives a good explanation: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/horizon-was-computer-says-no-on-a-vast-scale-q56qk0jsr

This from the Telegraph explains precisely who some of the culprits are (and how they have benefited) https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2024/01/08/post-office-horizon-scandal-bosses/

This from the Daily Express (not behind a paywall) https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1853464/horizon-post-office-scandal-Met-Police

People are asking why Fujitsu is not being held more responsible (they have apologized) and are starting to demand that they be barred from future government contracts https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12938477/Why-getting-Whitehall-contracts-MPs-demand-Fujitsu-firm-centre-Post-Office-scandal-blocked-new-deals-shown-theyve-given-200-worth-6-7bn-decade-including-new-emergency-alert-system.html

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If only our Politicians had the same courage as Suzy to admit when they are wrong.

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"But this is war. Ackman accused BI of going below the belt by targeting his wife and calling his kids’ phones. “Even the mafia operates with more dignity and respect for family,” he wrote. Oh, Bill. Let’s not paint with a broad brush and compare the good people of the mob to our country’s most corrupt enterprise."

This gave me a great laugh.

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I feel this so much. As a professor who jumped off the Woke bus on Oct 7th I have no political home. I care about climate & biodiversity, strong foreign policy against Islamism/China/Russia/ LGB rights, protecting women from gender madness, pro immigration but anti open border, anti DEI and pro liberalism and civil rights. Where is the sanity?

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Who knew that Business Insider would simply be a partisan stalking horse for the Left. Well at least I'll know never to cite their garbage in a brief to a court or any legal filing.

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The claim that Christine Gay was fired by Harvard for plagiarism may not be true. I suspect that she was fired because benefactors of Harvard were withdrawing their financial support.

In any event, her antisemitism was a much better justification for her firing.

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Bad medicine is nothing new. We saw it with Covid and we’re seeing it in other sciences: https://unorthodoxy.substack.com/p/lies-not-discussed-within-the-truth

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“U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and said an end to fighting in Gaza and steps toward Palestinian statehood were preconditions of Saudi diplomatic recognition of Israel.”


Presumably, it was bin Salman who was being quoted, not Blinken. (corrected lol)

Lack of attention to detail will continue to plague America in 2024.

Questions. 1. Why does Oliver Wiseman use “we” when referring to Israelis? Is he not an American? 2. Why is Hezbollah described as a group rather than a terrorist political organization. 3. Why on earth did Israelis not know the primary objectives of Hamas? Do they not have access to Hamas’s Charter in Israel? Is the Koran not accessible? 4. Why does Suzy Weiss follow up her apology with another insult to the same two people?

5. What is the difference between the deep right and the far right?

Happy New Year from the Frozen North.

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Biden totally contradicts Gen David Petraeus who clearly stated in recent Al Jazeera interview will be necessary for Israel to remain to govern Gaza until another solution can be found

Biden also continues pushing two State Solution which even diehard Yossi Klein Halevi has acknowledged not in any way an option.

Haviv Rettig Gur avoids that reality in discussing how thoughtful and intelligent Biden’s policy. He might have mentioned how unintelligent Obama/Biden policy has been enriching and strengthening Iran

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Re Chalamet and Jenner, Suzy Weiss writes that they are "two people who had possibly never been alone in the same room. But the Globes fan cam caught them ..."

This does not prove they have ever been alone [together] in the same room. The Golden Globes event is public; they are not alone.

"... looking very much to the whole world like two starlets in love."

They are actors. Pretending things in public is literally their day job, at which they make millions.

If they're actually in a romantic relationship, best wishes and all that, but I'm disappointed at the standard of evidence Suzy, a professional journalist, is using here. Maybe I don't want her to date my son after all.

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