I've read over the years hundreds of articles written by Democrats about polling numbers. If they are good for them, they are happy, and assume this means they are right; and if they are bad, they are unhappy, and assume that the rest of the world has misunderstood something.

For those of you who don't know this, most Republicans don't think like this. It hurts us, politically, because we are not constantly trying to figure out how to pander to the unthinking masses, and obviously pandering (and cheating) are good ways to win elections.

But we also are not lifeless drones. We are not soulless derelicts, equating mass approval with rectitude. Those are two different things. Both Hitler and Mussolini were popular, and popular in large measure for the same things Demcocrats try to achieve: large scale government largesse. The People's Car--Der Volkswagen--was a subsidized car intended to make car ownership available to the masses of the German people, and the Beetle aspect was suggested by Hitler himself. This is the sort of thing the German National Socialist Worker's Party specialized in. That, and blaming Jews for everything. But the roots of their popularity was deliving the goods, the housing, the cars, the jobs.

One can hope that the obvious is slowly sinking into America's collective mind. Democrats are neither trying to fix problems, nor willing to stand aside while others fix them. This makes THEM the problem, with respect to nearly every painful problem facing America, from war to economic underdevelopment, to whatever real environmental issues we face.

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Remember when it was screamed that Trump would start WW III? Actually his craziness and unpredictability prevented all the wars we now see. He projected a fearlessness, a big ego, and most importantly a pride in America. He was tall, energetic and strong looking even in his 70s. He intimidated Putin, Xi, the mullahs.

Now we have a blithering idiot, a cadaver of a man, stumbling, mumbling, confused. No wonder world leaders saw their chance to strike. It is Biden who enabled all these conflicts and is getting us into WW III.

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Just remember, the world is only one blood clot away from a President Harris.

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I won’t believe ANY right wing revolts until election results 2024.

After the fake red wave in 2022, I’m holding on any everything until I see it with my own eyes day after the election 2024.

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I wrote the following for some friends of mine regarding Biden, but I think most are missing the economic impacts of fiscal policy decisions: " In the sphere of economics, income inequality is accelerating in the US. In 2021, when Joe Biden assumed office, he brought with him a cadre of academic and progressive economists who he charged with changing the economic paradigm. “We want to reward work, not just wealth.” As Elizabeth Warren aptly noted, “Personnel is policy.” He took the policy prescription “to go large” and to spend aggressively, justified by now discredited modern monetary policy and Keynesian economics. He has succeeded, establishing a large deficit at a time of full employment. Between the Infrastructure Bill, the Inflation Reduction Act, the cancellation of $127 billion of student loans and his refusal to address entitlements, he has created more millionaires among the older upper middle class than any President in recent memory, at the expense of the majority of less affluent Americans. Those who rent, borrow to buy cars, don’t own stocks, or are not public employees or Big 3 UAW members are significantly worse off today than in 2019. They have seen their living standards decline significantly."

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I read FBI data on crimes against tracked groups. The highest amount of people perpetrating crime against them was from the same group, except Asians. Most of the crime was from African Americans, and watching the news media, no one would ever know. I always loved it when the campaign against Asian Hate would never tell who the perpetrators were unless it was a rare occasion of a dreaded white male. I found the article interesting when they danced around it. No, a person is not racist by stating obvious facts. The backlash against the prevailing people in power is going to be interesting to see evolve during the rest of the decade. For any solution, we as a culture must discuss the problems honestly. The current Woke media is incapable of doing that. I watched them yesterday, perplexed by Biden's drop off in those groups in the latest polls; the article on the Asian change was excellent; thanks for being brave and writing it.

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Let's see, people who understand hard work, the value of education, what it is like to be discriminated against and still love the country and what the opportunities are here. Yep, exactly what the Liberals hate. How dare you work extra jobs others don't want, still study and excel, and then want to have the same opportunities as others. These fine people hate open borders, you know why?

I am in the community through marriage and if you try and bring a family member over from the original country, it is almost impossible. The process can take a couple of years. Yet the colonization of illegals across the border results in free hotels, money, changing of school systems, and special access to work permits. Why shouldn't they feel like they are being screwed by doing things properly. Same as now pushing the colonizers into the Black neighborhoods where it takes services from American Citizens. Total insanity by a corrupt and criminal administration that has taken us from prosperity to the brink of World War.

Yet the woke fools blame others, Israel is at fault according to the woke Democrats. Colleges are racial and to many Asians, as is teaching math as it discriminates. You son is really a daughter and your daughter a son. Guys can play girls sports and guys can be pregnant. Seems like a dream from a really bad hangover that you just can't wake up from.

I would vote for any of these fine people over others as they have paid the price of admission to the US. They understand values, laws, and the need to work hard, get educated, and raise yourself up in society. Something we apparently can not teach natural born Americans apparently.

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Interesting that RFK Jr wasn't brought up. Not being certain how accurate Quinnipiac University polling is, they currently have RFK Jr at 22% percent in a their nationwide poll. They show Joe Biden at 39% (which seems high) and Donald Trump at 36% (which seems low). Ominously for Biden, Kennedy has a plurality of independents — 36% compared with 33% for Trump and 30% for Biden.

Perhaps the most troubling for Democrats in the new poll showed that Kennedy is the leading choice for young voters, aged 18-34 — 38% chose him. From the same age group, 32% picked Biden and 27% went for Trump.

I've read that there is a bit of a horse race between Kennedy and Trump in convincing Tulsi Gabbard to consider running as their VP. She'd without question help pull many female and Independent/Unaffiliated voters to either candidate, but probably help RFK Jr more as many female voters simply won't vote for Trump because he's Trump.

The big question is will young and traditional democrat minority voters even turn out. If not, Trump will most likely reclaim the White House. Given of course that he's not locked up in some leftist prison camp somewhere.

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In other news the political trial of Donald Trump continues in New York. What an embarrassment. A fraud trial where no one was defrauded.

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With Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans, and blue collar workers of all races now in full flight from the Democratic party, and African Americans beginning to join them, I can't help but wonder how the left will feel about intersectionality once the only people voting for their candidates are college educated white progressives.

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Want to know why America seemingly lives in an upside down world? Yes, I do mean the one in Stranger Things, that one.

Wondering why students are protesting in support of Hamas goal of from “the river to the sea” which would mean the end of Israel. The extermination of Israel. Seems very un-American doesn’t it.

Wondering why anyone in the Republican Party would suddenly become a Putin supporter? Wonder why anybody who calls himself a conservative would want to stop supporting the people of Ukraine? Not support a European county that is fighting the Red Menace from the East? That menace we had been fighting for 50 years?

Want to know why so many Americans think America is wrong, going in the wrong direction?

Peggy Noonan’s opinion piece in the WSJ will tell you. She blames ourselves. Our colleges and Universities have been teaching our youth that Liberal Democratic Capitalism is bad. That America is an oppressor, that its economic system is bad, that it is a colonial power that oppresses people with a system that is systemically racist.

Evidence? From George Floyd to the economic collapse in 2008 there is evidence everywhere. Are you trying to buy your first house lately?

Our institutions have been under attack by both parties for decades. Basically the talk is how Democracy works but only when our tribe is in power. Nobody talks about how wonderful American is, how its system of Justice is generally fair. Progressives talk about unfair our judicial system is all time. You know who else does? Trump talks about how bad our judicial system is.

Stacy Abrams and Democrats are always talking about how votes are being restricted in Red States while Trump talks about how bad and corrupt our system of voting is and how elections are stolen. Can both be true at the same time? Why have American politicians been stoking anger? Because it fires up bases?

Anger against our own country, telling each other how bad it is depending on your perspective. Women are denied their rights, blacks are denied their rights, the rich get away with everything. We are corrupt and dangerous. No other country in the world has done as much as we have to raise the standard of living and free people. We have flaws and they need to be worked on....but people are also failing to let people know this is also a great country.

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As a teacher, I have seen what the progressive Democrats have done to the schools. In the guise of "restorative justice" (which actually means kids can get away with anything and everything) behavioral problems have skyrocketed. Teachers are being attacked - physically and verbally - and it's difficult to have any kind of learning going on when every few minutes there is a disruption. This is not in all schools but the ones where I am -- in mostly poor neighborhoods-- is see it often. I feel for the students who actually want to learn. However, progressives don't want to separate the kids -- like putting the disrupters in a separate classroom because they say that is not fair to those troubled students, but meanwhile I keep asking "is it fair for the students who want to learn to be subjected to constant violence and interruptions? This is why I think the Democrats approach to most everything is not effective. The progressive approach is why CVS stores (and others) are subjected to thieves multiple times throughout the day and why cities like Los Angeles where I live is such a mess.

AND this is why so many people are leaving the Democratic party.

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Here's a central problem with voting for a Democrat for president: You aren't just voting for the candidate, but the vast machinery of woke ideology. Proof is the slide into perdition the USA has experienced over the past three years. Before his presidency, one may be forgiven to see Biden as a relatively harmless bumbling buffoon.* But unfortunately he is completely beholden to woke "progressive" staffers and other appointed officials in his administration. Thus, woke ideology and practices have massively accelerated under his term to pervade practically every aspect of American life: Education from K through advanced university degrees, most legacy media, internet platforms, entertainment, medicine, law, military, the Foreign Service, public health, etc, etc. Like the Picture of Dorian Gray, the Israel-Hamas war is revealing the ugly illogical nature of wokism. This is even acknowledged to some of the liberal media and those in the academy. If we are lucky, this trend will continue to destroy the woke coalition until it lingers only as a bad memory. A Democratic President, no matter how reasonable they seem, will try to keep wokism going. To rid our society of the woke cancer, any Republican president, even Trump, is preferable.

*Yes, his corruption allowed him to become a multimillionaire on a modest "public servant" salary. His image as a benign "Uncle Joe" is a pretense. His economic and foreign policies would be a bad joke if not so instrumental in harming our country.

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There're a lot of theories why the huge surge in antisemitism. But at the end of the day, it's not that complicated. The reason is the Woke Left's authoritarian social and political censorship is coming home to roost. For almost a decade now they've been speech policing and thought policing their own. Then they devised an oppression hierarchy to destroy and witch hunt and destroy anyone who don't submit to their fold. Basically, they've been suppression themselves. A lot of liberals live in fear of saying the 'wrong" thing or exhibiting "incorrect" behavior leading to job loss, internet pile on, and <gasp> being ostracized and called "bigot" by their friends, acquaintances, followers on social media or randos online. But they're really not any less racist or misogynistic as people on the right who they constantly accuse of being such. Their racism and misogyny need an outlet. Sooner or later they'll crack. So antisemitism has been simmering for a while because to them everything is about skin colors and Jews are "white". What's more, Jews are successful, ergo they're "oppressors".

And now, the Hamas attack broke the dam. They can unleash all their pent-up racism on a single acceptable target. And their high priests allow it so they can continue to suppress their masses in every other way. I posit to you all, they're playing out in real time George Orwell's 1984. They are serving up Goldstein and the one who everyone can direct their hate.

On the misogyny front, they've been doing it for years against women who don't believe men can be women. The face of that target is JK Rowling.

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TikTok needs to be banned. It is a weapon being used against us by an enemy that wants to destroy us and is playing the long game, leveraging our own weaknesses against us.

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"STEINBERG: Sure. So after the initial attacks on October 7th, I knew what was going to happen. I knew that there was going to be an uptick in antisemitism, despite the fact that it was the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust. And my reason for this was fairly simple. It's that since I was in high school, and since many people in my generation were in grade school, even, we've been taught to side with the oppressed rather than the oppressor."

BINGO, We Have A Winner!

(One mans opinion freely given and worth ALMOST that much)

Post 1972 election a "split" occurred on The Left. One group went underground and stated bombing (this did not work out well for them, basically people don't like to be bombed. And they not being All That Bright, the FBI/Law Enforcement infiltrated). The other (see Bill Ayres) cleaned up and started to infiltrate 1st colleges then thought their students the corporate world, media, entertainment. And here we are today, with people like Joy Reid.

With apologies to Donald Trump. "They are After America (and The West), Israel is just in the way."

Always keep in mind the goal of The Left (I said The Left, NOT Liberals) Is The Destruction of liberal western society/culture. Everything that comes out of The Left (The Climate Crisis, CRT/DEI, Transgender, etc etc etc, is designed to Destroy The West and replace it with Marxism.

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